How to record and send audio or voice messages on iPhone iPad?

You can use voice in Messages since iOS 8. iPhone and iPad voice messages allows user to send sound clips or voice recordings within the stock Messages app for iOS. You do not need to install third party IM apps in order to send voice messages on iPhone or iPad any more. As long as iOS 8, iOS 9 or newer version is installed on the iPhone, users may tap and hold the microphone icon in Message app to record audio, play and send the voice or audio file to any other iPhone or iPad users. BTW, many new features have been introduced since iOS 8, such as Camera exposure settings, recording time-lapse video on iPhone, and so on.

How to record and send voice or audio messages on iPhone iPad?

Run Messages app on your iPhone or iPad which is running on iOS 8 or later. Then open the messages chat window with the contact person you like to chat through voice messages on iPhone. Instead of typing in text message from the bottom of your iPhone screen, you can tap and hold the voice or recording icon to record audio files.
record and send voice messages on iphone
Release your finger when you finished recording the voice in Messages app on iPhone or iPad, you will then see options to delete, play or send voice message on iPhone.

delete, play or send voice messages on iphone

Right besides the recorded voice message on iPhone, you can find three buttons. Press the play button to play the sound you have recorded before sending it to other people. If you do not like the voice message, press the delete button to start recording a new one. If you are satisfied with the voice message, tap on the up arrow to send voice message from iPhone to anyone you have selected.

Audio messages will be recorded, sent and saved as .amr file format on your iPhone or iPad. You can long press the received or recorded audio message to reveal more options to delete or forward voice messages to anyone else. If you lost voice messages on iPhone or iPad, you can refer to this guide to recover deleted voice messages on iPhone. Since existing data can also be exported from iPhone to computer follow the previous linked tutorial, it can also help you transfer voice messages from iPhone to computer for backup. Sometimes you may like to convert iPhone voice messages to other format so you can transfer and play them on other mobile phones or players. You can use an audio converter to convert the voice message from AMR to MP3 file or other formats you need.