Recover Deleted Reminders on iPhone iPad

reminders app for iOSWhen you accidentally deleted reminders on iPhone or iPad, you can go to restore or export iPhone reminders from iTunes or iCloud backup. If you have not enabled iCloud backup and failed to sync your reminders to computer in time, you need to use a professional iOS data recovery tool. We have introduced Dr.Fone for iOS in earlier articles. You can use this iPhone recovery software to recover deleted notes, contacts, call history, text messages, bookmarks, and many more. In this guide, we will show you how to use it to recover iPhone reminders from iPhone/iPad, iTunes backup and iCloud backup.

#1. Recover iPhone Reminders without backup

When you delete files on iPhone, they may not be erased immediately. Instead you only removed its index or path to access them. Thus when you deleted reminders on iPhone, the iPhone reminders you created may still stay on your storage space. To get them back, you need a professional desigend data recovery software. Before we go to recover deleted iPhone reminders, please go to download this iPhone recovery software on to your computer.

Install and run this recovery software on your PC or Mac. Connect up your iPhone to computer via its USB cord, you will get a screen like below.

ios data recovery tool to scan iphone ipad

Click on Start Scan button, the iPhone recovery program will analyze and scan your iPhone. The scan result will list all recoverable files as shown in below screenshot.

recover iphone ipad reminders from ios device

To recover iPhone reminders, Go to the Memos & Others section from the left menu, click to select Reminders. You will open all found Reminders in the middle column. You can click on each Reminder in the middle and preview it in the right column. To recover delete iPhone Reminders, click the check box to select them, then hit the Recover button at the bottom right. You can also right click on the iPhone reminders to select and recover a specific reminder you need. You will be able to export iPhone reminders to computer, or put them back to the Reminders app on iPhone. We recomend you to export iPhone reminders to computer for backup. As we have mentioned above, the deleted iPhone reminders still stay on your phone after deletion. However they have been flagged as deletion, so any new data saved on to your device may overwrite them. Once data overwritting occur, you will lost them forever.

recover data to computer or iphone ipad
In this demo, we will export iPhone Reminders to computer. Select ‘Recover to Computer’ option, then a new window pops up, you can specify which folder to save iPhone Reminders to. Choose the target folder, then click Recover button. You will export iPhone Reminders from iPhone to computer.

export iphone ipad reminders to computer as html

Your Reminders will be exported from iPhone or iPad to computer and saved as HTML files on computer. You can use any web browser, like Safari, Chrome, IE, to open and view the iPhone iPad reminders in HTML format. You can also transfer or share iPhone reminders through email or other tools.

#2. Recover iPhone Reminders from iTunes Backup

Click Recover from iTunes Backup File tab from the home screen of the iPhone recovery. It will automatically search for any iTunes backup files saved on your computer. Once it is complete, you can find all available iTunes backup files. Select the iPhone or iPad backup which contains the deleted reminders you like to retrieve. Click Start Scan button at the right bottom corner to search lost reminders in iTunes backup.
recover iphone ipad data from itunes backup

Click on the Reminders from the left side menu, then you will find all Reminders displayed in the middle column. You can select and recover any iPhone reminders to computer.

recover iphone ipad reminders from itunes backup


#3. Recover iPhone Reminders from iCloud Backup

If you have enabled iCloud backup on iPhone, it can automatically upload your reminders from iOS device to iCloud server. The iPhone recovery program can also recover deleted iPhone reminders from iCloud. Switch to ‘Recover from iCloud Backup Files’, you will be prompted to connect to iCloud server using your Apple ID and password. It is very easy to follow from there.

recover iphone ipad data from icloud backup

Now you know the tips and tricks to recover iPhone reminders from your iOS devices, iTunes and iCloud, with or without backups. The iPhone recovery is an all-in-one data recovery software which is so powerful to recover many other deleted files from your iPhone or iPad, such as videos, photos, SMS messages, call history, contacts, and so on. Check out below guides for the details:

Now go to download the iPhone recovery program and recover iPhone reminders you have lost. If you still have problems about reminders recovery from iPhone, iPad, iTune or iCloud. Do not hesitate to leave us a message below.

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