How to record both Webcam and Screen on PC?

Looking for a screen recorder tool that can capture both webcame and screen at the same time? The webcam recording function can always be found with screen recorders. However most of them will record webcam and screen separately and save them as two separate output videos. For instance, Filmora is professional video editor which allows you to record both screen and webcam. It however can’t help you record webcam the same time when you are recording computer screen. Sometimes when you want to make a video tutorial or record game play, you may not only want to record your computer screen or game but also yourself in the video so that the screen recording is display on full screen at the same time as yourself is displayed in a insert window usually at the top right or bottom right corner. Display your facial gestures simultaneously can really make your video tutorial vivid. And with the right tool, you will be able to record yourself, your commentary and computer screen or video game easily.

In an earlier post, we discussed how you can record streaming music and audio online using an easy-to-use screen recorder. This professional screen recording software lets you record audio from both computer and microphone and video from both webcam and PC screen. Unlike other quality choices, this one is really cheap and very straightforward to use. When you start the screen and webcam recorder on your computer, you can see the Screen Recorder and Audio Recorder selection on its home screen. In this guide, we are going to record both webcam and screen on computer, so choose Screen Recorder. After that the screen recorder main interface opens like below.

record webcam and screen simultaneously on computer

In the Screen Device section, you can find the option to choose computer display to capture and optionally enable webcam recording. Drag the border of the computer screen recording to manually adjust the recording area. Alternatively you can also select a preset of width/height to quickly set recording area. The webcam recording will be placed at the top. You can move it to anywhere on the screen recording area. Adjust the webcam recording area by dragging its frames. By default computer system audio and microphone audio recording will be turned on. You can disable them if need. Finally hit the red Rec button to start recording both webcam and screen at the same time. The Pause and Stop buttons will show up during the webcam and PC screen recording process. When you are ready to save, hit the Stop button, then preview the recorded video. If you like the recording, click Save button to export the webcam and screen recording from the recorder software to your computer hard drive as WMV or MP4 file.

Create picture-in-picture videos

In case the webcam video recording and screen recording are exported as two separate videos or they do not need to be captured at the same time, you can follow these steps to overlay videos or create picture-in-picture videos using the same software which we used to record screen on computer as mentioned in the opening paragraph above.