How to recover deleted photos and videos from Lenovo phones?

Sometimes Lenovo users may lose their important files on their mobile phone, such as photos, messages, contacts. Can I recover data lost on a Lenovo phone? If you are looking for a way to recover any of the lost data, you are at the right place. Lenovo is a great band. They make good hardware like smartphones and computers. Many people choose Lenovo cell phones for the best price-value benefit. If your smartphone is one of the Lenovo Android family and you have accidentally deleted some important photos, videos or other files, or lost the data that you can not afford to lose unexpectedly due to other reasons, like phone reset, Micro SD formatting, virus affection, you can follow the instructions below to get them back.

lenovo cellphone data recovery

When files deleted from your Lenovo cell phone, they will not be erased completely from your storage. Only the status of the data changed. They become invisible to your regular file apps or readers. For example, if you deleted photos from phone, you can’t find them using the Gallery app or Photos app for mobile. These deleted files are still saved on your device, but they become rewritable. They can be overwritten by any new files or data to be saved. Right before that happens, you still have the last chance to retrieve the deleted photos, videos, message and so on. In this article, we will be using an Android recovery software to help you get back lost photos and videos from Lenovo smartphones. Other files like messages, music, contacts, WhatsApp data can also be recoverred following below instructions. The photo recovery for phone works with almost all popular Lenovo mobiles, like Lenovo A820, Lenovo A880, Lenovo A850+, Lenovo A850 3G, Lenovo Vibe Z K910, Lenovo S8 S898+, Lenovo P780, and many more.

How to recover deleted photos and videos from Lenovo phones?

Step 1. Connect your Lenovo phone to computer

You do not need to take out its SD card, simply connect your Lenovo mobile phone with its memory card inside to the computer through USB data cord. This file recovery program can retrieve data from both SD card and your phone’s internal memory.

Lenovo photo recovery software

If you have not enabled USB debugging on Lenovo smartphone, you will be prompted to turn it on. So just follow on-screen tips to continue to photo & video recovery below.


  • You do not have to root your phone manually in order to use this data recovery to retrieve files from Lenovo Android smart phones. This recovery application will root your device before recovery and remove root after recovery automatically.
  • You do not need to unlock your phone if your Lenovo phone is locked and screen on the phone is broken, so you can’t unlock it. The photo recovery for Android can still work.
  • If your phone screen was broken, USB debugging was disabled and you can’t access to the phone to turn it on, you can pop out the SD card and follow this tutorial to recover photos, videos, music and files from Micro SD cards.

Step 2. Scan Lenovo cellphone for lost photos and videos

Run the phone recovery tool on your PC, it will detect your connected Lenovo mobile phone automatically. Before you start searching deleted files on Lenovo phones, we highly recommend you to tweak the settings as following to ensure faster recovery with higher success rate.

Narrow down the search to Gallery and Videos only

Enable the photos and videos scanning, disable searching for other file types like contacts, text messages, audio files, documents, WhatsApp message and attachments, this can greatly save your time.

Under certain circumstances, you may delete or lost all valuable information on the phone, such as phone reset. So you can enable multiple or all data recovery, check out more details about how to recovery phone data after factory reset here.

enable photos videos recovery from Lenovo smartphones

Step 3. preview and recover lost photos & videos from Lenovo to computer

After the scanning, the photo recovery software will display all found photos and videos in the result page where you can select to preview and recover any photos or videos from Lenovo phone to computer. The photos and videos will be recovered from Lenovo phone to your computer hard drive. After that you can transfer the photos and videos from computer to your Android phone if like.

recover photos & videos from Lenovo phones to computer

Lenovo Photo & Video Recovery – YouTube video

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This is an all-in-one Android data recovery solution. It is so powerful to recover not only deleted, formatted photos or videos from Lenovo, but many more files from other Android powered smartphones. You will not know how it can help, until you try. If you lost files on Android without backups, you should stop using your phone immediately and use this tool to find back your valuable data from mobile phones. To explore more features of the recovery tool, you can download it on to your Windows or Mac computer or check out more guides below:

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  1. Dear Matt,

    I have Lenovo A6000, and has lost some of my important Whatsapp Chat. I accidentally Blocked the friend which I didn’t saved in my contact yet . I have restored the Whatsapp but it is not showing the chats and number also . what can be done.

    1. I’m have Lenovo a6000 plus
      Using applock in internal storage
      My personal photos videos all in applock
      Internal storage is full so
      I open misc calculation then delete some folders unfortunately my applock photos videos all deleted
      How can recover please guide me all important photo of memories my family passout out members photo all deleted
      I feel sooooooooooo sad pls consider this message I want all the photos

  2. ystrdy night i was tranferrng d potos to separate folders nd wen i c today nearly 4 folders are not there…i hv some important pics so that i want to recover it back so please help me. i m using lenovo vibe k5 note with 24 gb internal memory.

    1. you can download the free trial version of the above data recovery software on to your computer, and follow above steps to scan your phone see if any lost data can still be found.

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