Recover Data from WD Portable Hard Drive

It is already a good idea to save two copies of the same data on different devices so in case of a data lose or device crash, you can always restore data from the backup. External hard drives, like WD portable hard drives, Seagate portable hard drives, are very popular storage devices for backup on the market. In an earlier guide we have demonstrated how you can recover deleted data from Seagate hard drives. Today we will briefly discuss how WDC hard drive users can retrieve lost, deleted or formatted data on their portable hard drives, such as WD Elements Portable, My Passport Ultra, My Passport, My Passport Studio, My Passport Air, My Passport Pro, and more.

WD Elements portable hard drive

How to Recover Lost Data from WD Portable Hard Drive?

Firstly download the WD hard drive recovery software on to your PC or Mac. Note that this is not a hard drive repair tool, so it does not fix either the driver or hardware issue of your WD portable hard drive. It simply a data recovery software which can scan your portable hard drive and extract data from it to your computer.

Now follow below steps to recover deleted, lost or formatted files from your WDC external hard drive.

Step 1. Connect the Portable Hard Drive to Computer

Connect up your WD portable hard drive to computer through USB data cable comes with the storage device. Disconnect any other connected portable devices like phone, camera, Flash drive, etc.

Step 2. Scan WD Portable Hard Drive

Run the data recover software on your PC or Mac and use it to scan your portable hard drive connected. In this demo, we will be using the Windows version of the data recovery to demostrate how you can use it to recover lost data from WDC external hard drive.

data recovery for pc

From above screen you can find three different file recovery modes with short descriptions of each mode: Lost File Recovery, Partition Recovery, Raw File Recovery. They have their own features, so choose the one suits your needs. Here we will choose Lost File Recovery, then a new dialogue opens where we can Select a location to recover files from. In this example, we are using the popular WD Elements Portable Hard drive (1TB), it is listed in the device list as shown below.

recover data from WD portable hard drive

You can select any specific folder in your WD portable hard drive to quickly search and recover the lost files and data from it. You can also select the whole WD portable hard drive to scan and recover files. The data recovery can actually help you recover a lot of other devices or storage connected to the computer, such as recover data from internal hard drive, recover data from SD card, recover Flash drive, etc. There will be a Enable Deep Scan option which you can enable which works well for formatted data recovery. It is more powerful but will take you more time. Once you are ready, click the Start button to scan your device.

Step 3. Recover lost files from WD Portable Hard Drive

Once the Data Recovery finished scanning your portable hard drive, all found files will be displayed so you can preview and recover any data from WD portable hard drive to computer.

recover data from WD external hard drive

Files will be categorized into different menu according to the file types, like Archive, Audio, Document, Graphic, Video, etc. More than 550 different file formats are supported. When you found the files you want to recover, you will also have an option to select where to save the files. Make sure to select a different device other than the portable hard drive, so it will not overwrite those deleted data in the recovery process. When you have finished recovery of all wanted data, you can copy them over from computer to your external hard drive later.