How to Recover Contacts from Lenovo Phones?

Contacts are the most important data saved on our mobile phone. However we lost our contacts and phone numbers sometimes due to various reasons. For exmple, you may delete the wrong numbers or contacts from your phone. You may accidentally reset your phone and thus lost data on the phone. If your mobile phone contacts were deleted, is there any way to get them back? In this guide, we will be using a Lenovo Android phone to demonstrate how you can recover contacts on Lenovo and other Android mobile phones. Note that we assume you do not have a backup of your phone data. If you do have a backup of contacts however, you can go to restore them from backup. From this tutorial, you will learn how to recover lost contacts from Lenovo phone without any prior backups anywhere.

Lenovo contacts recovery

How to Recover Contacts from Lenovo Mobile Phone?

First of all, you need to download this Android phone recovery software on to your PC computer. Then install and run the phone recovery program on your computer, connect your Lenovo smartphone to computer through USB data cord comes with your phone, allow the phone recovery software to scan your mobile phone and recover lost data from it.

Step 1. Enable USB Debugging on Lenovo Smartphone

Prior to scan your phone using the Android data recovery program, you have to enable USB debugging on your phone.

Step 2. Enable Contacts Recovery

The phone recovery software can recover many different types of data and files from Android phones, such as Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. When you connect your phone to computer through USB cable, the recovery software will detect your phone and prompt you to select file types you like to retrieve. Many different file types can be recovered using this tool, like photos, videos, music, call history, contacts, messages, etc. You can even recover WhatsApp chats on the phone using this recovery solution. In this case, just select to enable Contacts recovery from Lenovo phone. By disabling other files types, you will save a lot of time in the next scanning process.

enable lenovo contacts recovery

Step 3. Analyze Lenovo Smartphone

Follow on screen tips to allow the data recovery program to analyze your mobile phone. Basically it will analyze your device type, phone model, Android version, etc. If your phone model is supported, it will continue to scan your phone as following. The data recovery for Android works with almost all popular Lenovo mobiles, like Lenovo A820, Lenovo A880, Lenovo A850+, Lenovo A850 3G, Lenovo Vibe Z K910, Lenovo S8 S898+, Lenovo P780, and many more.

analyze lenovo phone

Step 4. Scan Lenovo phone for lost Contacts

When the contacts recovery software has finished analyzing your mobile phone, it will proceed to scan your phone’s storage for the lost data you want to get back. Normally your phone numbers and contacts will be saved on the phone’s internal storage. This data recovery software for Lenovo can not only search for the lost data from your phone’s internal memory (ROM) but also installed memory card (SD card) on your Lenovo phone. This feature maximizes its pontential to recover all kind of data and files from your smartphone. For example, you can refer to this guide to recover lost photos and videos from Lenovo mobile phone. The scan and search may take a while depending on the storage space you have on the phone.
scan contacts on lenovo phone

Step 5. Recover contacts from Lenovo

When the search for the lost files has finished, you will be able to preview the found phone numbers, contacts and their emails, company, titles, and other inforamtion of your mobile contacts saved on your Lenovo phone.
recover contacts from lenovo mobile phone

Click the Recover button at the bottom right corner to retrieve your lost or deleted contacts and numbers from Lenovo to computer. The recovered contacts will be saved as CSV, HTML and VCF files and formats. They are the same contacts and numbers saved in different files. Contacts saved in CSV file can be edited easily using MS Excel, also it is accepted by many email services providers. The HTML version of your mobile phone contacts are organized as web page layout, you can open it using any web browser on your computer. VCF contact file is widely accepted by most smartphones, you can refer to this guide to easily transfer VCF contacts to Android phones.

8 thoughts on “How to Recover Contacts from Lenovo Phones?”

    1. have you tried the contacts recovery solution in above post? did you get any error when using this android phone data retrieval program?

  1. Dear
    I’ve a Lenovo mobile that mobile we have reset then i have lost my all contact we want to recover all contact plz help me

    1. you can follow above outlined steps to use the Android phone recovery software to scan your lenovo phone see if the deleted contacts can be found or not. If the contacts can be found during the scanning process, you can buy the full version of this recovery software to export the deleted contacts to your computer and transfer them back on to the phone later.

  2. Lost my lenovo phone. Pls help me to relocate my contacts. Im sure i saved it in the clouds or google.
    Tq for your kind assistance

    1. You can log on your Gmail account or any other email account, that was configured on the phone, from a web browser on your computer see if you can find the contacts. When you set up an email account on Lenovo phone, you may have already synced the contacts to your email account.

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