Recover deleted data from Android recycle bin

By default there is no recycle bin or trash can in Android. When you deleted files from Android phone, you can’t find them anywhere on the phone again. You will need to use a third party Android data recovery software to scan your phone’s storage and retrieve those removed files and documents. For example, you can refer to this guide to recover deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy phones and this tutorial shows how you can retrieve deleted photos from Lenovo mobile. In fact, if you use an Android file manager to manage files on mobile phone, the file manager may come with the feature to help you restore deleted files from recycle bin on Android phone. ES file manager is a good example.

We guess you may have already heard of it if you are not a current user. It is so popular in Goolge Play store. This is a great free file manager for Android. It is feature rich will a bunch of useful tools. For example, you can use it to change file extension on Android phone, you can use it to wirelessly send files between mobile phone and your PC or Mac and many more. You can go and get it here now if not yet, we will be waiting for you here. When you are back, you can refer to following steps to learn how you can get back deleted data on Android from its Recycle Bin.

Recover deleted data from Android recycle bin

Run the free Android file manager app on the device. Scroll down to the Tools section, then choose Recycle bin.

open recycle bin on android

If you have deleted files within the file manager, they will be sent to this folder immediately. If you like to completely get rid of those deleted files and documents on Android phone, you need to come here to clear the deleted files or go to clear the junk files from the home page of this file manager. To restore deleted files from recycle bin on Android mobile, long press on the deleted file to select it, then optionally tap to select more files you like to put back. From the bottom of your mobile phone screen, you can see three buttons, they are Delete, Restore and Properties. If you choose Delete, you will completely remove the files from Android phone. In this guide, we are going to recover deleted files from Android, so choose Restore to put back the deleted files to their original folder on Android phone.
restore deleted files from recycle bin on android mobile
Now you know how to get back deleted data from Android from the recycle bin or trash can. This solution however can’t help you restore files that are deleted from other apps on the phone, such as text messages, call history, etc. You need other Android recovery for those file types recovery. Check out this link to recover deleted text messages from Android phone.