How to record streaming videos on Mac?

Want to capture or record streaming videos on Mac? Quicktime player is one of the most useful apps that comes with the Mac OS. It is far more than just a media player. Using this free app, you can easily mirror iPhone screen to Mac, record iPhone internal sound & streaming music, record, edit and even share audio and video files on your Mac. To record online movies, streaming videos on Mac, follow the steps below.

How to record streaming videos on Mac with QuickTime Player?

Launch QuickTime Player on Mac. You can find it from Launchpad or the Spotlight search on Mac. Form the top menu bar, select File > New Screen Recording. The Screen Recording window appears.

quicktime player screen recording mac

Click the Record button, you will then find additional instructions on the Mac screen. You can click to record the full screen. Drag to record part of the screen. During the recording process, you can see the status at the top menu bar. You can end recording any time by clicking the stop button in the top menu bar. Finally preview and save your recorded video using QuickTime Player on Mac.

Record system sound on Mac

QuickTime Player can record videos, movies or anything displaying on your Mac screen. It can also record sound input from your microphone. It however can’t record internal sound from your computer sound card. As a result the quality of sound recordings suffers. Here we recommend a third-party screen video recorder which can record Mac system audios and sound. Go to download this video converter program for Mac. You can download and use its free trial version with limited features.

download, record videos on Mac using video converter wnds

Switch from the Convert to the Download mode in the above app. Then click Record Video, you will be give the instructions to install virtual sound card on Mac when you launch the built-in Video Recorder for the first time.

After that, you will get a screen recorder like this.

Mac screen recorder - video converter

You will then get the options to record system audio, sound from microphone or both.

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