Recover Data from Android Phone without Rooting

Many smart phone users seems to have the trouble of data loss. You are lucky if you never had this problem before. For example, you may accidentally deleted your data, you may selected and deleted the wrong file on Android, iPhone or other smartphones. Back up your important data regularly from mobile phone to a cloud storage or your computer is the best way to keep your data safe. Still unexpectedly data loss occurs sometimes. Fortunately there are professional data recovery solutions are avaible to rescue our precious data when we lost them without backups saved. Most of these mobile phone data recovery software tools are developed with average smartphone users in mind, they are easy to understand and use. With just several steps, anyone can retrieve their lost files and documents on mobile phones. For instance, you can see how to recover deleted photos and videos from Samsung Galaxy phones here. Now a very common issue about Android data recovery is the Android rooting. We have received many questions above it. What is rooting? Do I have to root my phone in order to recover deleted data from my phone? How can I root my phone? What are the terms and conditions of rooting my phone?
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Recover Data from Android Phone with or without Rooting

In earlier versions of Android mobile phone data recovery, users do not need to root their Android phones manually in order to recover deleted data from them. You just need to turn on USB debugging on the phone, then the data recovery software on the computer side can install an app on to your phone to guarantee the connection and data recovery. After that the data recovery software will prompt you to select data types you want to recover and proceed to scan your phone for the files according to your selection. You will be able to preview the found data and selectively recover any or all data from phone to computer. Here is a good example you can refer to: how to recover deleted text messages from Samsung mobile? Don’t get me wrong. This is an Android data recovery program. It does not have to be a Samsung phone. We prefer to list Samsung phone data retrieval examples merely because Samsung is currently the most popular Android phones in the market. In fact, the mobile phone recovery and tips in this guide apply to many other major Android phones such as LG, Motorola, Sony, Sharp, Lenovo, Nexus, Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, and so on. Check out another guide here to recover deleted photos from Lenovo mobile phones. You do not need to manually root the phone for the data recovery. Temporary rooting will be applied to your device automatically. This software has the built-in root tool to root your device before scan it and remove root after the recovery.
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Android is a big family. You can see new Android phones almost every day. To keep up with the dynamic system, we added the built-in temporary rooting feature into our data recovery software for Android so users can recover data from more Android devices and recover data as much as possible. You do not need to root your phone by yourself. This Android recovery software can temporarily root your phone automatically. When the recovery ends, your device will get back to unroot status. This allows rooting device without the fear of voiding your warranty. That’s to say when you have a unrooted phone, you can use the Android recovery software to recover deleted data from unrooted Android phone. The recovery software will firstly root the phone by itself, after recovery it will remove root from your phone, so your phone will be unrooted as what it was before performing the data recovery. You need to root the phone by yourself only if the built-in rooting tool does not work for your phone.

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Recover Data from Rooted Android Phones

The Android data recovery works with almost all rooted Android devices. If your phone is rooted before, the Android phone recovery software can directly scan your phone’s internal memory and external storage for selected file types. Just make sure to allow the recovery software superuser permission or root access when you get prompted on the phone. The rest steps are almost the same as data recovery from unrooted Android phones. For your referece, following are some demos you can check out: how to recover deleted photos from LG mobile phones and this tutorial reveals the easy steps to recover deleted photos videos from Motorola. A lot more data types and mobile phones are supported. You can recover not only photos, videos, contacts, messages, but many others like music, WhatsApp messages, call logs, etc.

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