Record system audio using OBS for free

Recording external sound through microphone is easy. You don’t even have to install an audio recorder as the Windows system has the built-in sound recorder. But what if you want to record audio that’s playing from the device itself, such as online music, game audio? Today, we will use OBS, the free open broadcaster software, on a Windows PC to show you how any internal sound from your computer, like audio from web browser, YouTube, Skype, Spotify, video call, livestreams, or video games can be captured.

Firstly you need to download and install this free software on your Windows computer. Launch it, you will see option downside in right of its main interface like Start Streaming, Start Recording, Start Virtual Camera, Studio Mode, Settings and Exit. Go to the Settings, switch from the General to the Audio section. In the Global Audio Devices section, you can see several Desktop Audio, Mic/Auxiliary Audio options.

obs audio settings enable desktop audio recording windows pc
obs audio settings enable desktop audio recording windows pc

Select Desktop Audio and set it to Default, and leave other audio sources you don’t want to capture to Disabled. Click OK to save the settings.

Then you are done. You can then record the internal audio from games, web browser, YouTube, music players while recording any video using OBS Studio on your computer.

Separate audio from video

Note that with OBS, screen video recording is mandatory. No audio-only export. You need a separate solution to isolate the audio. For example, you can convert video to audio with UniConverter, or use File Format to extract audio from video, etc.

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