Record video with system audio on Mac

As we all know has the stock media player, QuickTime Player, that we can use to record screen videos, record audio files. One of the most wanted missing feature is the ability to record internal sound on Mac, the system audio on your computer. Here we recommend this video converter which can record videos with system audio and advanced editing features on Mac.

Download the free trial version of the video converter from previously linked page or get the Mac version below. Launch the video converter on your Mac, its Convert tab opens automatically. We need to switch to the Download tab from the top tool bar. See below screenshot.

download, record videos on Mac using video converter wnds

You can find two ways to download online videos using this tool. You can copy the page URL and paste it to the downloader to grab the video; alternatively you can use its screen recorder to record videos and anything on your Mac screen.

To record videos on Mac, just hit the Record Video button, you will be invited to install the virtual sound card on your Mac first which is needed for internal audio recording on Mac.

install virtual sound card Mac video converter

You can see more details from this guide to download and install the virtual sound card on Mac.

Hit the Record Video button again, drag across your Mac screen to select the area you want to capture and choose System Audio or Microphone or enable audio recording from both Mac system and your microphone. Click the REC button in red to start recording screen videos and your system audio.

Mac screen recorder - video converter

Hit the Stop button above the capture window or from the right section of the top menu to stop the recording. The recorded video will be saved to your computer and opened in the Video Converter at the same time. You can choose to convert, edit, transfer the captured video from the Video Converter or find them in Finder, edit or transfer them from Finder.