Record computer sound using SoundWire

There are various ways you can record the system audio on a Windows PC. The internal audio in Windows system can’t be captured using the built-in sound recorder, you have to download and use third-party audio recorders, screen recorders with audio support, audio or video editors with the audio capture, etc. For example, you can record computer sound using OBS Studio, Audacity, and so on. We will attach links to relevant tutorials at the end of the article for your reference. Today, we will mainly discuss how internal audio in Windows can be recorded using a free audio virtual cable software SoundWire.

Record PC audio using SoundWire

SoundWire is pretty useful if you feel like listen to your music from your computer anywhere in your house or out on your deck. With this audio mirroring app, you can turn your mobile phone into a remote speaker, wireless headphone or bluetooth speaker. In addition to streaming live audio and sound from PC to Android phones, this little tool has gotten in on the sound recording too.

soundwire server on pc

SoundWire Server is the program on PC needed to make the SoundWire app for Android work properly. Download and install it on your PC, launch the SoundWire Server on your Windows computer, you can see the ‘Record to File‘ section with two buttons, Record and Stop, on the right side. Go to play the music or audio you want to record, could they be any music player on your PC or laptop, like YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, VLC player, or online movies, web videos, internet radio, live internet broadcasts, streaming music, any sound played on your computer. You’ll then see the SoundWire Server detects the audio stream, and its sound bar indicates the sound level. Click Record button, choose a location, file name, audio format, then start recording the system audio or streaming music on your computer. When you’re done, hit the Stop button to finish and save the recorded audio to your computer in either WAV or MP3 as you specified.

Other free options to record system audio in Windows

Except SoundWire, we also found several other free tools that can help us record computer audios, such as OBS, Audacity, ShareX, VoiceMeeter, etc.

  • Audacity: a free, open-source, cross-platform audio software that allows users to record and edit audio tracks. Whether you’re a professional audio engineer or a casual user looking to edit audio files, Audacity provides a powerful set of tools for various audio editing needs. Find more details from following step-by-step guide to record computer sound in Windows using Audacity.
  • ShareX: a free and open-source screenshot and screen recording utility for Windows. It has gained popularity for its extensive feature set, customization options. Check out this tutorial to record audio with ShareX on PC.

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