Record screen of your Xiaomi or Redmi phone

Do you want to record screen of your Xiaomi or Redmi phone? You can record games, movies, apps, any activities on the phone and save them as videos for demonstration, sharing or other purposes. There are apps for all kinds of applications. Doing a little googling, you can find many apps can record Android phone screen as videos. You can easily find the app in the Android market for screen recording on the phone. However most of them require root access. Recording phone screen seems to be easy, the rooting however is the most difficult part and you may also worry about the security of your private data on the phone after rooting. In fact, you do not need to root your phone in order to record screen of it. There are some options to record mobile phone screen without rooting. For example, you can follow these steps to record screen on Lenovo mobile using AZ screen recorder. The instructions in the guide are also applicable to Xiaomi and Redmi phones.

Record Xiaomi & Redmi phone screen

Download the free screen recorder app from previous linked page. Launch the app, you will see a series of circles on your Mi phone screen, with options to record, take screenshots, adjust settings and more.

az screen recorder for android
az screen recorder for android

Select the Record option, and you’ll be asked to confirm the screen recording. Confirm it, the recording then begins. Once started, you can pause and stop the recording from the top notification menu on your Xiaomi or Redmi phone. Just swipe down on your phone screen to pull down the notification panel to access the controls.

Customize screen recordings

You can access the app’s settings by tapping the floating menu, choose Settings. You can adjust many aspects of video before you start recording, such as control options, video resolution, frame rate, bit-rate, video speed, audio recording, text and logo, show screen touches, show camera, countdown, output directory, etc.

Edit Xiaomi phone screen recording videos

All captured screen videos can be found in the AzRecorderFree album in the Gallery app on your Xiami mobile. They are saved as MP4 files. You can use any video editor on your Xiaomi or Redmi phone or transfer them to your computer and edit them using a desktop video editor program. This free screen recorder for Android has the built-in wireless transfer utility to help users send screen recordings to computer over WiFi without USB data cable.

Record Xiaomi phone screen video with touch gesture

If you are making an app demo video, you may want to record your touch gesture as well. In this case, you can simply go to the AZ screen recorder settings to turn on Show touches option or go to your Xiaomi phone Settings to show screen touch.

Update Nov 2019: this article was originally published in Nov 2016 and has since been updated. In this update, the outdated screen recorder was replaced by the new screen recorder, AZ Screen Recorder for Android.

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