How to record audio in ShareX?

ShareX is a free screen video capture for Windows. When you record a screen video using ShareX, you may find it is muted without any sound. Does ShareX record audio? By default audio input or recording is disabled in ShareX. In order to record audio or record screen video with audio in the background using ShareX on your PC, you will need to select audio source in the screen recorder settings or install extra virtual sound recorder if you like to record system audio as well. Check out details below.


How to record audio in ShareX?

Run the screen capture software on your Windows computer. Open its main window. Go to Task Settings >> Capture >> Screen Recorder >> Screen recording options >> Audio source. By default the audio source is set to none so no sound or voice can be captured in ShareX screen recording. If there’s no audio source available to use, follow these steps to install the audio capture recorder device for ShareX.

enable audio recording - select audio source in sharex

Enable audio recording & record system audio in ShareX – video demo

Record audio from Microphone in ShareX

To record audio from Microphone, you can simply select Microphone as the new audio source so ShareX will record any sound or audio input via your microphone.

Record computer system audio in ShareX

If you like to record music playback, system audios on your PC, click the Install recorder button to install both ‘screen capture recorder‘ and ‘virtual audio capturer‘ for ShareX. After that you will find them in the Video source and Audio source separately. To record music playback, system audios, gameplay audios on your computer, select the Virtual audio capturer as the audio source. You can refer to this guide to record internal or system audio on PC for free with ShareX.

Video quality suffers when audio is included?

You can try to change a different audio/video codec, reduce the video bitrate or audio quality, see if any update.

Adding audio to video

Other than recording both audio and video at the same time, you can also choose to add music or audio recordings to videos later using a media editor. This is a great way to enhance video tutorials. From the previous linked post, you can also find quick tools to split audio from video, remove audio track from video, etc.

Record only audio without video in ShareX

Set the Video source to None while enable the audio input via microphone or the virtual audio capturer, so you only record and save audios in ShareX.

Record MP3, AAC, OGG in ShareX

Do you want to save your audio recordings as specific file formats? You can select AAC, Vorbis, MP3 as the audio codec so you save the audio or sound recordings as m4a, ogg or mp3 audio files.

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    1. To anyone that is having trouble finding it,this is how:
      In ShareX go to “task settings”
      Then In “capture” select “screen recorder” then press on “screen recording options”
      Once it pops up press “Install recorder devices” right below “Refresh”

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