Recover deleted data after factory reset – soft vs hard reset

Factory data reset or factory reset on Android mobile phones will erase all content on the phone. We strongly recommend your personal file and documents even apps before you perform factory reset or phone reset. In case of data loss, you can always restore the deleted data from backups created. Sometimes however unexpected phone reset occurs when no backups made. For example, you may accidentally pressed the factory reset button in phone’s settings without realizing you have important data has not been backed up. Your phone may be reset by your kid who kept putting in the wrong pattern or wrong pass code to unlock your phone. Sometimes if you put something else in the same pocket with your mobile phone, it may ‘try’ to unlock your phone accidentally. If this happened several times in a short period of time, the phone may ‘think’ you forgot pin/password/pattern and trying to reset and unlock it. The chance is very slim though.

android phone reset

quotation markIt was so strange the way it happened because when i went into my pocket to get out my phone on the screen it was already asking me to set up the date and time and then to sign into my google account which i did as i thought maybe the phone just restarted in my pocket by accident but then all of a sudden the phone reset everything like it was the first time i got the phone removing everything and the wallpaper and page settings went back to its original style *sigh* very annoying and crazy at the same time how the phone managed to get it self to the factory reset set up screen just by being in my pocket without me even doing anything.


There are different ways you can find back deleted data after factory reset. If you have the backup saved in your Google account, any other cloud storage or your computer such as the Kies backup for Samsung, you can simply restore your phone from these backups. If you performed a soft phone reset from the phone settings, you can refer to this guide to recover deleted data after factory reset. If you perform a hard reset on the Android device by pressing the hardware buttons which will erase the phone, our data recovery software can’t retrieve those deleted data. The hard reset on Android phones will actually delete the old Android system and all personal content saved on the device, you will lost your own files and documents forever after the hard reset unless you have already created backup and saved on an external storage, such as your PC, portable hard drive, etc.


quotation markI made a silly mistake and kept putting in the wrong pattern to unlock my phone because I was half asleep, and the phone has sent me to a backup pin number I don’t remember at all. So now my only option it seems like is to do a factory reset. So if I do what it says above after I factory reset, will I be able to get what all I had on my phone back?


Our mobile phone data recovery software can only recover deleted data that lost due to the accidental software factory reset from your mobile phone settings. See this demo to recover data from Lenovo phone after factory reset. And follow guide reveals all the things you need to know about how to recover deleted data from Samsung phone after factory reset. If your phone is locked and you can access the phone, you want to reset the phone to regain the access to your phone or cancel or bypass the password lock or pattern lock, then you cannot use the above mentioned data recovery solution. Whether you can or can’t recover deleted data from Android mobile phones after factory reset it depends how you reset the phone, soft reset vs hard reset?