Recover ePub Books from SD Card for Android

In an earlier post we talked about how to recover lost data from SD card for smartphones and cameras. Since then we have received some feedback from many mobile phone users saying they have accidentally deleted books on their Android phones and want to know if any way to use this tool to get back the lost books. In this demo, we will be using an Lenovo Android smartphone to demonstrate how to recover books in ePub or other formats from memory card. Firstly we will delete the ePUB books on Android phone, after that we will be using the Data Recovery software to retrieve the deleted books from its SD card.

Common data loss scenarios:

  • Accidentally deletion
  • SD card formatting
  • Virus inflection
  • SD card corruption
  • Abrupt power failure

Delete ePub Books on Android Phones

iReader for Android is my favorite ebook reader app. I have saved some books in ePUB format in this book reader. As we have mentioned above, there are various data loss scenarios you could lost the books, ePubs, PDF or other documents on your cell phone. In this demo, we will delete the eBooks on Android phone by purpose. Our goal is to show you how you can recover those deleted books in despite of how your books were removed on the phone.

delete books in ireader for Android

Select all the ePUB books in iReader bookshelf. Tap on Delete button to remove them. Another screen pops up prompting you whether to delete the book source documents or not.

delete epub source document in ireader

Press on the Confirm button to completely delete the ePub files, the source documents from your Android phones.

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Recover lost ePub Books from Android Phones

Since the books were saved on the SD Card of my Android phone. So take out the SD Card from the phone, insert the SD Card into a card reader and connect to computer through USB. We are going to use the Data recovery software to scan for deleted books on SD Card see if it can still find and recover the books from to the phone’s external storage to computer. It has helped us with lost data recovery from many different devices, including USB drive data recovery, hard drive data recovery, photo recovery from digital cameras and even more. Now download this multi-purpose data recovery tool on to your PC or Mac and follow below steps to retrieve lost ebooks from our Android phones and memory cards. It is free to download and try. You will be able to recover up to 100MB files without any fee. That’s to say you can download this Data Recovery to recover about 10 to 20 ebooks completely for free.

Select Data Recovery Modes

When you start the Data Recovery on your computer, you will get a screen like following. The first step is to choose a data recovery mode.

data recovery modes

You can find three different data recovery modes from above screenshot: Lost File Recovery, Partition Recovery, Raw File Recovery. Each recovery mode has its own advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking the mode which is more powerful to recover data takes more time. We will simply choose Lost File Recovery for a faster recovery. If it can’t find the deleted books from SD card under this scan and recovery mode, switch to a more advanced recovery mode.

Select SD Card to Recover Books from

Now you should see a list of available devices or storage you can recover files from, including your hard drives on the computer, any external devices plugged in to the computer, like cameras, flash drives, SD cards, etc.
select location to recover files from
You can simply choose the SD card, in this case, it is the J drive as listed above. You can also specify any folder on the SD card to search and scan the lost ebook files from. You do not need to do this, however if you can narrow down the search for the lost data to specific folders or directory, the Data Recovery can find the deleted books faster.

recover deleted lost books to computer

Once the Data Recovery has finished scan your SD card, any selected folder or location on your SD card, all found books, along with other supported file types and data will be displayed in the scan result page as shown above. You can see the EPUB books are categories into the EPUB menu from the left side bar. ePub books are displayed on the right with book name, size, path, created date, modified date and status. If the book file status is Good, it means your book document is recyclable. You will be recover it. If the status shows poor, probably the book file is damaged. Click to select any books, then hit the Recover button to extract the book from SD card on to your computer.

That’s it! With just several easy steps, you can recover lost or deleted books, ePUB documents on your Android phone.