How to recover deleted contacts for Galaxy S3 after factory reset?

samsung galaxy s3Samsung Android phones have a function to reset the phone to factory status. This is the standard method to clear all personal data on the phone and put your phone to the original status like you have just bought a new one. In another guide, we showed you how to reset Samsung Galaxy S5. If you have read this article, you will know what data will be removed from your phone after factory reset. Once you have reset the phone, you lost almost any personal data. If you like to recover data, you have to download and use professional data recovery software. You can refer to this guide to recover mobile phone data after factory reset. This solution works for major Android phones, including Samsung Galaxy phones, Moto mobile phone, HTC, Lenovo, LG and more Android powered smart phones.

How to recover deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy S3 after factory data reset?

Galaxy S series is the flagship smart phone from Samsung electronics. Some of the most famous models are Galaxy S 3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 and the latest Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The above mentioned data rescue solution works for all these Samsung smart phone models. To recover data from Samsung Galaxy S3 is just like you recover data from Galaxy S4, S5 or S6. We have discussed how to recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S4, and this guide shows you how to recover photos from Galaxy S5. If you want to recover contacts from Samsung S3, it is almost the same. Check out detailed instructions below.

android mobile phone data recovery workflow

Step 1. Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy S3

This is the option many Samsung users may not know. Normally only app developers need to use it at their daily work. This option allows developers to test their apps before final release. You can refer to this guide to turn on or off USB debugging on your Samsung phones.

Step 2. Use Android phone recovery to scan your Galaxy phone

You can download the phone recovery software for Android from below link. It is free to download. Currently it has only Windows version for PC. So if you have only a Mac, you are out of luck. Install the phone recovery on to your PC.

Then connect your mobile phone to computer through USB data cord. It is recommended to use the original data cord for your Samsung Galaxy S3 other than just any data cable for other smart phones. When you launch the phone data recovery program on your PC, it will detect your phone connection through USB, just follow on-screen tips to proceed.
android phone recovery software for Windows

Step 3. Enable Contacts recovery from Galaxy S3
This phone recovery software supports many different file types. If you have checked out the data recovery guide after factory reset, you can find out except contacts, it is also able to recover messages from Samsung phones, recover photos, videos, music and more. By default all supported files will be checked and enabled before the phone recovery software to scan your phone. You can leave it without any change. However we suggest you to enable contacts recovery and disable other files types. By doing this, you will save you a lot of time during the scanning process. Since you only need to recover contacts from Samsung mobile phones, why not save the time in searching for irrelevant data and spare more time for other important thing you like to do?

enable samsung contacts recovery

Step 4. Preview and recover lost contacts from Galaxy S3

In the previous step, you have select contacts to scan. After the scanning, all contacts found will be listed in a screen like below. You can preview the contacts, phone numbers and other contact information. Both your existing contacts and deleted contacts can be found and recovered. If you have reset the phone, you should have deleted all contacts from your Galaxy S3. So you can select and recover all found contacts from Galaxy S3 to computer.

recover contacts on Android

Once you get back your lost contacts, you can send them back from your computer to Samsung phone through Samsung Kies, emails or other tools. See following guide you will know how to transfer VCF contacts to Android phone through email.

Now you know how to recover deleted contacts and other files on Samsung mobile phone and other Android phones. If your friends or family lost their contacts from their phone but do not know how to recover contacts, share this solution with them.