Record Internal Audios using Audacity in Windows 10

Voice Recorder, formerly Sound Recorder, is the stock voice or sound recording software for Windows 10. It is ideal for recording lectures, conversations or just any sounds you like. See how to record audio on Windows 10 computer. However it can only record sounds from your microphone, not from your sound card. You can’t record system audios, record audio playing on your computer, record online streaming music songs, internet radio, broadcast, voice chat, Sky calls on your computer.

Record System Audios on Windows 10 computer

Windows sound recorder or voice recorder app can’t help you record the sound coming from your Windows PC. You will need a third party sound recorder. Audacity is one of the most popular ones. Its Windows WASAPI loopback recording solution can help Windows users easily record the sound your computer is outputting from its speakers. But of all, it is open source and free. Check out below instructions to record internal sound on your PC.

audacity windows wasapi audio host

Run Audacity, in the Device toolbar of this audio recorder and editor program, then choose the Windows WASAPI as the Audio Host, the “(loopback)” input in the Recording Device box, for example, “Speakers (loopback)”, “Speakers (Conexant Smartaudio HD)(loopback)”, “Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) (loopback)”. After that go to play the music on your computer and hit the red Record button in Audacity to start recording, click the yellow Stop button to stop the recording. Play the recorded audio to make sure the audio has been recorded, optionally edit the audio before saving the project or exporting it.

Recording internal audio – Easier way!

Audacity provides us a free way to capture and edit sounds. Other than Audition, there are many more specialized audio recorders you can use to record streaming music, internet audios or computer playback in much easier ways. For example, you can follow these steps to record streaming music on computer using a professional screen recorder that can record both video and audio. It is easier to use than Audacity. You can download this screen and audio recorder here.

audio recorder for windows

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  1. Phillip M. Feldman

    I’m trying to record from a phonograph.

    Firstly, I’m unclear about the following: “Run Audacity, in the Device toolbar of this audio recorder and editor program, then choose …”

    Does this mean the following:

    (1) Launch Audacity.
    (2) Go to the Device Toolbar.
    (3) Choose Windows WASAPI?

    When I do this and then start a recording, I get sound out of my speakers, but nothing shows up in Audacity.

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