Record system audio on PC with ShareX

ShareX is an impressive free toolkit with so many useful tools, screen capture, screen video recorder, digital audio recorder and many more. It is just as good and sometimes even better than premium apps. Some cool features most of us are unaware of. Today, we will introduce one of the best hidden features of ShareX, recording system audio from Windows PC.

Record internal sound on Mac

Are you using a Mac? You need to install another virtual sound device on Mac. Don’t miss out this tutorial to record system audio on Mac with QuickTime Player in conjunction with a free virtual audio device that can route audio from one app to another on Mac.

Capture system sound from Windows computer

Run ShareX on your Windows computer. From the left panel, click Task Settings to open it in a new window. Choose Capture >> Screen Recorder from the left panel, then hit the Screen recording options button in the right column.

record system audio, internet radio, streaming music using ShareX on Windows computer

Installing virtual audio capturer

By default, ShareX can only capture sound from your microphone. Before you can record system audio on PC, you need to install the virtual audio device. Click Install recorder to download and install the required recorder devices for ShareX on your computer.

Disable video recording in ShareX

ShareX does not provide a separate audio recorder. We can however disable video capture and thus record only audio. In the above Screen recording options window, click the Video source box and select None.

Enable system audio recording in ShareX

From the same screen, choose “virtual-audio-capturer” as the audio source. We are now ready to capture any sound from PC, such as internal radio, streaming music, iTunes music and so on. Just play any audio or music you like to capture and follow below steps to capture and save them as audio files on your computer.

Record sound from your speaker

From the left panel of main interface of ShareX, click Capture, then choose Screen Recording from the sub-menu. Drag and drop to draw a small rectangle on your computer screen to start recording audio using ShareX. Click Stop button to complete. The recorded audio file will be added to the file list in ShareX main interface.

Save sound recordings as MP3

Just like the stock audio recorder in Windows 10, ShareX saves your sound recordings as M4A files without other options. If you need other file formats due to compatibility concern, you may follow this guide to record sound as MP3 or WMV files on Window computer.

audio recorder for windows

Record both PC audio and microphone audio

With ShareX, you can only choose to record sound from microphone or computer sound card. If you like to record both of them at the same time, we recommend this audio recorder for Windows.

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