Record streaming music, audio in Windows 10

Can’t find the Stereo Mix or recording device to record streaming music, online audio, internet radio? There are many third-party audio recorders can help you directly capture internal sound from your computer sound card. For example, this screen & audio recorder can not only record sound from microphone but also internal sound from the Windows system. In this article, we will introduce just another easy solution to record streaming audio and music in Windows 10 and other Windows systems.

ApowerRec is a cross-platform screen recorder which is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. We will use its Windows version in this demo to show you how to capture streaming music, online audio and radio on Windows 10 PC. You can find more details about this screen recorder here.

Run this screen recorder on your PC, you will see the options to select the whole screen or any area of it to record from its home screen.

screen recorder for windows PC - apowerrec

Before we start the streaming music and online audio recording, we can choose an output format and folder. Click the More menu at the top right corner, just before the minimize and close button, to open the its Settings. In the Settings panel, choose Output Folder to find the default folder where all your screen recordings and audio recordings to be saved to, or change it to another location or folder. Choose Audio, you will see MP3 is set as the output format. You can change it to a different audio format, such as AAC, OGG, WMA, WAV, FLAC, etc.

Since we are going to record only audio from internet, we need to switch from screen recording to the audio capturing mode. Click Record from its top menu bar, then choose Audio from the drop-down list. You will then see the 3 second countdown. The audio recorder will start recording automatically after 3 seconds.

Record streaming music, audio, system sound in Windows 10 - apowerrec audio recorder

By default only the system sound will be recorded. If you like to record audio from microphone as well, click the Speaker icon, choose System sound and microphone from the drop-down menu to record both internal and external audio at the same time. You can pause and resume recording anytime during the recording process. When you are ready to finish, click the Stop button or press F7 on your keyboard to complete.

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