Record online videos for free on Windows PC

There are mainly two ways you can save videos from the internet. You can download the online videos or movies using your web browser or a professional video downloader. Or record computer screen as videos. The download of streaming videos could be very challenging as streaming sites would hide the video links and do everything they can to prevent people from downloading or stealing videos from their server. Recording videos or movies is more reliable although not so efficient. If you need to save short video clips from internet, you can record instead of downloading them. You don’t need to purchase expensive media downloaders for that. There are several free screen recording options you can choose. Format Factory is a good example. It is known as a multi-purpose media tool providing us various tools to convert media files, edit media files, download online videos, record computer screen and so on. You can find more features of Format Factory and download it here. Note that it is only available for Windows OS, and compatible with modern versions, like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.

Download the program from previous linked page onto your PC. Install and run it. Click Video from its home screen. Scroll down to find and open Screen Record in a new window as below.

Play any video or movie from the internet and bring your web browser up to front. Then click the Selection button in the Screen Recorder, select Region screen, Window or Full screen. Select the video player to record. Then disable sound input from microphone. Click to uncheck the ‘Use microphone’ option. Make sure ‘Use capture sound‘ is enabled so it can capture any sound or music played on your computer. Hit the Record button in red to start. When you are ready to finish, hit the Stop button and the recorded video will be saved to the output folder of the recorder. Click Output Folder button to open it in File Explorer. The video recordings will be saved as MP4 files in this folder.

If like, you can import the recorded videos or movies from its output folder into Format Factory to edit or convert them.

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