Record sound using GarageBand on iPad

Garage Band is a powerful music making app for iPhone iPad iPod touch and Mac users to record, mix and produce music. We know that iPad does not have the stock voice memo app or voice recorder app. If you want to record sound using iPad, Garage Band is your best choice. You do not have to download or puchase third party voice recorder or sound recorder from App Store. Garage Band is the free app you can use to record your voice and any sound on iPad. If you want to record sound on Mac you can use its desktop version for the job as it is bundled with Apple’s OS X as well. You can also find voice recording software in Windows OS, check out this guide to record sound in Windows 10.

Recording Audio using GarageBand on iPad

Run GarageBand on your iPad. Tap to create a new song from its home screen.

garageband create a new song on ipad

You will be prompted to select an instrument which you can use to create a song in GarageBand. Browse from left to right or right to left to find the Audio Recorder in GarageBand which you can use to record voice, sound and audio on iPad.
garageband instruments browser - choose audio recorder

The home screen of the Audio Recorder of GarageBand looks like below.
garageband audio recorder on ipad

Point your iPad towards the sound you want to record, touch the red Record button from the top control bar to start recording any sound, voice or audio. When you are finished, tap the Play button in the control bar to stop recording. Tap the Play button again to hear your recording in GarageBand on iPad. After that you will see a screen with all kinds of audio effects you can choose to add special sound effects to your recording. Currently you can find audio effects like Small Room, Large Room, Dreamy, Telephone, Dry, Bullhorn, Chipmunk, Robot, Monster in the Audio Record of GarageBand. See below screenshot.

garageband audio recorder effects

Tap the tracks view button from the top control panel of GarageBand to view your recordings and options to edit them. Double tap a voice recording to cut, copy, delete, loop, split or rename it. You can press and hold on the beginning or ending of a recording to change its length.

garageband audio recorder recordings editing

To save a voice recording, simply touch the My Songs button at the top left corner of the Audio Recorder of GarageBand. It will save your current voice recording and open the songs’ or audio recordings’ list.

Share & transfer sound recordings from GarageBand

To share or transfer sound recordings from GarageBand, simply tap the Select button at the top right corner, then select the song or audio you like to transfer or share, touch the Share button at the top left corner, you will open a drop-down menu with options you can share, edit, transfer, publish, backup the select recordings. For example, you can send the voice recording through email, upload voice recordings from iPad to Facebook, post audio recordings from iPad to YouTube, set voice recordings as ringtones on iPad, transfer audio recordings through iTunes and so on.