Record GIF on Windows PC

To create a demo or show others what displays on your computer screen, you can take a screenshot. Windows users can follow these steps to capture screen on Windows 10 PC using the built-in snipping tool. If need, you can record your computer screen as videos to include more information. Videos however are usually too big to post and share on the web. Today, we will show you how to capture screen to animated GIF on Windows PC. Compared to screen videos, GIF files offer a much wider audience because they can be posted anywhere like those still pictures.

To record GIF on Windows computer, you will need a GIF maker program which can combine multiple images to create short GIF animations, or a screen capture which can record screen to GIF files. ShareX is an all-in-one screen capture software for Windows. It can record computer screen as still images, animated GIF, videos, and even capture computer audios. It is powerful and easy to use. Best of all, it is free.

How to record GIF on Windows 10?

Run this free screen recorder on Windows computer. From its main interface, choose Capture >> Screen recording (GIF), drag and drop on your PC screen to select a region to record. Hit the Stop button below the recording window and you are done.
record screen gif using sharex on windows computer

Customize your GIF recording on PC

Go to Task Settings >> Image >> GIF quality to upscale or downscale the image quality. When you improve the GIF quality, you will slow down the encoding. On the other end, you can downscale the GIF quality to encode the GIF files faster. Also better quality may make the files bigger.

By default the animated GIF will be recorded with 15 frames per second. You can go to edit its FPS from Task Settings >> Capture >> Screen recorder.