How to record Skype audio calls on your computer?

In Skype you have the ability to record your Skype to Skype calls directly in the app for both mobile and desktop. Due to privacy concern, Skype will send notifications to everyone in the conversation once it is recorded. In order to record Skype calls without others knowing, you need to use third-party recorders.

In a previous post, we introduced Total Recorder, a multi-purpose audio and video recorder and editor, and how it helps us easily capture any sound, streaming audio, online music from the internet. This software also serves perfectly the purpose of Internet telephony or Skype call recording.

Total Recorder for Windows

Launch the Total Recorder, click the “Parameters…” button from the main toolbar. The “Recording source and parameters” dialog appears. The Audio option is selected by default. If you download the VideoPro or Developer Edition of Total Recorder, you also have options to record video or both audio and video. In this demo, we use its Professional edition to capture Skype audio calls. On the Audio tab, make the following settings:

total recorder for windows recording source and parameters audio software
  • Set your recording source to Software.
  • Press the Advanced… button to open the Advanced parameters for Software recording dialog. Select the “Record also input stream (Internet telephony only)” check box. Press “OK” to close this dialog and return to the Recording source and parameters dialog.
  • In the Recording format section, click the Change… button and specify the desired target format. Click OK button to save the configurations and return to the home interface of Total Recorder.
total recorder for windows - advanced parameters for software recording - record also input stream (Internet telephony only)

Hit the Record button at the bottom right corner to start. Start the Internet conversation using Skype. You can pause the recording anytime in the process. Click the Stop button to finish recording. Optionally play the recording, edit it before you save it to your computer hard drive.

Skype audio/video call recording alternaive

Except the above screen and audio recorder, we also found this screen recorder software for Windows does the Skype call recording well. It supports both Skype video call recording and Skype voice call recording.

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