Record sound as WMV, MP3 on Windows 10 PC

Voice Recorder is the built-in sound recorder app for Windows 10. It comes with the Windows OS, anyone can use it without any fee, no third party sound recorders required. This built-in audio recorder for windows 10 has very clear interface. It is minimal but effective. It simply records any sounds you like without complicate procedure and it does the job well. See how you can record sound in Windows 10 here. The current version of this Windows voice recorder however lacks some very practical features. For instance, there is no extra audio encoder enables users to save voice recordings as WMV, MP3 or other popular audio formats. Currently it can only save .m4a sound recording clips. Is there any way to change sound recorder file format besides m4a? Many users may prefer mp3, wmv, wma or ogg over m4a. We know there is no such option to alter file format in the voice recorder app for Windows 10. You can make use of an audio converter to convert m4a to wmv, mp3 or else. Alternatively use a third party audio recorder which support those audio codecs. Find out more below.

Record sound as MP3, WMA, AAC or M4A file in Windows

In an earlier post, we demonstrated how you can record streaming audio and online music on PC using this PC screen video & audio recorder, a great alternative to the stock voice recorder for Windows.

audio recorder for windows

It allows users to choose output audio file format. To do that, click the gear icon to open its Preferences, then switch to the Settings tab, choose a new audio format from the ‘Choose format for saving file’ field. You can save the audio recording from your computer as MP3, WMA, AAC or M4A file.
change audio recording formats in the Screen recorder

Convert sound recording format on Windows 10 PC

Video Converter Ultimate provides us an easy way to change the file format of multimedia files. It can convert videos to a different format, transcode movies to audios, transform audios from one file type to another. We have introduced this audio and video converter in several related articles before. For instance, you can use it to convert Samsung phone voice recordings to MP3, convert iPhone voice memos to MP3 and so on.

To convert sound recordings to WMV or MP3 on Windows 10 computer, hit the Add Files button to find and load the recording files in m4a format from your computer to the media editor, and select WMV, MP3 or any other audio format you desire in the Output Format section. Then you can convert sound recordings to any selected format. The new audio files will be saved to the output folder of the media editor for Windows 10.

convert m4a to wmv on computer

Sound recording alternatives for Windows 10

You can search on Bing or Google to find third party software to convert audio files in required format. Other than that, you can also choose a different voice recorder. Audacity is my favorite free audio editor and recorder. It is cross-platform and works with Windows, Mac, Linux and other OS. Its current version 2.1.3 is compatible with Windows 10. This open source audio recorder and editor will save voice recordings in WAVformat by default. Unlike the stock voice recorder for Windows 10, the Audacity supports additional audio formats, such as AIFF, OGG, FLAC, MP2, M4A, AC3, AMR,, WMA. If you need sound recording files in MP3 or WMV, use the media editor introduced at the first half of this article above as Audacity does not come with the encoder for WMV or MP3. See this guide to download MP3 encoder and allow Audacity export MP3 files.

audacity audio recorder edito for windows

Update Jan 2018: this article was originally published in 2017. In this update, a new screen recorder app for Windows was added.