Record screen video with VLC

VLC is a cross-platform, open source, versatile media player and streaming server. It has many useful hidden features, such as streaming music and movies in your local network, transferring media from desktop to mobile phones, sending music and videos from computer to iPhone over Wi-Fi, and many more. Today, we will reveal another appealing feature, screen video recording with VLC on Windows computer.

Run VLC on your PC. Right click on the main player window, mouse over the View item from the pop-up menu, then deselect the Minimal Interface to show the menu bar in VLC media player. Alternatively press the Ctrl+H on your keyboard to display or hide the menu bar and play controls.

Click Media > Open Capture Device. You will see the Capture Device tab opens in the pop-up dialog.

VLC media player for Windows capture device settings for desktop screen recording

Choose Desktop in the Capture mode. Specify the desired frame rate for the capture at the lower section. It is set to 5 f/s. You can set a higher value if you want. Generally speaking 10 f/s would be just fine for screencast. Click the down arrow besides the Play button and choose Convert from the drop-down list.

vlc media player convert record screen video windows pc

The Convert dialog shows up. Select the desired video codec and format from the Profile list. You can choose to save the recording as MP4 which is compatible with all major devices and computers. Advanced users can click on the settings icon besides the profile to customize encapsulation, video codec, resolution, width, height, bitrate, quality, filters and so on. Currently we can’t capture audio at the same time due to an existing bug. Thus no need to touch the audio settings. You can use this screen recorder to record both screen video and sound from microphone and even from internal sound card on PC. In the Destination section, click the Browse button to choose a name and path for the destination file. After that click Start button to start capturing anything on your desktop. Bring up what you like to capture on your desktop. When you want to stop, bring the VLC media player window to top, click the Stop button below the player window to stop recording.

VLC converting screen to video, capture screen video on Windows computer

The recorded screen video will be saved to the path with the name you have specified.

Record screen on Mac with VLC

If you are using VLC on Mac other than Windows PC, you can follow these steps to record your Mac screen with VLC.