Recover Deleted iPhone Notes

When you accidentally deleted notes on iPhone or iPad, you can go to restore the notes from iTunes backup or iCloud backup. If you have not enabled iCloud backup or failed to sync your notes from iPhone or iPad to computer in time, you can check your associated email accounts on iPhone iPad. Because you might be able to recover deleted iPhone notes through Gmail, Yahoo mail or other email accounts which account you created your notes under it. Open Notes app on your iPhone, you will firstly find the Accounts list. All email accounts that have enabled notes sync should be displayed there. If you can’t find one notes from one email account, go to another email account, or go to search the All Notes folder. Your default Notes account can be found from Settings >> Notes >> Default Account. You can log on your email account from the web interface and search for the lost notes from there. If still no luck, you need to use a third party data recovery tool for iOS. We have introduced Dr.Fone for iOS in earlier articles. You can use this recovery software to recover iPhone contacts, call history, text messages, notes and many more files and data. In this guide, we will show you how to use it to recover deleted notes on iPhone iPad.

Recover Deleted iPhone Notes

You can go to grab this iOS data recovery tool for iPhone iPad below.

Install and run this recovery software on your PC or Mac. Connect up your iPhone to computer, you will get a screen like below.

ios data recovery tool to scan iphone ipad

Click on Start Scan button, the data recovery application will analyze and scan your iPhone. The scan result will reveal all recoverable data on your iPhone. See screenshot as below.

recover deleted iphone ipad notes

Click on Notes from the left menu. You will open all available notes in the middle column. You can click on each note in the middle and preview it in the right column. To recover delete notes, simply click the Recover button on the bottom right, you can also select and recover certain notes you need. You will be able to recover lost notes from iPhone to computer, or back to the Notes app on iPhone.

recover data to computer or iphone ipad
In this demo, we will export the iPhone contacts to computer. Select ‘Recover to Computer’ option, then a new window pops up, you can specify which folder to save the iPhone iPad notes to. Choose the target folder, then click Recover button. You will export iPhone notes from iPhone to computer.

export iphone ipad notes to computer as html

Your notes will be exported from iPhone or iPad to computer and saved as HTML files on computer. You can use any web browser, like Safari, Chrome, IE, to open and view the iPhone iPad notes in HTML format. Except notes, the iPhone data recovery can also help you recover many other file types. You can refer to below tutorials see how it can help you recover iPhone photos, videos, reminders, WhatsApp messages, contacts, SMS messages and more:

Recover Deleted iPhone Notes from iTunes Backup

Click Recover from iTunes Backup File tab from the home screen of the data recovery tool for iOS. It will automatically search for any iTunes backup files on your computer. Once it is complete, you can find all available iTunes backup files. Select the iPhone or iPad backup files, and click Start Scan button on the right bottom corner, the scan result will look like this:
recover iphone ipad data from itunes backup

Click on the Notes from the left side menu, then you will find all notes displayed in the middle column. You can select any notes to recover to computer or iOS device.

recover iphone ipad notes from itunes backup

Recover Deleted iPhone Notes from iCloud Backup

If you have enabled the iCloud backup on your iPhone, it can automatically backup your notes to iCloud server. You can then use this iOS data recovery program to get back lost or deleted notes for your iPhone or iPad. Switch to ‘Recover from iCloud Backup Files’, you will be prompted to connect to iCloud server using your Apple ID and password.
recover iphone ipad data from icloud backup

Once you are logged in, you can find all iCloud backup files saved in your iCloud account. Click to download any iCloud backup file to your computer. To make the downloading faster, make sure to select only notes, so this iPhone recovery software will only download notes from iCloud to computer.
download icloud backup files to computer
Once you have downloaded notes from iCloud to PC or Mac, you also have the option to restore any or all notes from iCloud backup to iPhone using this iPhone recovery software. It is very easy to follow from there. Now get the data recovery for iPhone and give it a shot by yourself.

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    1. this is because it is the free trial version. you can test it out and make sure it can help you find deleted notes and other data. however in order to recover the lost data, you need to buy the full version.

  1. I have been searching all night to find a way to recover a deleted video from my android phone. Every single link I get on is for this program. So I downloaded the free trial but nothing I do will allow it to see my Android phone. I have been trying for four hours to get it to see my phone and finally ust tried to find another program but this is the only one anyone seems to know about. So far this progam seems like crap to me. What am I missing??

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