How to record your iPhone or iPad screen without any apps?

Recording screen video on mobile phones allows us to capture gameplay, create video tutorials, and more. In order to record screen of your iPhone or iPad, you may have been told to connect your iOS device to a Mac computer via USB, then run QuickTime Player on Mac to record iPhone screen or iPad screen. Things have changed. In iOS 11, you can now capture and record screen video and audio on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using the built-in screen recording tool. Creating a screen recording on iPhone iPad or iPod touch does not require any extra screen recorder app, no need for jailbreak, additional hardware or QuickTime Player any more.

Unlike the native sound recorder, Voice Memos, to record screen videos on iPhone, you will need to enable the native screen recording tool from iPhone settings as it does not come as a separate app. After that you can start and stop screen recording from iPhone Control Center. When you stop a screen video recording, it will be saved to the Photos app on your iPhone. You can then go to trim the recorded video to remove the unwanted part, edit it using your favorite video editor app and share. See the details below.

Enable screen recording on iPhone iPad

To recording screen videos on an iPhone, iPad that is running iOS 11, you have to firstly enable screen recording on your iOS device so we can find the native screen recording tool from iPhone or iPad Control Center.

Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, find Screen Recording from the “More Controls” section, and tap Add (+ icon), it will be then moved from the “More Controls” section to the “Include” section.

enable screen recording on iphone - adding screen recording tool to control center

Record screen videos on iPhone and iPad

Swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen to bring up the Control Center on your iPhone or iPad. Here you can find apps and settings you can quickly access, such as Airplane mode, cellular data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, audio playback and volume control, screen mirroring, screen rotation, and more. The customisable apps and settings are located at the lower section of the Control Center. Tap the screen recording icon (two nested circles in gray), you will then have three seconds to close the Control Center and bring up what you like to record on the phone screen. Once the recording starts, you will see the red bar at the top of your iPhone or iPad screen.

record screen video on iphone

Once you want to stop the screen video recording, tap the red bar at the top or head to the Control Center and tap on the screen recording icon again. Confirm you want to end screen video recording, the recorded video will be saved to your Photos app on iPhone or iPad.

Record screen video with or without sound on iPhone iPad iPod touch

You may find the recorded screen video on iPhone or iPad does not come with any sound. This is because audio recording is disabled by default. To record both screen video and audio on iPhone iPad and iPod touch using the built-in screen recorder, open the Control Center, press deeply on the screen recording icon if your iOS device is 3D touch enabled or long press on it to show more controls of the screen recording tool. You will then find the toggle to turn microphone audio on or off. Tap on it once to enable sound recording along with your screen recording so your recorded videos are not muted.You can record music, sound or voice-over, this is great for recording mobile games or creating tutorial videos on iPhone iPad or iPod touch. If you want to only record sound from your iPhone, you can use QuickTime Player to record iPhone internal sound.

record both screen video and audio from microphone on iPhone

Add sound or audio to screen recordings

Want to add music songs, audio recordings, voice-over to your screen video recordings? The iOS native screen recorder tool currently provides very basic options. You will need to use a media editor app for this job. Check out this guide to create photo slideshow videos with music on iPhone. You will learn how to add sound, voice, audio or songs to a slideshow video. The same app and method can also help you add audio or background music to your screen recordings on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Merge iPhone screen recording videos

If you have several screen recording files and would like to join them together, you can follow this tutorial to merge video clips on iPhone.