Record screen videos on PC

We may want to record what’s on our computer screen and save them as videos for playback at a later time. Screen recording is a very useful feature when we need to create video tutorials, demonstrate a bug, capture gameplay, etc. Unfortunately Windows OS does not come with a native screen recorder app. In a related article, we demonstrated how to record streaming music on PC using a powerful screen video and streaming music recording software for Windows. Other than audio recordings, it allows you to record what you’re doing on your screen and save it as video files for playback in the future. Find out the details below.

How to record screen videos with audio on your Windows PC easily?

Go to get this screen video recording software and install it on your computer. Launch the screen video recorder, you will see the two recording modes from its home screen: Screen Video Recording VS Audio Recording. Choose the first option to open the video recording window as following.

record screen videos on Windows pc

Select system and microphone audios to record

You can choose to record system audio and/or audio input from your microphone. The former helps you record computer sounds or internal audio from your sound card, music playback on computer, streaming music easily. The later helps you add voiceover to your recording files.

Record computer screen and webcam

You can choose to record both PC screen and webcam videos at the same time, or record them separately.

Select recording area on your PC screen

You can click Full screen to record your entire computer screen, or pick up a custom size and drag the recording frame anywhere on your PC screen. If need, drag and borders of the recording frame to resize it to capture the exact area you like.

Support WMV and MP4 video recording format

Click the gear icon to open its Preference, switch to the Settings tab, here you can select the output screen video format as WMV or MP4. By default it will save your screen video recordings as WMV files, you can change the video recording format to MP4 for better compatibility with Mac computer and all kinds of mobile phones, tablets.

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