How to record Skype calls on PC?

Sometimes you may want to record a Skype call, whether it is a family call or important video conference for business. Since Skype does not natively support audio or video call recording, you will need to download a third party screen recorder or audio recorder. It’s not hard, assuming you get the right tools. Unfortunately, some screen recording software doesn’t pick up audio, many sound recording software doesn’t pick up audio from sound card. We found this screen recorder software for Windows does the Skype call recording well. It supports both Skype video call recording and Skype voice call. The video call recording is able to grab both audio and video; the audio call recording records only audio.

Steps to record Skype calls on PC

Install and run the screen video recording software on your computer, you will be prompted to select either Screen Recorder or Audio Recorder. The former is to record Skype video call, the later is to record Skype audio call. In an earlier article, we discussed how you can use this software to record streaming audio on computer. If interested, you can refer to this post for more details. You can folllow the instructions in that article to easily record Skype audio calls. Just make sure to select audio input devices from both system and microphone so you record both your own voice and the voice from the other party you are talking to.

In this Skype call recording guide, we will focus on Skype video call recording. From the home screen of this screen recorder software for Windows, choose Screen Recorder. Then follow below steps to record Skype calls on computer.

screen recorder for windows

Step 1. Select an area to record

You will see a red frame appears on your computer screen. Everything inside this frame will be recorded. You can drag and drop the borders of this frame to set the recording area to record only the Skype chat window. You can also hit the Full screen button to record the whole computer screen or quickly pick up a preset value from the Custom drop-down menu.

Step 2. Record Skype video call

By default this screen recorder will pick up sounds from both your computer system and Microphone. Normally you do not need to change the audio input. You also have the option to set the timer to stop the recording after a certain period of time. When you are ready to record, click the Record button to start. Click the button again to stop. You can then preview the recorded video file before saving it on your computer.

Advanced video/audio call recording settings

Click the gear Settings icon, you will be able to customize video format, video codec, video quality, video frame rate, audio codec, audio format, codec for microphone audio, and so on. The location of output recording files can also be changed in the Settings pane. If you prefer keyboard shortcut other than mouse click, you can also create the shortcuts there.
This screen recorder comes with both free and premium versions. The free screen recorder has a limitation on the length of the call that you can record to 2 minutes. The premium version allows for unlimited call recording with a fee. Check out more details from the linked article in the first paragraph above.