Record sound on Huawei phone

Sometimes we may want to record conversations, speech, lecture so as to memorize important information without have to take note in writing. Our smartphones can help us with that and often does not require any third-party apps. For example, you can follow this guide to record voice & audios with Xiaomi phone.  

Recording sound using a Huawei phone involves similar procedure. If you have a Huawei phone and do not know how to record conversations, speech, lecture or any sound, continue reading, you’ll see how easy it is to record audio files on this device. 

Unlock your mobile phone. Find and launch Sound Recorder app, which can usually be found in the Tools folder. 

huawei phone sound recorder

Just touch the red Record button at the bottom to start recording. During the recording process, the Record button turns into the Pause button, which allows you to pause and resume sound recording anytime. Tap the Stop button to finish, you will then be prompted to choose a file name for the voice recording on your Huawei phone. 

Tap on Recordings button at the bottom left corner, all saved recordings on your Huawei mobile phone can be accessed from the recordings list. You can play, rename, delete or share sound recordings from there. 

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