Record sound from both microphone and Windows system

When creating software tutorials, you may want to record the demo video with audio input from both Microphone and computer sound card. Many screen recorders however is able to record sound from microphone. Some can record audio from microphone or computer system. Is it possible to capture sound from both microphone and Windows system on PC? In this article, we will introduce two software tools that can record audio from both microphone and computer system on Windows PC in easy steps. Note that both of them are premium apps.

Record internal, external audio from PC and microphone using Camtasia

Camtasia is a very popular video editor and screen capture. In a related article, we have used it to record screen videos on Windows computer. It is very easy and straightforward. At the main interface of the screen recorder, you can choose the sound input from microphone and/or PC system, see below screenshot.

In the Recorded inputs box, you can choose to turn on or off Camera recording, microphone audio recording, system audio recording. Turn on the Audio recording option, then click the down arrow to expand the menu where you can enable audio recording from microphone and Windows system.

Camtasia can even save sound input from microphone and PC system separately so you can edit them without affecting the other audio track. You can also export any sound track so you can use it in other projects.

Extra screen recording & editing tips

Camtasia is also a very versatile and powerful video editor. Once you have captured the screen with sound input, you can edit the screen video and audio capture within the same tool. For example, Camtasia gives you pre-made animations that are simple to customize. You can apply these professional effects to polish your videos in simple clicks. You can add eye-catching titles, annotations, effects and more to your video demos, tutorials easily without any learning curve.

Record audio from PC system and microphone using Screen Recorder

There is another professional screen recorder for Windows we have discussed in several earlier articles. For instance, you can use it to record PC screen, capture video from webcam or both, record streaming audio & music on computer, etc.

Download and install the free trial version of the screen recorder from the link in previous paragraph to your computer. Run the screen recorder, then choose Video Recorder, you will get a screen like this.

To record audio from both PC system and microphone, simply click the toggle to turn on System Sound and Microphone, then start recording.

Compared to Camtasia, this screen recorder doesn’t allow users to edit the screen recordings. It directly saves the screen and audio recordings to your computer.