How to record sound on Xiaomi phone?

Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones come with a free sound and voice recording app called Recorder. You can use it to record any sound, voice, audio or music using your Xiaomi or Redmi phone as you like. This stock sound recorder app is easy to use. As a beginner, you can follow below instructions to record sound and manage them on your phone.

How to record sound on Xiaomi phone?

Unlock your Xiaomi phone, tap on Tools from your phone main screen, you can then find many useful tools and utilities from this folder, including Clock, Mail, Calculator, Compass, Scanner, Assistant and so on. Tap to run Recorder app from the Tools folder. You will see the home screen of the sound recorder on Xiaomi phone like below.

record sound on xiaomi phone using  stock sound recorder app

There are three buttons at the bottom of this Xiaomi Sound Recorder app. Press the middle button you can start recording or pause recording. The left button is for stopping and saving voice recording on Xiaomi phone. The right button is to mark voice recordings or open the folder of all saved recordings on Xiaomi phone.

Still have questions about sound recording on Xiaomi phones? Check out the FAQs as following.

What is the audio recording format using Xiaomi Recorder app?

You will save audio recordings as MP3 file format which is compatible with almost all music players, mobile phones.

Where are the sound recordings saved on Xiaomi phone?

You can find saved sound recordings on Xiaomi or Redmi phone from SD/MIUI/sound_recorder/ or Internal SD card/MIUI/sound_recorder/. Alternatively you can run the Recorder app on Xiaomi, tap the right button from its home screen, then a list of all created sound recordings shows up. You can tap on the Folder icon to open the folder which saves all your voice recordings on Xiaomi phone.

find voice recordings on xiaomi phone

Can i rename voice recordings on Xiaomi phone?

Yes, you can rename audio recordings files after recording using the Recorder app on Xiaomi or Redmi phone. From the home screen of the Recorder app, touch the right Recordings button to find all your saved sound recordings, then long press on a sound recording file to show the options you can manage the sound recordings on Xiaomi, including Rename, Delete and Send. Choose Rename option and give your sound recording a new name from there.

manage sound recordings on xiaomi phone

How to export sound recordings from Xiaomi to computer?

There are different ways you can extract sound recordings from Xiaomi phone to PC or Mac. For example, you can choose to connect up your phone to computer via USB, then browse to the folder on Xiaomi phone where all your voice recordings are saved, copy and paste them from Xiaomi to your computer hard drive. You can also find the recordings in the stock Recorder app on Xiaomi phone, then choose the audio recordings you want to export, then choose Send and then select Bluetooth or Mail to send the sound recordings from Xiaomi to computer. You can refer to this guide to transfer photos, videos, music from Xiaomi to PC through Bluetooth for more details. You can also upload the audio recordings to a cloud service, like your own FTP server, Dropbox, and so on. In fact, Xiaomi and computer FTP transfer provide us a very easy and effective way for batch file downloading and uploading between Xiaomi phone and computers. You should give it a shot. I am sure you will like it.

How to share voice recordings on Xiaomi phone?

Except the above mentioned ways, Bluetooth and email, you can also choose to send the sound recordings to any one you like or yourself through a chat app, such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, etc.

How to merge or split voice recordings on Xiaomi phone?

Can I join several audio recordings into one file on Xiaomi or trim long voice recordings on the phone? Unfortunately the current Recorder app can’t help you do that. You will need to export the voice recordings from phone to computer and edit them on the computer instead. You can refer to this guide to split or merge sound recordings from Xiaomi phone and this tutorial to merge multiple voice recordings on Samsung phone. These solutions can also help you merge or cut Xiaomi phone voice recordings.

Why and how to mark voice recordings on Xiaomi phone?

Although this FREE sound recorder can help you record any sound, voice, audio, music without any limitations on the recording time, when you save very long recordings, it becomes very difficult to find a certain part of a long recording. You can mark any part of a long audio recording when you are recording the sound or playing it later on.