How to record sound using GarageBand on iPhone?

Want to record sound using iPhone? Voice Memos is the stocke voice recorder app on iPhone which you can use to record your voice or any sound using iPhone. It is bundled with the iOS so you do not need to download any third party app for audio recording on iPhone. Voice Memos is very intuitive to use. The moment you launch Voice Memos, you can start recording sound. It also offers basic functions you can edit and manage the audio clips, such as trimming. However you will not be able to find more advanced features from the Voice Memos on iPhone. Thus you may need to record sound using it but edit the sound clips using third party apps. For instance, you need to transfer the voice recordings from iPhone to computer, then merge the iPhone voice memos, convert iPhone voice memos to MP3 using an audio editor software on computer. The app itself does not allow users to combine or mix multiple tracks on the device. Today, we will share a very useful app with those who like to record sound on iPhone and directly edit their voice recordings on iPhone, the GarageBand. This is the most popular music creation app in the world. It comes for free for all iOS device users. You can download it from App Store without any fee. Although most of the time people use it to play touch instruments, record music and loops, you can also use it to record any sound or voice on iPhone. Check out details below.

How to record sound using GarageBand on iPhone?

Launch GarageBand on iPhone. My Songs page opens automatically. Tap the + Plus icon to create a new song in GarageBand.

garageband songs management on iphone

You will then open the instruments browser where you can slide left or right on iPhone screen to pick up an instrument to record sound or play music in GarageBand. Choose Audio Recorder in GarageBand instruments browser. See below screenshot.

free audio recorder on iphone - garageband instruments

To record voice using the Audio Recorder in GarageBand, touch the red Record icon at the top control bar. When you finished recording, simply tap the Play button. Tap the Play button again to play the recorded sound with this Audio Recorder of GarageBand on iPhone.

garageband audio recorder for iphone

You can pick up a preset audio effect to your recordings within the Audio Recorder.

garageband iphone audio recorder effects

Optionally you can also edit your audio tracks and recordings. Touch the Tracker viewer & editor button at the top left corner of the Audio Recorder on iPhone, you will open the audio editing screen like below.

garageband audio recorder tracks viewer and editor on iphone

To edit a audio track or recordings on iPhone, just tap on the track twice in a roll, you will then find options to cut, copy, delete, loop, split and rename audio clips on iPhone. Tap the Play button after the editing to make sure you are satisfied with the change to the voice recordings. When you are satisfied with the work. Touch the down triangle button at the top left corner, then a drop-down menu shows up, you can see two items from the menu: My Songs and Instruments. Choose My Songs to enter the songs management screen of GarageBand again. This will save your current audio recording as a new song there. And now you have finished recording and editing the sound or voice using GarageBand on iPhone. Compared to the stock voice recorder app on iPhone, the Voice Memos, GarageBand works similarily when it records voices on iPhone, however it provides many more advanced features to allow users to edit, mix, convert, produce and share music and audios on iPhone.

Except creating music and recording sound on iPhone, you can also use it on an iPad or its desktop version on Mac. Do not miss out this tutorial to record sound on iPad using GarageBand if you are looking for a free voice recording app which is missing on iPad. The Voice Memos app can’t be found on iPad. So use GarageBand if you like.

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  1. I just wanted to know If I can record using the headphone mic on dr dre beats, apple headphones etc since it’s an app on the phone? Using It as the external mic?


    1. most phones should already have a pre-installed sound recorder app, so you may not need to download or use a third party app.

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