Recover deleted iPhone messages on Mac

The messages on the iPhone include SMS, MMS, iMessage etc. Except text, there are also pictures, voice message, videos, contacts and so forth in the messages received. If we face problems such as system crashing, iPhone broken, iPhone factory setting restore or system upgrading, we might loss these data. How to recover these messages in a simple way? The iPhone Data Recovery for Mac program will be a great helper to solve the problem easily. With this program, we can recover text messages, recover multimedia messages, and recover iMessage. This program will help us recover the data wit only several simple steps easily and quickly.

iPhone Data Recovery offers us three modes to recover messages. The first mode is using this program to scan iPhone directly for the recently deleted and existing messages. The second one is using this software to scan iTunes backup file of iPhone for the data we need. The third mode is to download and scan our iCloud backup file from our iCloud account for the data we need. There are two version of iPhone Data Recovery program, one is for Mac, and other is for Windows. We will talk about the Mac version in this article for example to show the recovery steps. If you are on a PC, you can refer to this guide to retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone.

Mode #1. Recover deleted SMS text messages from iPhone

To get back the recently deleted or lost messages, we can choose this first mode to scan iPhone internal storage directly using iPhone Data Recovery program for Mac and get back lost SMS messages.

Step 1. Download, install and launch the iPhone Data Recovery program

You can download the trial version for free. For Windows users, download and install the windows version. For Mac users, choose the Mac version.

Step 2. Scan iPhone for the deleted text messages needs to be recovered

Click ‘Recover from iOS Device‘, connect your iPhone to your Mac using cable.

connect iphone to mac for iphone SMS recovery

When the iPhone is connected, you will see a window pop up. In this window, there are 15 types of data for you to choose and you are asked to select what you need. You can either select all to review all the data on the iPhone. Or to narrow down the search range, you can select Messages & Attachments under the ‘Deleted Data from the Device‘ section.

select file types to recovery in iphone data recovery for mac

Then click Start. Wait while the program is scanning the selected data on the iPhone. Once the scan is done, click Messages and Messages Attachments to look for the data you need. All the short messages, MMS, iMessage are stored under Messages and Messages Attachments.

Step 3 . Select and recover deleted text messages from iPhone

Under the Messages option, you can read information including Name, Messages content, phone numbers, Dates. The deleted data are in red, and the existing data are in black. There is a filter function for you to separate the deleted and existing parts for your easier finding data.

recover deleted text messages from iPhone using iphone data recovery for mac

Under the Messages Attachment option, you can read information including videos, voice messages, photos, pictures, contacts. The deleted data are marked with dust bin in orange. Select the messages or messages attachment that you want to get back, and then click Recover. Follow the tips, and you will be able to get back the deleted text message, MMS, iMessages.
retrieve deleted iPhone message attachments and files using iPhone data recovery for Mac

Mode #2. Recover iPhone messages from iTunes using iPhone SMS recovery

You can also scan iTunes backup file of iPhone on Mac using iPhone Data Recovery program. If we have lost the iPhone, or the first mode fails to get the lost data we need, try this second mode, using the program to scan your iTunes backup files, view and extract data from there.

Step 1. Scan iTunes backup file using iPhone Data Recovery

Install and Launch the iPhone Data Recovery program on Mac, click ‘Recover from iTunes backup file’, select the backup file that you believe contains the data you need, and then click Start Scan. And the program will start scanning the whole backup file for text messages, contacts, and other data included.

scan itunes backup files on mac using iphone data recovery

Step 2. Select, preview and recover iPhone messages

Once the scan is done, all the 17 data types are listed in the window. This software allows you to open and view iPhone data in iTunes backup file on computer before you extract data to computer or restore backup to iPhone. Select Messages to check text messages, multimedia messages, iMessage. Select Messages Attachments to check the pictures, voice messages, videos, contacts received through iPhone MMS. Under the Messages data type, it shows Name, Phone number, iOS device account number, Data, content. It includes deleted and existing data. The deleted one is in red and the existing data is in black. Use filter to narrow the data searching range. Tick the data you need and then click Recover. Under the Messages Attachment data type, there is no filter function, but you can identify the deleted and the existing by the marks on the pictures or videos. The deleted ones are marked with an orange dust bin. Select the files and attachments received through messages on iPhone which you need and click Recover. Follow the guides that the window pop up and you will be able to get back the data and saved it either to your Mac or to your iPhone.

Mode #3. Download & Recover iPhone text messages from iCloud

Scan iCloud backup file using iPhone Data Recovery program for Mac is another way to recover deleted iPhone text messages. If you do not have iPhone or the text messages you like to retrieve backed up to iTunes and you can’t recover deleted text messages from iPhone directly, you can try this method. We can use this tool to scan iCloud backup files provided you have enabled iCloud backup on iphone, and have iCloud backup files saved in your iCloud account.

Step 1. Scan iCloud backup file and download iPhone messages & data

Install and launch iPhone Data Recovery on Mac. Sign in your iCloud account using your iCloud ID and password. Once you have signed in, choose the backup file and then click Download.

download icloud backups to mac using iphone data recovery for mac

A small window pop up with 15 data types for you to choose. In fact, you can download any iPhone data from iCloud to computer follow this solution. In this guide, we are going to retrieve iPhone messages only, so tick the Messages and the Message Attachments under the Messages and Call logs section. Click Next to start downloading iPhone messages from iCloud to computer.

Step 2. Select and recover iPhone text messages and files.

Click Messages and then select the messages you need on the right side of the window, and then click Recover. Follow the instruction to save the recovered data to your Mac or your iPhone. If you need to recover messages attachments only, click Messages attachments and then select the pictures, videos, voices, contacts on the right, and then click Recover to save them. This iPhone messages recovery solution can not only restore text messages from iCloud to iPhone directly, but even restore iCloud backup content to Android mobile phones. It is the comprehensive data backup, restore, and transfer solution for various mobile phones.

With iPhone, iTunes Backup file, iCloud backup file, a Mac, we can recover iPhone messages easily by using the iPhone data Recovery program for Mac.

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