How to Recover Music from Android?

We all make the same mistake sometimes to delete some important files from computers, mobile phones or tablets. Especially when you use a smartphone, on the small screen we may select and delete the wrong files or data. If you accidentally deleted your favourite music songs from Android device and not any copy saved on your computer, is there any chance you can recover the lost or deleted songs on Android device, or what can you do to get it back? Sounds mission impossible? Not really. When you remove a music clip from your Android phone, the deleted music clip will not be wiped out completely from your phone. It still saves somewhere on your phone memory, only you can’t see it without the proper data management tool. In this article, we will recommend you the Android data recovery which can help you retrieve deleted or even formatted music files from your Android smartphone or tablet, such as Samsung phone and tablets, HTC smartphones, Motorola, LG phones, Sony Ericsson, Lenovo and many more.

recover android data to pc

Android music recovery Important Tips
If you are unfamiliar with Android recovery, there is some issue we need to clarify before we are going to show you how to use the Android music recovery software to get back your lost songs on Android phone. Although the music recovery can retrieve deleted or formatted data from mobile phones still there is some chance it can’t help. For example, your deleted music files may have been overwritten by new files, the deleted music file might be damaged. For higher success rate, you should act quickly when you notice the music songs loss.

Now download the Android music recovery software on to your PC, follow below instructions to search and recover your lost songs on Android phones.

How to Recover Lost Music & Songs from Android?

This is probably the easiest data recovery solution for Android users so far. The workflow is straightforward and easy to follow. To retrieve the deleted songs, you need: 1) download the music recovery tool, 2) connect your phone, 3) scan your phone, 4) click to recover music files.

Step 1. Connect your phone to computer

Your Android mobile or tablet can be connected through USB data cord. When you run the Android music recovery tool on PC and get your Android device connected, you should see a screen like this:

android music recovery software

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on Android phone

This step is to be completed on your Android device. The Android recovery software will give you on-screen tips on how USB debugging can be turned on on your Android phone. It differs slightly on various Android versions. Just follow the tips from the Android recovery tool. For more specific instructions, you can check out this guide: How to enable USB debugging on Android phones?

steps to enable usb debugging on android phones

Step 3. Select Music or Audio file to search

The Android recovery can help you retrieve many different files types and data, such as music songs, videos, photos, contacts, SMS messages, call logs, WhatsApp chats and messages, etc. For example, you can check out this page see how to recover photos and videos on Android phones, recover deleted text messages on Samsung Galaxy phones, and retrieve WhatsApp history on Android. You do not have to select only music to recover, as it defaults to search for all types of files supported. However by narrowing down the search to only music or audio files, it can save you a lot of time.

select audio music to recover from android

Step 4. Select storage scanning mode

Here you can choose between Standard scanning mode and Advanced scanning mode. Basically you should try the Standard scanning at first, if you can’t find your deleted or lost music files, then switch to the Advanced scanning mode and give it another try. Standard scanning is faster, but Advanced can help you find and get back more lost data.

select storage scanning mode in android recovery

Now waiting for the Android data recovery tool to search and find your lost music songs from your Android device.

scan and search lost music from android

Step 5. Preview and recover music on Android

When the scanning process completes, all found files will be displayed in the scanning result screen. You can pick up any songs to recover, or select and recover all music files. The music files will be extracted from Android device to your computer. If like you can also select those existing music files on Android and transfer them to computer for backup along with the recovery of lost music songs.

recover music on android

Additional Android Music Recovery Tips

  • This data recovery software for Android is 100% safe and secure. It will not change, delete or modify your existing files and data on Android device.
  • Android data recovery helps you get back lost, formatted, deleted files without prior backups. But we still highly recommend you to do the backup regularly. In case of any data loss, you can restore them from backups. To backup music on Android phones or tablets is extremely easy, see this guide for the details: How to backup Android music to Computer?

9 thoughts on “How to Recover Music from Android?”

  1. roselaii magee

    i have a hipstreet tablet ! i accidentley deleted my songs can you helpme get them back please ! signed roselaii !

    1. your phone may restart several times during this process. if it keeps restarting without proceeding to the scan process, most likely your phone model is not supported by this recovery software. can you provide us the specific phone model number and android version please?

  2. At 90% it quit and gave me a message that my device wasn’t supported at this time (gs7 edge). I had to manually restart my phone and luckily the android bot disappeared from all my apps, but I still don’t know if it destroyed anything or placed a bug. Why doesn’t smartswitch allow just music file recovery instead of messing with the WHOLE phone. I never would have tried this last ditch effort otherwise.

    1. You can refer to the steps outlined below:
      1. download the android phone data recovery software on to your PC or mac.
      2. connect up your phone to computer via USB.
      3. you will be prompted to turn on USB debugging if not yet, do so following the on-screen tips.
      4. select the file type to scan, choose “Audios” in the data recovery software as you want to recover music from phone.
      5. wait the recovery to finish scanning your phone, extract audio and music files from phone to computer.
      For more detailed instructions, you can scroll up to above tutorial.

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