Recover deleted contacts from Lenovo phone

Some data and files saved on our mobile phones are very important that we cannot afford to lose, such as the contacts or address book, the photos and videos, etc. Sometimes however we lost some of these data unexpectedly. You are lucky if you have backed up the content from phone to an external storage before the data loss. If not, you will need to perform the mobile phone data recovery using a third party cell phone file recovery software. Today, we will be using a Lenovo mobile phone in the demo to show how deleted contacts and other data can be retrieved from our cell phone’s internal storage or external storage cards when we have not created any backups before.

How to recover deleted contacts from Lenovo mobile phone?

First of all, get the Lenovo phone data recovery software below. Make sure to select and download the right version according to your computer OS. Note that this is a desktop software for Windows and Mac OS X, not an Android app for your phone.

Install and run the data recovery software on your PC or Mac. You will be prompted to connect up your mobile phone via USB. Connect your Lenovo phone to PC or Mac via USB, then a file types selection screen shows up where you need to choose the content types that you need to recover from the connected mobile phone. In this guide, we are going to retrieve deleted contacts and phone numbers from Lenovo phone, thus you need to select and enable contacts recovery here. If you like to recover other file types, you can download the free trial version and give it a shot by yourself later, or you can refer to this tutorial to retrieve deleted text messages from Lenovo phones, just another related guide you may like.

select contacts to recover from lenovo mobile phone

Click the Next button to proceed to the next step. You will see some important tips about the recovery:

  1. One-click root will be applied to your device automatically by the program, so as to recover data as much as possible;
  2. When the recovery ends, your device will get back to unroot status;
  3. This allows rooting device without the fear of voiding your warranty;
  4. Please ensure your phone’s battery is over 20% before you click on the “Start”.

When you are ready, click the Start button to allow this Lenovo phone recovery software to scan your mobile phone. It will search the contacts and other selected file types from the Lenovo phone’s internal storage and MicroSD card if any. It will take a while for the scanning to complete especially when you have selected many different file types to recover or enable media files recovery, such as photos recovery, videos recovery, music recovery and so on. After the Lenovo mobile phone recovery software finished scanning your phone, you will be presented with the search result page as below.

recover deleted contacts from lenovo phone

Lenovo phone contacts retrieval from here is actually very straightforward.

Three steps to recover deleted contacts from Lenovo:

  1. Select contacts from the list;
  2. Preview selected contacts to verify before recovering them;
  3. Recover contacts by clicking the recover button, then select a folder on your computer, save the found Lenovo mobile contacts and phone numbers from phone to your computer.

Contacts’ details, including name, company, job title, phone number, emails, will be extracted from phone to computer as CSV, HTML and VCard files. The same data saved in three different files and formats. You can view and edit contacts in CSV format using Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software. You can preview all contacts’ information in HTML file using any web browser on your computer, like IE, Edge, Safari, Chrome and so on. The contacts recovered and saved in vCard (.vcf) files are very user friendly. You can easily import contacts from Vcard business card format to any smartphones. For instance, you can refer to this guide to import VCF vCard contacts to Android phones, such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Nexus, Lenovo, Sony, Motorola, and many more. Your recovered Lenovo contacts can also be transferred to iPhone as well. See this step-by-step tutorial to transfer VCF VCard contacts to iPhone.

Lenove phone contacts recovery FAQs

  • Do I need to install any apps on the Lenovo phone?
  • Before the contacts recovery from Lenovo phone, this Lenovo mobile data recovery program on computer will automatically install an app on to your smartphone. If like, you can delete the Android phone data recovery software from your computer, uninstall its mobile phone counterpart app from Lenovo phone after you have finished the recovery.

  • What kind of data can be retrieved from Lenovo phone?
  • The current version of this mobile phone data recovery program can recover deleted contacts, messages, call history, WhatsApp messages and attached files, photos, videos, audio and music, documents from Lenovo and other Android mobile phones. Check out this guide to recover deleted photos from Lenovo phone, just as an example.

  • The scanning takes long, any way to speed it up?
  • Try to select only one file type each time. For instance, you can select only Contacts, then scan your Lenovo phone and retrieve only deleted contacts from Lenovo phone to computer. You can also terminate buggy apps on your smartphone to accelerate the scanning process.

  • Do I need to root the phone before I can recover data from it?
  • As mentioned above, the temporary rooting will apply automatically on your phone so as to recover as many files as possible. It is automatic and manual operation required. Only when the Lenovo phone data recovery software failed to root your phone, should you consider to use a third party rooting software.

  • What phone models are supported?
  • There are many different phones and models supported by this Android phone recovery software. For example you can use it to recover data from Lenovo K3, K1, Vibe, Idea Tab, Idea Pad, etc. Here are some phone models we have tested so far, A390, A850, A850+, IdeaPadA10, IdeaTabA1000, IdeaTabA2109A, A3300-GV, A3300-HV, E10310, P780, A750, S850V, S850W, S860t, S900, V603, V605, just to name a few. The fastest way to find out whether your phone is supported or not, is to download the free trial version and give it a short by yourself.