Can I recover deleted data from my phone after rooting?

Rooting Android gives smartphone users higher access level to manage their Android devices. Data recovery is a buzzword for mobile phone users. When you deleted data by mistake on your phone and no backup was created, you have to use a data recovery solution to retrieve those deleted files and documents. We have covered this issue a lot in recent articles. For example, you can refer to this guide to retrieve deleted photos and videos from Samsung galaxy phones. As there are a lot of Android devices that are running on numerous custom ROMs in the market, no Android phone data recovery can keep up with the fast changing system. Rooting is the best option to make this Android recovery software work with most Android device and recover as much data as possible. Thus we have the built-in rooting tool to get Android devices rooted automatically before recovering data from them. After data recovery, the software can unroot the Android devices so you do not need to worry about the possible rooting risks. Check out this post and see how you can recover deleted data from Android without rooting. This temporary rooting seems to work well for major Android phones. However still many other Android devices can’t be rooted by this Android data recovery program. Sometimes users still are required to root the phone by themselves.

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But can we recover deleted data from mobile phones after rooting? That’s the question one customer asks, as he is looking for a data recovery solution after factory reset and he is using a phone model which is not natively supported by the Android data recovery software.

quotation mark leftI just tried to download this Dr. Fone on my laptop for my Lenovo S90. I accidentally click the factory reset button and erase all files and data in my phone. I tried to connect my phone and here’s the screen shot says, “currently data recovery from the device can not be supported. If you still want to recover your data, please root your device first.”

What can you recommend to do? How can I root my phone? What are the terms and conditions of rooting my phone? I’m sorry but i have limited knowledge on phones. I really wanted to recover the deleted files in this phone. Hoping for your immediate response.

He also expressed his concern about the rooting and whether he will be able to recover data after rooting or not.

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quotation mark leftIf ever that I rooted my phone, can I recover my files 100% ?

That is a great question. Many people who are not using a popular phone brand or model may encounter the same problem. There are two important requirements should be met in order to make the Android phone recovery software work, allow the software to access your phone’s storage and prevent the deleted data from being overwritten. Prior to scan your phone, you have to enable USB debugging on the phone, and if your phone model is not natively supported, you need to manually root the phone. These activities simply grant the Android mobile data recovery program the permission to your phone’s internal storage. After that the software can scan your phone’s internal memory to search for those deleted and hidden files. You can recover deleted data from Lenovo phone after factory reset. However if the deleted files have been overwritten, you can’t get them back even after rooting the phone. And there is no way to find out whether the deleted data still stays on your phone or not before rooting. There are many activities on the phone can generate new data and may overwrite some or all of those deleted data, such as browsing the web, checking emails, receiving messages, install apps and many others. So if you decide to try your luck, you can get the phone rooted if you get the ‘device can not be supported’ error as shown above. And you have to do it at your own risk.

Sometimes it could be really challenging to restore deleted data without backups from less popular smartphones and models. Can I recover deleted data from my Android phone 100% after rooting? Now I think you have your answer. Hope this Android mobile phone data recovery troubleshooting and tips were helpful. Good luck to the mobile phone data recovery.