Recover deleted iPhone contacts on Mac

The contacts on our iPhone are undoubtedly important to us. We store large numbers of contact information in it, such as name, phones numbers, telephone number, email account, URL, birthday, etc. No one can remember all of these info. It would be a disaster to loss these valuable contacts data on iPhone without backups. If we happened to delete or loss some contacts accidentally, iPhone Data Recovery can help you get them back. This software has two versions, for both Mac and Windows users. We will show you steps to restore contacts on iPhone with the iPhone data recovery software for Mac in this post.

By using this software, we have three methods to restore contacts on iPhone. First of all, you can use this software to scan your iPhone internal storage and recover deleted contacts from iPhone storage directly. This method can help you retrieve those recently deleted or lost iPhone data and files. If the data and documents were deleted long time ago, they might be overwritten by new data saved on the phone. If it is the case, you can use this iPhone file retrieval software to scan your iTunes backup files and extract contacts from iTunes, or use this software to scan your iCloud backup files and restore iPhone contacts from iCloud. Download this iPhone files recovery on to your Mac and follow below instructions to use it to recover lost contacts on iPhone.

Method #1. Recover deleted contacts from iPhone

This method can help you restore contacts on iPhone without any backups. If the contacts you need to retrieve are deleted recently, there is a high chance you can get them back from iPhone’s internal storage directly.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to Mac and scan iPhone

You may download and install the iPhone Data Recovery program to your Mac. Launch it. Click ‘Recover from iOS Device‘. Connect your iPhone to the Mac. Once the connection is done, it will pop up a window with many types of data listed. There are Messages && Attachment, Call History, Notes, Calendar && Reminder, Safari Bookmark, WhatsApp && Attachment, Messengers && Attachment, Photos, Voice Memos, etc. Select all or select Contacts only. You can select several data types together at a time, and then click Start Scan to continue.

connect iphone to mac in iphone data recovery

Step 2. Recover contacts from iPhone

Once the scan is done, the scanned data type with its data will be listed. Click Contacts to search for the deleted contacts, phone numbers, email address and other related data. The contacts data includes Name, Company name, Phone, Email, etc. The deleted contacts data are in red, and the existing contacts data are in black. By using the filter function at the left top of the contacts data, you can choose show all, only show the deleted or only show the existing. Select the contacts data you want to recover, and then click Recover. Do as what the it guides you and you will get the recovered contacts back in a short while. The retrieved iPhone contacts will be saved in CSV file, VCF file and HTML file on your Mac, the same contacts in various file formats for users convenience. If you like to restore contacts on iPhone, you can firstly merge the VCF files on Mac, then follow this tutorial to transfer vCard VCF contacts to iPhone via email or using an iPhone transfer tool to import VCF vCard contacts to iPhone.

recover deleted contacts on iphone using iPhone data recovery mac

Using the above iPhone data recovery, you have three different options to recover deleted contacts on iPhone. The above method allows you to retrieve deleted contacts from iPhone directly without any backups. We will discuss how to get back deleted contacts from iTunes or iCloud backup below.

Method #2. Restore iPhone contacts from iTunes backup

What should we do if the iPhone is broken or sometimes you can not find the deleted contacts data by scan iPhone directly, as the data might have been deleted too long ago and should have been overwritten already. Try this second method instead to recover deleted contacts on iPhone. Of course, the premise is that you have made iTunes backup file before.

Step 1. Scan iTunes backup files

Install and Launch this program iPhone Data Recovery on your Mac. Choose ‘Recover from iTunes backup files‘. Your Mac will search the iTunes backup files on your Mac and list them there for you to choose. Choose the one that you believe includes the contacts data you need, and click Scan.

scan itunes backup files on mac using iphone data recovery

Step 2. Select the contacts data that needs to be recovered

Under this second method, the program will scan the whole backup files, thus all data type will be listed. Just click Contacts under the Messages & Call log section, using filter to find and select the contacts data you want to recover. This program can help you view and extract any iPhone data from iTunes backup on Mac, such as contacts, text messages, photos, calendars, notes and many more.

Step 3. Save iPhone contacts from iTunes to Mac

Click Recover, follow the tips to store the recovered contacts data from iTunes to your Mac. Again the contacts will be exported from iPhone backup and saved as HTML, VCF and CSV formats. You can recover deleted contacts on iPhone using the output VCF or CSV files easily. Scroll up to the method 1 above, we have already showed how contacts in VCF format can be imported to iPhone there. You can also refer to this guide to extract contacts from iTunes backup for more details.

Method #3. Restore iPhone contacts from iCloud

If contacts data that you need to get back is stored in your iCloud backup files, just use this third method directly. You do not need any software in order to retrieve contacts from iCloud. Just access iCloud from the web and download it offline to your computer. You can check out this tutorial to download contacts from iCloud to computer with screenshots and specific instructions or this guide to restore iPhone contacts from iCloud.

iCloud for web allow you restricted access to only part of your backup data on the cloud. Although you can restore iPhone contacts from iCloud, still many more files and documents are not accessible without third party tools. In a related article, we have showed you how to download call history from iCloud to computer. You will find a wide variety of file types can be fetched from iCloud account using the iPhone data recovery tool. You can refer to this link now if interested.

Restore iPhone contacts using a Windows PC

With iPhone Data Recovery, it would be unnecessary for us to worry about losing the contacts any more, as long as we have the iPhone, iTunes backup files, or iCloud backup files. If you are on a Windows computer, you may refer to this guide to recover contacts from iPhone iPad using the iPhone data recovery for Windows.

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