Record screen with Camtasia on Windows PC

Camtasia is the best all-in-one screen recorder and video editor. It comes with both Windows and Mac versions. In this quick guide, we will show you how to record screen videos with sound on a Windows computer. Get the screen capture and editor from the previous linked article if not yet. Then follow below steps to quickly record anything on your PC screen, edit your screen recording and save it to your computer.

Install and run Camtasia for Windows. Note that we use Camtasia 2018 on a Windows 10 computer, you may find some difference in appearance or functionalities if you use a different version. You will see the home screen of the video editor like this.

camtasia for windows

Click the Record button at the top of the tools panel to start a recording. The Camtasia recorder opens.

camtasia recorder for windows

Step 1. Select the area to record

You can record the full screen to capture anything displays on your computer screen or choose Custom to record a specific part of your PC screen.

Step 2. Choose sound input

Both system audio and microphone audio will be recorded when you record screen. However, you can click the down arrow icon to expand the Audio option and choose to record system audio or microphone audio. If you want to record only system audio with Camtasia recorder, enable Record system audio and Do not record microphone. If you need to capture sound from microphone only, disable Record system audio and Do not record microphone.

Step 3. Starting, pause, stop the Recording

Hit the Record button and a countdown will appear. After that, the video recording will begin. Click “F9” or Pause button to pause/resume a recording. Press “F10” or the Stop button to stop a recording.

Step 4. Edit and Save screen recording videos

When you stop a recording, the captured video will be imported to Camtasia editor so you can edit it before saving to your computer.

When you finished editing, click Share from the top menu bar, choose Local File to export it to your hard drive on PC, select, Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive to upload it to an online service.

Windows screen recorder alternatives

Except Camtasia, you can also use this screen recorder to record screen videos, capture sound input from microphone and/or Windows sound card.