Samsung Galaxy phones, like S7, S6, S6 Edge, S5, S4 are the flagship smartphones by Samsung. They are the premium Android phones favored by a lot of users. You can use Samsung smartphones to take photos with excellent quality. You may have to delete duplicate photos or those pictures and videos you do not like from time to time in order to free up more space on cell phone. Alternatively you can transfer the photos and videos captured on Samsung Galaxy phones to an external storage or a computer for backup. So if you accidentally delete wrong the photos or videos from Samsung Galaxy phones, is it possible to get them back provided you do not have a backup anywhere? In this article, we will be using a Samsung Galaxy phone in the demo to show you how to recover deleted photos and videos from Samsung Galaxy phones and even more Android powered phones, notably LG, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, etc.

dr.fone for android boxWhen photos, videos, or other files are deleted from Samsung mobile phone, the data itself will NOT be erased from the phone’s memory immediately. The deleted videos and photos will be saved in its Internal Memory or Memory before they’re overwritten by new files. So you just need a recovery tool to restore the data from the mobile phone memory, you still can recover them before they’re overwritten by new files and completely removed from your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Now a data recovery tool comes to help. We recommend this Android mobile data recovery software, the best-in-class phone recovery developed from a famous brand in multimedia utilities and tools developing industry. This can ensure you get the quality software tools and better customer service. This data recover tool for Android mobile and tablets lets you directly scan your Samsung phones to retrieve deleted video and photos from Samsung mobile phone. This data recovery application is also powerful enough to help you get back other data, files and documents, like messages, contacts, etc.

Recent phone models supported:
With every software upgrade, we can see more phone models are supported. Here are some of the latest Samsung phone and note models supported.

  • Galaxy S6 models: SM-N920C,SM-N920G,SM-N920I,SM-G9208,SM-N920S,SM-N920W8, SM-N920T,SM-G920I,SM-G920L,SM-G920R4, SM-G925I.
  • Galaxy S6 Edge models: SM-G925L, SM-G925P, SM-G925S, SM-G9280, SM-G9287, SM-G9287C, SM-G928G.
  • Galaxy S7 models: SM-G930S, SM-G930L, SM-G930F, SM-G930W8, SM-G935F, SM-G935T, SM-G935X.
  • Galaxy Note 5 models: SM-N920L, SM-N920P.
    • Note: supported device models include but not limited to above listed.

How to recover deleted Photos and Videos from Samsung mobile phone?

Before we go to recover deleted photos and videos from Samsung mobile phone, please go to download the data recovery tool for Android here. It is free to download and try.

Note that this Samsung Galaxy Photo Recovery software is a desktop program works on almost all Windows PC and OS, like Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2000. Also before we go to recovery lost or deleted files, the photos and videos in this case, we highly recommend you not to take any new photos or videos to avoid data overwriting on Samsung Galaxy mobile phones.

Step 1: Connect Samsung Galaxy to Computer

Run this Android mobile recovery, you will get a screen like below.

samsung photo recovery software

Step 2. Turn on USB debugging mode on Samsung Galaxy mobile

Follow the on-screen tips or this guide to turn on USB debugging mode on Samsung mobile phone.

enable usb debugging for android data recovery

Step 3: Scan your Samsung Galaxy phone storage

When you plug in your Samsung phone to the computer via USB cable, the Android data recovery software will automatically detect your device. If the required driver for your Samsung mobile phone not found on your computer, this Android phone data recovery application will automatically find and install the driver for you. Allow this data recovery for Android quickly analyze your Samsung mobile phone. Once the device analysis completes, the data recovery tool will scan your Samsung smartphone.

Make sure you have more than 20% battery on your mobile phone before you go to scan your device. To make the scan faster, you will have a chance to narrow down the search or lost photos and videos by selecting certain file types. In this case, we can choose Gallery and Videos to scan and recover, while deselect other options like Contacts, Messaging, Call history, WhatsApp messages and documents, etc.

select and recover photos videos from samsung phones

Step 4: Preview and recover photos and videos from Samsung mobile

It takes time to finish the scan of your Samsung Galaxy phone depending on how large is your storage and its usage. Photos and videos captured on Samsung mobile phone are stored either on its internal memory or SD card. In order to find your deleted files on Samsung Galaxy phone, the data recovery utility will have to scan all your storage and data on the smartphone.

recover photos from samsung mobile phone

The scan result will be organized into different groups or sections in the left column. To restore deleted photos on Samsung mobile phone, click the Gallery from the menu on the left column, then all photos will be listed on the right column. You can preview all found photos and videos on your Samsung mobile in thumbnails, choose those you want to restore and click Recover button on the bottom right corner to export them from Samsung mobile phone memory or SD card to computer. Click the Videos category from the left menu, and then click the Recover button to export videos from Samsung to computer.
recover videos from samsung smart phone

You can recover checked photos and videos, or highlighted photos and videos, you can recover certain selected files or recover all files in a batch. The lost photos and videos will be extracted from Samsung Galaxy phone to your computer. If like, you can also put them back on to your phone.

Recover other data from more devices

Except photos and videos restore, you can also restore other deleted data to your Samsung mobile phone device, such as contacts, text messages, WhatsApp messages and so on. Check out below guides for more. Check out this tutorial to recover deleted Text Messages from Samsung mobile phones and this guide to retrieve deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android phones. This mobile phone recovery also supports other Android phones and tablets too, like HTC, LG, Motorola Nexus, Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, etc.

Samsung Galaxy mobile Photo Recovery Troubleshooting

1). Please make sure to download the latest version of the data recovery program.
2). Activate the Advanced storage and scanning mode other than the normal mode, go back and refer to Step 3 above for more details.
3). Have USB debugging enabled on your mobile phone.
4). Please keep your device active during the recovery process.
5). Disconnect and Re-plugin your USB data cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 to computer.
6). Pop out the MicroSD card from your phone, connect it to computer via a SD card reader or adapter, then use a built-in tool with this Android data recovery software, named Android SD Card data recovery, to recover deleted photos, videos, music and more files from MicroSD card.
7). Make sure the right driver installed in your PC. Here is a link to find the right driver of your device:
8). Dr.Fone for Android works best on rooted Android phones. So if it can not read your phone or recover deleted photos or videos, you may consider rooting your phone.
9). Check out this Android data recovery guide for more FAQs, step-by-step tutorials tips, tricks.

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from Samsung Galaxy Phones – Youtube Video Demo

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162 thoughts on “Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from Samsung Galaxy Phones

  1. Rhianna

    Hi Matt
    I was transferring photos from my phone to computer and accidently deleted all the files from my phone. I’ve tried to recover them through drfone but it would then tell me the device wasn’t rooted. Is there any chance that i can get them back or are they gone for good?

    • Matt

      the recovery software has the built-in root tool to get android devices rooted before recovery. this tool however may fail to root certain devices. in this case, you can use a third party root software to get the device rooted before using our data recovery software to retrieve lost data from it. sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  2. Ali

    My Samsung S5 has deleted EVERYTHING earlier today including my camera my gallery (and all my photos) and ALL my applicataions.

    PLEASE HELP ME RESTORE MY PHONE TO ITS PREVIOUS STATUS! I will die if you say I have lost everything.

    • Matt

      you should minimize the use of the phone, especially avoid saving new data, as this will overwrite those deleted data. then download above Android phone data recovery software on to a PC or Mac computer, turn on USB debugging on your phone, connect your phone to computer and run the data recovery software to scan your phone see if those deleted data can still be found.

    • Will

      It’s not free. You have to pay at the end of a long drawn out process, otherwise you can see but not recover the files. For the most part, and for most files lost, not worth the money.

  3. Karen


    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and when I first launched the software it crashed during scanning a couple of times. Now it won’t get past analyzing device (but it was working when I went through it earlier). My phone restarts at 33% every time and then it goes through the rest of the analysis and doesn’t work which is strange because it was before. I have tried several times now.. what can I do?

    • Matt

      since the recovery software worked with your phone before, your phone should be natively supported. did you do anything on the phone that may cause the phone recovery software to stop working, such as new apps installing, phone system upgrade, new phone management software on the computer? you can try below steps see if any help:
      1. close the data recovery software on your computer and other phone management software on your computer;
      2. disconnect your phone from computer, close unnecessary apps on the phone, then reconnect the phone to computer;
      3. run the data recovery software to scan your phone again see if any update.
      Also please minimize the use of the phone for saving new data, downloading files, installing apps, upgrading system, browsing the web, etc. These activities can lead to data overwriting which will lose the permanent loss of the deleted data on the phone.
      If you tried above steps but still no luck, please send us the log files so our technician can look into this issue further and provide more specific instructions. see how to sub logs as shown in this screenshot.

  4. mohamadreza

    hi matt
    my phone modle is samsung galaxy note 4 sm-n910c with android 6
    when sotware check my phone i face to this erorr
    Instalation block
    tenorshareandroid data recovery service …..
    please guide me
    my email adress is

  5. brandon

    i want to spend the time just to say how much i hate this app. they make me spend like an hour downloading it, analizing my phone and all that crap then at the end they wait to tell me i need to pay like $50 to get my data back.

  6. Michael

    Hello, Matt, my mobile phone is Samsung S6 SM-G9200. I want to recover a video which is very important for me. However, the Dr. Fone version 6.0.3 just stuck at 90% and do not move anymore. Could you please kindly help? Thank you very much!

    • Matt

      We have tested the android phone recovery with this Samsung phone model which is running on with Android 4.4.2. it seems to be working fine.
      Are you running another more recent Android version on the phone? Have you tried to disconnect the phone from USB, then reconnect, restart the recovery software, then scan the phone again? Sometimes it may not work in one go but another. Give it another try see if any luck.
      If the problem persist, you can also try to use a third party root software to root your phone first. For example, you can find some rooting software here. This mobile phone recovery software works better with rooted phones. Try to use a rooting software on computer other than a rooting app on the phone, so as to avoid data overwriting on the phone.
      If you can’t root the phone, do not want to root the phone, or the issue persist, you can submit the log files to our support team, see this screenshot.

  7. Michael

    My phone model is S6. It keeps stucking at 90% for nearly 2 hours. Please kindly help.

  8. Kapil

    Dear Matt..
    I have Samsung galaxy core 2 set , I m trying to upper side given Dr.fone to use but data is not Recover So pls give me soluction ASP..

    • Matt

      Can you please provide us the specific phone model number and android version?
      Do you get any error when using this software to scan the phone or recover data from it?

  9. Arlene Sorkin

    I followed all the directions and my screen now says Analyzing device…Device is restarting and it has been buffering at 90% for 2 hours. Is it stuck? What can I do?

    • Matt

      what’s your phone model number and android version please? You can try to close the Android recovery software, disconnect and reconnect your phone through USB, then start over again see if any update. You can also find more tips here.

  10. amar soni

    i have note 3 and 5.0 can it apply on my mobile…..?

    • Matt

      what’s the specific phone model number please?
      You can also download the free trial version on to your PC or Mac, then use it to scan your mobile device see if any help.

  11. Woody Allen

    hi Matt , please help me, I deleted 8 videos from one year ago, can i get back my videos ??????

    • Matt

      The chance is slim since the videos were deleted long ago, many new files and data should have been saved on your phone in the past year. Any time you save new data on the phone, this may overwrite those deleted files. The above media file recovery solution is ideal for recently deleted photos and videos recovery. If the videos are important to you, it is still worth a try. You can download the free trial version on to your computer, connect up your phone to computer via USB, then run the recovery software to scan your phone see if any luck.

  12. Suellen

    I have lost everything after doing a factory reset. I am trying to use your program but it only found what is on the sd card. Have tried restoring but is only restoring to factory settings.
    Can i still get photos back? I have 500 of them but is only ahowing up the 22 on the sd card. It shows up email contacys but no phone contacts. Am desperate.

    • Matt

      it seems your deleted data has been overwritten by new data. thus the recovery software can’t find or recover them.
      Have you synced the contacts to your email account? You can also log on your email account from a web browser on computer to see if you can find any contacts from there.

  13. nathan

    hi my phone is frozen on your dr fone recovering screen and will not do anything other than turn off and then back on to the same screen please help

    • Matt

      it seems your phone model is not supported. What’s the specific phone model number and Android version please?

  14. ali

    thanks for your help really appreciate your help
    htc 6435lvw
    android version 4.4.2

    • Matt

      This software has been tested to be working with HTC 6435LVW which is running on Android 4.0.3, 4.1.1, 4.2.2. We have not tested it with your Android version yet. You can download the free trial version and may give it a shot by yourself. Sometimes however it may work with one phone but not another even though they are the same model. Also if the phone model is not supported yet, you can use a third party rooting software to root the phone, then use our data recovery software to recover data from it.

  15. Natalie

    Hi, I purchased your service but it is stuck in the “Identify your device” stage at 36% for the past hour. Is this normal? I urgently need to retrieve my photos, please help.

    • Matt

      What’s your phone model number and Android version please?
      You can refer to this troubleshooting page see if any help. If still no luck, you may need to root the phone using a third party rooting software on a computer. You can find some desktop phone rooting software here.

  16. ali

    can this work too for htc droid butter fly after factory reset to recover photos and videos

    • Matt

      can you please provide us the specific phone model number and Android version?
      Based on our test, it works with HTC Butterfly s_901s with Android 4.0.3.

  17. Tonnie

    I have a samsung galaxy s5. While transferring some files the pictures and videos did not transfer and were deleted off my phone. Its an entire year of pictures of my girls. I can get all the way through step 3 but after it reaches 100% it says that my phone failed to root. It gives me a link to read about rooting but links me to a screen that is irrelevant. Can you help me? I really need to figure this out. My husband and I are on vacation now and I can’t take pictures without fear of overwriting the deleted photos and videos…
    I need to know what I can do to recovery them.

    • Matt

      This software support many Galaxy S5 models natively, so you do not need to root the phone using third party apps. For example, it works with S5 models like SM-G900W, SM-G900, SM-G9006V, SM-G9008V, SM-G9009D, SM-G9009W,SM-G900F/T/I/M/P/W8 , just to name a few. If you have updated the Android version, or sometimes your personal configurations may prevent the software from being working normally.

      You can firstly try these troubleshooting tips. If still no luck, you may consider to root your phone. Note that by rooting you may void your warranty. Some users with a new phone may not want to do this. there are mainly two ways you can root the phone: 1) using a rooting software on PC, 2) using a root app on Android. You should try to root the phone from PC, so as to avoid data overwriting. See this guide to root android phones. You can find different third party software from this link. Only when you can’t root the phone from PC, should you consider to root it from the phone itself. Also make sure to use a tiny or compact root app if you have to do so.

  18. Chad

    Has there been a new version released since October 12 2015. This is the last time I downloaded the software. Was not working on a S6 with latest Android. Phone would not one time root. has this problem been addressed yet?

    • Matt

      sorry for the inconvenience caused. S6 is still not natively supported. For now, you need to use a third party root software before using our data recovery program to scan S6 and recover data from it.

  19. jeremy

    I tried the free trial but it was unable to see my phone.any help

    • Matt

      What’s your phone model number and Android version please? Can you see any prompt or error message in the mobile phone recovery software?

  20. Sandie

    Matt…….I need help from someone to recover my photos. I only know enough to be dangerous. If I take my phone to the Verizon store will they be able to help me? I also have a work conflict. My photos were erased on Friday night. If I can’t take my phone until Sunday will it be too late?

    • Matt

      It is hard to say if it would be too late or not. Sometimes you can even recover files deleted several months ago but not those recently deleted data. You should minimize the use of your phone after data loss, so as to reduce the chance of data overwriting. Some activities, such as installing apps, downloading/taking photos and videos will eat up a lot of storage space and they may overwrite your deleted photos easily.

  21. Luis

    Need help. I get to the part where it says Analyzing device but it never gets past that and just keeps sending me back to the main page. What am I doing wrong? I just really need to get my contacts and internet bookmarks back that for whatever reason my phone didn’t backup and restore at all. Please help.

    • Matt

      what’s the specific phone model number and android version of your phone please?
      The current version of this mobile phone data recovery can retrieve deleted contacts, text messages, whatsapp messages, photos, videos, documents, music. It does not support internet bookmarks or browser bookmarks recovery at this moment.
      You can try:
      1. restart the cell phone data recovery software on your computer;
      2. disconnect and reconnect your phone to computer via USB;
      3. unlock your phone and keep it active during the whole data recovery process (analyze device, scan device, recover data,….)
      4. see more troubleshooting tips from this link.

  22. Jamie

    I tried to recover lost video’s last night and I got to the spot where you can click on the gallery and video and my photo would restart it self and everything would stop and send me back to the main screen on my computer…What should I do???

    • Matt

      what’s the specific phone model number and android version on your phone please?

  23. Alex

    I have a full version since July still haven’t recover anything from my Galaxy Note 4. when will they test my model of phone? I’ve subscribe to this so I know all the reply to all who inquire similar answers. Does this really works? or people just mislead to buy full version? If my post not approved to be red by everyone I know something is fishy!!! I need answers please!!!

    • Matt

      can you please send in the log file and database file of the data recovery software? See how to do that from this screenshot.
      Please include your email when sending us the log files so our engineers can get back to you.
      After sending the log, please also send me an email from the email address you used for sending this feedback information, so i can keep you posted with the latest updates as well.

  24. CY

    what if my phone already done factory reset , did this software help to recover back my phone internal memory, for example: photo, message, and etc.

    • Matt

      If you did factory reset from your phone settings, you still have the chance to get deleted data back. we have this issue discussed in this tutorial to recover deleted data after factory reset. You can follow above outlined steps to use the recovery software to scan your phone internal memory and retrieve data from it; however if you did a hard reset on the phone by pressing the hardware buttons, currently out data recovery software can’t help you recover data after that.
      Photos, videos, text messages, whatsapp messages, call history, music and documents are supported file types by the android phone recovery solution.

  25. Chad

    I have tried this multiple times on a S6 with the latest version of Android. I have read multiple people having the same problems that the phone wont one time root nor will the back up process work. When will the next version be out and do you think it will address this issue.

    • Matt

      Our engineers are already working on this issue. we will improve the data recovery performance for Galaxy S6 and latest Android 5.x. However at this point we do not have an exact ETA of the next release.
      Currently the workaround is to root S6 using a third party tool, then use our recovery software to retrieve data from it. you can find more data recovery tips here.
      sorry for the inconvenience.

  26. Mark

    Hi Matt, I purchased the full version of your software, it has found my deleted videos on my Samsung S4 GT-I9507 4.4.2, baseband version I9507XXUFOA1 (I do not have an SD card installed) but I cannot open them on my laptop. I have downloaded K Lite but still cannot open the files, it just says “cannot render the file”. Please help these are very important videos.

    • Matt

      Hi Mark,
      It might or might not be a codec issue, it is difficult to tell. Can you please provide us some properties info of the video, like video resolution, size, file extension? If possible, send us some videos probably the bigger ones, so we can double check for you.
      Sometimes media files, like videos and photos, may be partially overwritten by new data saved on to the phone. Thus the recovered image or video file may suffer quality loss or even get corrupted. Luckily, there are some file repair tools that might be able to help repair corrupted image or video files.
      In this case, you can try to enable advanced scanning mode within the mobile phone recovery software which is more powerful to recover more lost data. If no luck, still can’t play the recovered media, you may need to find a media repair tool.
      sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  27. sherifa

    Yes I was very close to the end of the process to recover the items I wanted I’m going to try it now again and see how best this works this time and send u. Copy if the error comes up again

    • Matt

      Hi Sherifa,
      Sorry for the late response.
      We have just released a new version (Version 5.4 for windows). You can uninstall the current version from your PC or Mac, download and try the latest version from above guide see if any help.

  28. sherifa

    y am I getting a error sheet report after I reached the part that you choose what you want to recover what u want when I click it off it closed the entire page off, why is this happening why am I getting and error sheet I need help

    • Matt

      Can you please provide us the specific error message or better capture the screen and send us the screenshot through email?
      you can find our email address at the very top of this page.

      • sherifa

        Yes I’ll do just that even tho I kinda gave up .

        • Matt

          Please do. From your last feedback, it seems to error out at the last step which you can preview & restore data. If so you are quite close to success.

  29. Lauren

    my Samsung Galaxy s4 did a manufacture reset, Verizon had told me that all my data was backed up, it wasn’t. I have lost all the photos for the last 3 years. I have tried to use your trial version but it keeps telling me that I need to root my phone, but my phone will not root, I have tried to root it with a pc and without. I don’t know what else to do. I know you said that this doesn’t require you to root your phone, but I can’t get past that point or get my phone to root.

    • Matt

      Normally you do not need to manually root the phone as this Android data recovery software can automatically root your phone prior to scan phone’s internal memory. It will also unroot your phone to unrooted status when the recovery finishes.
      There are many reasons can cause the rooting not to work properly. It depends on your firmware version, hardware, carrier, OEM patching, system updates and so on. For now, you can try to root the phone from a computer using other rooting software. Do NOT install a rooting app on to your phone or save any new data on the phone, as any new data to be saved might overwrite those deleted files. You will not be able to recover them when they have been overwritten.
      Here are some free rooting software and solutions you can try if not yet. Again make sure to root the phone from a computer other than using a rooting app.

      • CY

        Matt, the “any new data” you mentioned, it’s mean the new google acc id? or what kind of data you mean?

        • Matt

          It can be any data you save to the phone, such as new contact, new text messages, new email, new files received, browser data, new apps installations, new file downloading, etc.
          it is because when you deleted photos or other files on Android phone, these deleted files will be flagged as deletion so new data to be saved on the phone can overwrite those deleted data before being saved on the phone. If a deleted file was overwritten by new data, you will not be able to get it back, if the file was partially overwritten, you may recover a corrupted file.

  30. Blackburn

    this app is being blocked for hacking

    • Matt

      Which software on your computer block this Android recovery? Can you please send us some screenshot through email to illustrate the issue?

  31. kartik sharma

    hi matt i m using ur trial version and i have samsung galaxy core, i m facing problem during scan, i m facing two error during scan 1. device mode verification unsuccessfull 2. Analyzing device failed or trying alternative is also failed. pls help me

  32. Christina Valdez

    It has been 1.5 hours that it’s been stuck at 70% on “scanning phone,” and not moving. I’m worried that new data will erase the texts that I’m hoping to restore after all this time (because I lost my texts last night). Please help me move this forward. I have a galaxy s5

  33. Can

    It keeps getting stuck at %22 in the scanning phase. I tried multiple times and it gets stuck everytime. It doesnt show any of the pics either. My phone is galaxy s4 and android 4.4.2.

    • Matt

      Hi Can,
      Can you please provide us the specific phone model? Samsung Galaxy S4 has many different models, such as SCH-I545, SCH-I545L, SGH-I337, etc.
      Do you have external SD card installed? If so, you can try to uninstall SD card and only scan your phone’s internal storage see if any update.
      Also the following guide offers many troubleshooting tips,
      Please double check and do not hesitate to write back if any further questions.

  34. Alex

    Your software is bugged, keeps geting stuck at the 90% mark when scanning. Tried everything nothing works. POS.

    • Matt

      What’s your phone model and Android version please?
      Can you please confirm whether it gets stuck when Analyzing device or Scanning device? Alternatively you can also send us a screenshot through email.

  35. Shani

    Hi Matt, I have a new Samsung alpha SM_G850W, I’ve been asked to update my software and when I did my phone got totally reset, I needed to registered to all the apps again, to arrange my icons and all my data including pictures and videos was deleted. I am trying to use the Dr. fone and it get stuck on the “analyze device – device is restarting” at 90%, I’ve tried to do it a few times, restarting my phone and downloading the newest dr. fone version but nothing works. What should I do?

    • Matt

      Hi Shani,
      Thanks for your feedback.
      Unfortunately, this phone model is not supported by the current version of this mobile phone recovery. Thus it may fail to recognize your phone or find lost data on it.

      • Anand Khandelwal

        Hi Matt,
        I am having the same problem. My mobile is Samsung GT-S5282, is this model supported?

        • Matt

          Samsung GT-S5282 is supported. We have tested the mobile phone recovery software to be working well for Samsung GT-S5282 which is running on Android 4.1.2, 4.2.1, 4.4.2.
          If it does not work with your device, please specify the problem here or write to us through email. You can also refer to this troubleshooting page.

  36. John

    Using latest software..
    Samsung Galaxy S5
    Model: SM-G9001
    Doesn’t recognise device model..
    Analyse fails..
    Trying alternate option fails..
    I have had the program work before without root just can’t figure out why it’s not now…
    Have tried multiple times.
    Any suggestions besides rooting?

    • Matt

      It happens sometimes. You can try below tips:
      1. Close the phone recovery software, restart it again see if any help.
      2. disable & re-enable USB debugging on your phone;
      3. disconnect and reconnect your phone through USB;
      4. close phone management related software on PC, related app on your phone;
      You can find more tips from this link.

  37. Barbara

    HELP!!! Its STUCK on analyzing phone!! 0% and just keeps spinning.

    • Matt


      What’s your phone model please?

      Please try follow tips see if any help:
      1. disable & re-enable USB debugging on your phone;
      2. restart phone recovery software on your PC;
      3. disconnect & re-connect your phone through USB data cord;
      4. close phone management and related software on PC, related apps on mobile.

      You can refer to this page for more troubleshooting tips.

  38. Chris

    Does this not work for HTC ONE M8?
    It keeps saying
    “device mode verification is unsuccessfully”

    • Matt

      It works for HTC One M8 as well.
      This “Device Mode Verification unsuccessfully” does not mean it can’t recover data from your phone.

      This could be a temporary issue. Sometimes you just need to close the Android recovery, restart the program and give it another try, it may go through. Also during the analyzing process, the program may install required drivers and restart your device in order to proceed. Also disconnect your phone from USB port, then reconnect the phone may also be helpful. You can find more tips and tricks from this Android data recovery guide.

  39. Water

    Would running the Dr. Fone root my phone temporily?

    • Matt

      Yes. This is the new feature recently added to this Android recovery software, by doing so you will be able to recover more lost data from the phone.

  40. Marisol

    Dear Matt,

    I tried downloading the free trial version of Dr.Fone to my Samsung Galaxy S5 but when I try to open this file it says “cannot open file”.

    Please help!



    • Matt

      Dear Marisol,
      Did you download the software on a mobile device? This is a desktop software for Windows and Mac computers. So you have to install it on your computer other than mobile phone.

  41. martin

    I downloaded the free version then purchased the full version but when its scanning my s5 it gets to 3% and then a message pops up saying it needs to be shut down as it has stopped working! Any ideas or help would be welcome and appreciated..thanks

  42. Adam

    my phone won’t turn on now. software has bricked my phone.. 3 hours now and software still waiting to scann phone is off. What do I do?

    • Adam

      All fixed. disconected and reconnected and software works well. Good job!

      • Matt

        Thanks for the update.
        I am glad to know you have fixed the issue and the software works well.

  43. Georges

    Hello to everybody ! I bought the dr fone for android yesterday and y am not able to scan my Samsung S4 GT 19505 at the moment. The Analys already failed, than the alternate analys stopps at 90%. The programm is still running since 10 hours. Please can you help me? Many thanks!!

    • Matt

      The Android data recovery is compatible with GT-I9505. What’s the Android version are you running on the mobile phone? Have you rooted the phone?

  44. Subhadip Nandi

    I am using LENOVO s650. I have accidentally deleted some photos and important videos…I am trying to fix with dr.fone but it is struk @ 90%, what am I supposed to do now ???

  45. John

    Hello I’ve been trying this for ages but cant get it to work. I get the device mode verification is unsuccessful and the programs goes to trying alternatives and keeps rebooting my phone. Eventually the trying alternatives process seems to be stuck at 90% without further progress. Also, even though I selected gallery and videos option, I do not get the scanning option.
    Samsung Galaxy S4(GT-I9505) Android 4.4.2.

    • Matt

      Hello John,

      Thanks for your message.
      Samsung Galaxy S4(GT-I9505) is a supported model. When you enabled selected gallery and videos recovery options, you will be prompted to select the scanning options (standard mode vs advanced mode) before scannign your phone. It seems you are using an old version of the phone recovery software. You can try to uninstall the current verison on your PC, download and install the latest version from this link

      If the problem persists, you may refer to the troubleshooting tips in this guide:

      Good luck.

  46. Vincent

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I tried to insert my sim card into other phone and all the contacts are still there. I think the problem is with the custom rom, I will figure out by myself. Thank you very much for your help Matt. =)


    • Matt

      Hi Vincent,
      You are most welcome.
      I am glad to know you have found all the contacts from your sim card.
      Thanks for the update.

      Best regards,

  47. vincent


    I’m using Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 and I had rooted my device with a custom rom flashed. I was trying to recover my contacts in my simcard. Previously I imported all my contacts from simcard into my device, then due to the custom is too lag, I factory reset my device(all contacts in my device should be gone) and re-flashed another custom rom. After that, I tried to import all my contacts from my simcard again since all the contacts in my device is gone. But this time I found that all the contacts in my simcard are gone(I don’t know whether importing contacts from simcard to device will remove the contacts in simcard). So I’m trying to recover my simcard contacts by using Dr.Fone.

    Everything works fine until the “Analyzing Device” part. It says that “Analyzing device failed, trying alternatives” and stuck at 90% of “Trying the alternatives”. Is there anything that I had done wrong? or it needs a long time for this?

    Any solution for this situation?


    • Matt

      Hi Vincent,

      I have tried to import contacts from SIM card to phone and found this will not delete the contacts from sim card. As I am using a different Samsung phone model, I can’t guarantee it will work the same on your phone model. But I also found a similar Android guide on the web, saying
      that importing contacts from sim card to Samsung galaxy s3 will not delete the contacts from SIM card. After importing from SIM card to phone, the contacts will be saved on both the phone & the sim card. So I think you can double check see if the contacts can still be found in your SIM card. You can shut down your Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003, pop out the sim card, then insert it into the same phone see if any update, alternatively you can also put it into a new phone see if you can find and import any contacts to that phone.

      Only when you are sure the contacts are deleted from SIM card, you can consider this phone recovery software. As this is not a free program. It allows you to scan and preview data on your phone. But you need to buy it in order to extract the found data from phone to computer.

      Please double check and keep me updated.

  48. Lydia


    I have the full version Dr Fone 4.8.0, and when I try recovering the data on my whatsapp messages and attachments, when it gets to the scanning mode, it says not responding at 43%. I tried several days for several times, and the same happens. I proceeded to root the phone, an S5 Sm G900M, to see if it would work better; it didn’t, it keeps giving me the same message. Then, I tried recovering just the call logs and it went through. I went back to just recover whatsapp and still same message. I’ve noticed on your previous replies that you stated your last version is 4.8.1, so I want to know if I should unistall mine, and then reinstall, and if I will have to pay again. Also at the first attempts when I bought it weeks ago, it would ask me for the scanning option, but on the last attempts, it just asks what I want to select, analyzes the device, asks for root permission, I grant it, and then it goes straight to scanning.

    Looking forward to your response, thanks.

    • Matt

      You should upgrade to the newer version for improved performance. You do not need to pay again. Download the new version on your computer, then install it, this will overwrite the old version. If you have registered the previous version, you do not even bother to register the new version again using your license name/code. Please give it a try see if any update.

      The phone recovery software will ask for the scanning option (Standard or Advanced) when you have select photos, videos, music or document. For other files and data recovery, it should go straight to scanning.

  49. Marcos Martins

    im have the same phone and exactly the problem that Sir Robert on Post dated December 25, 2014 at 11:14 pm, i try several times and also download the software from the web site directly, for the newest version, and still no luck. Does your software works the the “Galaxy s4 model Sph-L720 from Samsung”? if not any other way to recover my photos? thank You

    • Matt

      It should work with SAMSUNG Galaxy S4 Sprint model SPH-L720 with Android V4.0.3, 4.2.2, 4.3 or 4.4.2.
      You can take a look at the FAQ and troubleshooting tips from the lower section of this guide:
      You can find many useful tips from above page.

      If still no luck, the last resort would be rooting your phone, then use the phone recovery to scan your phone and recover data from it. This data recovery works better on rooted phones. However if it is a new phone, root will voids its warranty. So do it at your own risk.

  50. Christian McDonald

    Hello ive been trying this for ages but it never works i get the verification is unsuccessful model isn’t supported stuff and then says trying alternatives and keeps rebooting my phone which is annoying im using the dr fone 4.8.2 aswell the free trial version though
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.4.2 unrooted

    • Matt

      Hello Christian McDonald,

      It is supposed to work for Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.4.2 (both rooted and unrooted).
      Have you checked the Android recovery FAQs & troubleshooting page? You can refer to this guide see if any help.
      If still no luck, you can send in the log file and database file to our support team, so they can look into the issue from there. To do that, run the phone recovery software on your computer, on the top right section, you should find several small icons, like Facebook icon, Feedback icon and the Menu icon. Select and click the Feedback icon from there, you will get a pop-up dialogue, you can elaborate the issue and send in the log file and database file from there.

      Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  51. Charlotte

    okay thank you for letting me know. The reason I downloaded this programme is because I read on a few sites that the Motorola: Moto X/G/E are all supported devices with Android Data Recovery. Is this information therefore incorrect?

    • Matt

      It is difficult to say. As there are many similiar tools in the market. When you found some sites saying their data recovery can help you with Moto recovery, it might be true. Moto X/G/E recovery, there is no big difference from phone data recovery from other Motorola models. As long as we update the database with these specific phone models, you should be able to recover data from them as well. There are just so many Android powered mobile phones, no phone recovery can support all Android phones.
      Some recovery tools or solutions that claimed to be fully compatible however may still want you to root your phone in advance.
      No matter which recovery tool you decide to use, try before you buy.

  52. Charlotte

    Hi Matt,
    I have a Motorola Moto E and as its Analyzing Device the following message comes up: the “device mode verification is unsuccessfully. we can not guarantee all the models are supported. please feel free to try” and the alternative is to restart the device. what can i do to retrieve deleted text messages? Thanks

    • Matt

      Moto E is not natively supported in current version of this Android recovery tool. Thus it may not be able to recognize or recover files from it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
      Generally speaking, the recovery tool should work with most rooted Android phones. You can try to root your phone, then try to scan and retrieve files from your phone again. However root voids its warranty immediately. What’s more, we can’t guarantee the recovery tool can retrieve any deleted files even on rooted phones. Sometimes the data deleted might have been overwritten by other data on the phone.

  53. Tomas

    Tried free version to recover accidentally deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F European model, Android 4.2.2).
    Same experience as Alicia Kingston. Mobile phone restarted several times, your software tried to install some piece of code (e. g ‘L5’, ‘wsgeroot’ etc), to bypass phone security – asking me for permission which I have accepted, not without hesitation though since there was no detailed info what will be done to the mobile phone.
    You tool tried several alternatives, no prompt for advanced scanning. Finally ended up with with the following pop-up message from Dr Fones 4.8.2 : ‘Currently data recovery from your device can not be supported. If you still want to recover your data, please root your device first.’ ;-((((
    Mobile was in USB debug mode. Android recovery guide referenced gives no extra tips.
    What shall we do now ?


    • Matt

      The Android recovery works fine with SAMSUNG SM-G900FQ Android 4.4.2, and SM-G900F Android versions 4.0.3, 4.4.2. We can expect it to work on your device as well.
      The extra code as you have mentioned above can be used to root the Android phones connected and manage root users access. When the phone is not natively supported by the phone recovery software, it may prompt you to root your phone. Just like you can’t use the phone recovery program to retrieve data from any Android devices or phone models, the built-in root tool can’t root all Android devices neither.
      The Android recovery works best on rooted phones, as by rooting Android, third party apps or programs can gain higher permission on the phone. Root voids warranty, so normally we will not suggest you to root the phone unless you are fully aware of the risk.
      You can use the built-in tool to root your phone following the onscreen tips. You can also use other Android root tools. Once the phone has been rooted, you can try to use this Android Recovery to scan and recover files on your phone see if any update.
      Android Recovery is in constant development. More and more Android phones, models will be added to its database in the future so you can use to to recover data from them. However it is not able to cover all phones in time and most of the time there might be a delay for some models.
      Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  54. Eric

    I clicked “pause” during the scanning process (which has been counting down from 3 hours) in order to see if I could recover some items but it prompts me to make a $50 purchase first. I thought we would be able try recovering through a free trial version first?

    • Matt

      Hello Eric,
      Sorry for the confusion.
      The phone recovery software works this way. The free version only allows you to scan and preview the lost files on the phone. For example, you will be able to use it to search those deleted photos, then display them in a result page with all thumbnails of the photos. You can save the thumbnails of photos to your computer using a screen capture softare. You can preview the photo thumbnails to make sure the software has found the photos you want to retrieve. All photos have been found in the scanning process can be recoverred from phone to computer using this phone recovery. However if you want to extract the full resolution photos on the phone, you need to register the software to get full version before you can do that.
      Additionally, you can find some tips on how you can save time in scanning your phone from this guide:


  55. Sir Robert

    Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android version 4.8.2
    Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 model SPH-L720 Android version 4.4.2 software L720VPUFNG2 Hardware version L720.08
    Phone had a pop up about process android.acore stopped working every 2 sec…. fix was to go to “contacts storage” and click “clear data”… that stopped the locking popup but then all my contacts were gone. So all I am trying to do is restore lost contacts.
    After connecting phone and starting Dr.Fone I selected recovery of ONLY contacts. I do NOT get the Storage Scanning Mode / Advanced Mode choices. Program runs and I get the matching model UNSUCCESSFUL message. Goes into analyzing device mode and hangs at 90%. Sometimes on the galaxy S4 I get and accept messages to allow installation of L5 or other programs that might be a security risk, I accept them. Eventually I get the Analysis Failed message in Dr.Fone and the TRYING ALTERNATIVES message while my S4 reboots several times over in a minute. No other analysis software is running, no other connections are active (Snap pea, Kies, etc).
    Its not like this isn’t a very popular phone or a peculiar carrier or software version…. SO WHAT CAN I DO TO GET DR.FONE TO DO WHAT I PAID FOR IT TO DO????

    • Matt

      Hi Robert,
      Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
      We have not upgraded Dr.Fone to 4.8.2 yet. Currently you can only download version 4.8.1 on the site. This is not the point, as both of them should work with Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 Android version 4.4.2. It is a popular phone model that has been tested to be compatible, both rooted or unrooted.
      What kind of extra installations required? Can you please show us a screenshot through email? The email address can be found at the very top of each page on this site. If you downloaded the installer of Dr.Fone elsewhere, you can remove it from your computer and download it again from the this page. Although it is version 4.8.1, but still should work with your phone model.
      If you only activated Contacts recovery, you will NOT get the Storage Scanning Mode / Advanced Mode choices. These options will only appear when you have selected any of these data types as well: gallery, videos, audio, documents.
      To help users better understand how this recovery works, we strongly recommend you check out this guide: . You can also find some useful troubleshooting and hints from there.
      Good luck!

  56. Melvin

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for taking the time to respond so quickly. I am trying to recover pictures. I accidently removed the entire folder where I thought I was only deleting one item. There is no SD card in my device.

    The model I have is the SM-N9005. Do you by any chance know if this model is supported? Furthermore, when you talk of third party apps can you tell me whether there are apps that a known for disrupting the analyzing process?

    I have tried to reconnect several times. I have restarted my computer, my device and the Dr.Fone program several times but time after time it says it fails to analyze my device. I am going to continue looking for a solution by using the link you provided. Thank you for that.

    • Matt

      Hi Melvin,
      You are welcome.
      It should work if you are using SAMSUNG SM-N9005 Note 3 Android 4.3 or 4.4.2. It is not a guarantee though. Try before you buy. Do not pay for it if it can’t work properly.

  57. Melvin

    Hi Matt,

    I’m not exactly in the right topic as I have a Galaxy Note 3. However, I fail to find a similar topic regarding that device. Could you still please help me?
    I have Android 4.4.2. When trying to use Dr.Fone it fails to analyze my device (it gets stuck at 90%). Subsequently it says it is trying alternatives. At trying the alternative it again gets stuck at 90%. After that has failed it redirects me to a new screen with three options where the last one, MTP/PTP device, is the one that corresponds with my situation. It also provides a link as to where I can root my phone ( However, before I resort to doing so I would like to ask you if there is anything else I can do before rooting so that Dr.Fone is able to analyze my device.

    Thank you very much in advance

    • Matt

      Hi Melvin,
      What kind of files do you want to recover? This is very important, as some files could be saved on SD card if any. If it can be found on SD card, you may not need to analyze your phone.

      Normally I would not recommend you to root your device, as by rooting your Android devices you void its warranty immediately.
      Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has different models, like SM-N900, SM-N9002, SM-N9006, and so on. However most of these models have been tested to be working well using the data recovery solution. Since everyone’s phone has its unique system settings, third party apps, or other configurations. The recovery tool may work with one phone but not another even they are the same phone model or Android version. Sometimes even when you disconnect and reconnect your phone from computer can help you fix the device analyse failed issue. It varies on different devices and situations though. Based on our users feedback, we have put together the FAQs and troubleshootings in this page, . You can check out the tips and hints on this guide see if any help.
      If still no luck, and the lost data on your Galaxy Note is really important to you, you may consider rooting your device.
      However please also note that, even when you rooted your device and the data recovery could access your device to search for the lost files on it, the file you want to recover might not be found or might has been overwritten or broken. So do it at your own risk.

  58. Maxwell

    Matt plese help me man my case is the same like alicia kingston …it says i have to root my phone …please i need that video back

    • Matt

      Hi Maxwell,
      You do not need to root your Galaxy S5 in order to use this data recovery tool, although it works best with rooted phones. There are many different reasons that can cause the data recovery not to work properly. Some of the major problems can be found from this page,
      If you just want to recover videos which are normally saved in SD cards. You can pop out your SD card if any and scan the SD card instead. You can also find alternative recovery tools to recover your SD card from above page. Or you can refer to this tutorial
      Rooting your phone is the last resort, although it is very easy to root Android phones, it will void the warranty. See how to root phone here:

  59. maxwell

    Matt please help me , i can turn on the usb storage because i have mtp and Pt…men I need this

  60. Alicia Kingston

    Hi Matt, my files are stored on the internal memory. I’ve installed the software on my laptop, connected device to PC, it identifies my phone Samsung S5, Android version 4.4.2, Model SM-G900W8 and then it preps to scan and then restarts my phone several times.

    In addition to this it states,’analyzing device failed, trying alternatives’.. then device restarts. After several attempts, it finally says that I should root my phone.

    If the files are stored on the internal memory is it necessary to root the phone for this application to work?

    Then once it’s done scanning it says ‘Currently data recovery from your device can not be supported. If you still want to recover your data, please root your device first.’

    • Matt

      Hi Alicia Kingston, It can recover files from both the internal memory and external SD cards.

      SAMSUNG S5, model SM-G900W8 with Android 4.4.2 has been tested to be working with or without rooting. You do not have to root your phone.

      Have you checked the FAQ and troubleshooting page,

      Sometimes you can simply disconnect the USB connection and reconnect your phone again to get the data recovery to proceed to analyze your phone. You can find more tips and tricks to get this data recovery tool to work properly from above FAQ and troubleshooting page.

  61. Alicia Kingston

    Hello, my files are stored on the internal memory. I’ve installed the software on my laptop, connected device to PC, it identifies my phone Samsung S5, Android version 4.4.2, Model SM-G900W8 and then it preps to scan and then restarts my phone several times.

    In addition to this it states,’analyzing device failed, trying alternatives’.. then device restarts. After several attempts, it finally says that I should root my phone.

    If the files are stored on the internal memory is it necessary to root the phone for this application to work?

  62. Donte Lewis

    This is the message I keep receiving. Also I do not get the option to chose between the standard or advanced recover mode as illustrated on tutorials.

    “device mode verification is unsuccessfully. we can not guarantee all the models are supported. please feel free to try” and the device won’t stop restarting.

    • Matt

      If you did not see the option to choose between Standard and Advanced modes, you should be using an old version. You can delete the old version from your PC, download and install the latest version from
      Please give it another try see if any help.

  63. shan


  64. shan

    I have galaxy 25 and the steps are not working for me.

    • Matt

      Can you please specify which step(s) not working? Do you get any error, prompt messages or else? Please provide us more information.
      Also you can refer to the troubleshooting & FAQs from following page if not yet,

  65. rui

    when I use Dr.Fone for Android to scan my losted photos on my Galaxy S5, it doesn’t show the step select scanning mode. and it take about 3 hours to finish the scan. Even worse, few pictures are found, and almost all of them are app cached pictures. how can I restore my real photos?
    can anyone help me?

    • Matt

      You may be using an old version of the recovery tool if you can’t see the step to select between Standard and Advanced scanning modes. What’s your version installed? Currently the latest version is 4.8.1. If you are on an old version, you can delete it from your computer and get teh most recent version above, or from following link directly:
      Normally the scanning process should take around half an hour unless you have a lot of data on the phone or SD card. Make sure to use enable the Advanced scanning and recovery mode which can find and recover more files.

  66. rb

    For some reason my photos were moved to from SD card to internal memory. When I tried moving them back, I accidentally deleted them. I’m using att S5 that is not rooted, any ideas?

    • Matt

      This Android data recovery should work with most Android phones even they are not rooted. You can download and give it a shoot see if your lost photos can be found and recovered.

      If no luck, please enable the advanced recovery mode which takes longer, but is able to scan and recover more deleted or lost files. You can find out more tips and tricks from this Android data recovery guide.

  67. karen

    can you please help me? it didn’t work for me i tried multiple times but it always says ‘that the “device mode verification is unsuccessfully. we can not guarantee all the models are supported. please feel free to try” and the device won’t stop restarting!! what should i do? i want to restore my photos..

    • Matt

      What’s your Android version, mobile phone brand and model please?

      • eugene

        I have the same problem as Karen. here is my info.

        Android version: 4.4.2
        Mobile Phone brand: Samsung S5
        Model: SM-G900P

        • Matt

          Hi eugene,

          The Android data recovery tool should work with your Samsung Galaxy S5. Please open this Android data recovery user guide, the scroll down the page to the FAQ and troubleshooting section for more tips. Let me know if this helps.

          Good luck.

  68. Arco

    seems like everything is working, i am the final phase where it is looking for the files/videos, but it is telling me it is going to take about 99 hours…is this common??

    • Matt

      Yes, I saw this sometimes as well, cancel the scan if it takes too long. At first the estimate time is not accurate, after a while it may change from hours to minutes. Normally it should take less than 30 minutes. Eject your phone, reconnect and try again see if any help.

      Some tips to save your time:
      1. choose the specific file type before you scan your Android. For example if you only want to recover photos, not to choose other file types, such as videos, contacts, music, SMS, etc. This can greatly save your time.
      2. choose the Standard storage scanning mode before you start scanning your device. If you choose the Advanced storage scanning mode, it takes longer to scan your Android device.
      3. choose to scan and recover only deleted files other than all files, this can also save your time.

  69. Annie

    I’ve tried 3 times and it keeps failing to analyze my device. I tried the link you posted above too and it won’t read my phone. I accidentally deleted 600 pictures of my daughter and I didn’t have them all backed up so I am desperate to get them back. Is there anything else I can do? I have Verizon. Can I take my phone into them and see if they can retrieve them? Thanks!

  70. Jack

    I do not have a galaxy s5, s4. Will it work on my Galaxy S3 as well? Thanks!

    • Matt

      Yes, it works with Galaxy S3 as well. Just download the free trial and give it a shot by yourself.

  71. henry

    DOES NOT work without rooting phone. Root voids warranty. Samsung S5 verizon.

  72. adel

    Where will I download the software on? My s4 or laptop before I start the process hope it works? Cos all my pregnancy and birth events are gone

    • Matt

      It is desktop software. You need to download it on to your laptop, then connect your mobile to computer via USB and use this software to scan your mobile phone and recover data from phone to computer.
      It should work if your deleted data has not been overwritten by new data on your mobile’s internal memory or SD card.

  73. melissa

    Is it normal for the identifying device to take so long mine has been stuck at 50% for like 20 minutes or longer.

    • Matt

      Do you mean the identifying or scanning of your mobile phone? If you mean the scanning of your phone, then it is normal to take up to half an hour. The more data you have saved on your phone, the longer it takes. The identifying of a phone alone however takes several minutes normally. If not, you can stop the process, disconnect the USB connection, then re-plug in again and give it another try see if any help.

      You can also find more tips from Android data recovery guide here.

  74. Jessie

    For some unknown reason, my samnsung S5 deleted all my photos of my holiday.
    ive tried the free trial its saying analysing failed trying alternative. im desperate to get these photos back. if this does not work is there anything else that can be done???????

    • Matt

      I would suggest you double or triple try this Android recovery tool. I also noticed that it fails to analyze some mobiles sometimes. But most of the time, it can go through.

      If you have trouble using the data recovery, you may refer to this Android data recovery guide for more tips, tricks and troubleshooting.

      An alternative you can try is the Data Recovery ( This software can’t scan the internal memory of your mobile, however since your multimedia files (photos, videos, etc.) should be saved in your SD card if any, so you can pop out your SD card, then connect it to your computer with a card reader, after that run this Data Recovery to scan the SD card. Just another way you can try.

  75. Will

    This hasn’t been able to recover anything. Is there a better program for my s5?

    • Matt

      Before you scan your mobile using this Android data recovery software, make sure to select the file types you want to recover, like Contacts, Messaging, Call history, etc, or you can select all file types, those unselected file types will be ignored during the scan process. If only photos and videos not found, but everything else can be found, then double check see if any error prompt when the mobile recovery software analyzes your phone. If the analysis of the device failed, you need to enable USB Storage mode on your phone.

      You can check out this Android data recovery user guide and FAQs here.

  76. Najma

    How long does it take to recover because my estimated time says 3 hours but nothing is showing up

    • Websto

      The scanning process is fast on my Lenovo smartphone. Although it reads 99 minutes when I first start to scan the device, it actually takes less than 10 minutes for me.

    • Matt

      Personally I found it normally take around 10 minutes to scan my new Android phone with not much data or usage. When it says 3 hours at the first place, it does not mean you have to wait for 3 hours, as it will continue to change. For example, it may change to maybe 1 hour or 30 minutes after maybe just couple of minutes.

      You can simply disconnect your mobile from computer, re-plug in and give it another try. Many users found this trick helpful.

      Some tips to save your time:
      1. choose the specific file type before you scan your Android. For example if you only want to recover photos, not to choose other file types, such as videos, contacts, music, SMS, etc. This can greatly save your time.
      2. choose the Standard storage scanning mode before you start scanning your device. If you choose the Advanced storage scanning mode, it takes longer to scan your Android device.
      3. choose to scan and recover only deleted files other than all files, this can also save your time.

  77. kahlia williams

    All of my photos and videos were deleted from my Galaxy s5 accidentally there was a icon reading that there was an error with my sd card, when I clicked on it to refresh it all my photos & videos were deleted and I wanted to know will I be able to restore them

    • Matt

      You can go to download the free trial version from, the use this recovery software to scan your Galaxy S5 for all recoverable data in advance. If your photos and videos can be found in the scan result page, and you can preview them, they you will be able to restore them to your computer.
      Please give it a try and do not hesitate to let us know if any further inquries.

  78. Darrien Gordon

    Most of the Android phone users might accidentally deleted their precious photos and video files from Samsung Galaxy S5 due to various reasons. If you are one among them, then don’t get panic.By using Recover for Android, you can easily retrieve it back.

    • Mari

      Hi I cannot find Development in the setting samsung galaxy s5. ? Any other option please? Thank you..m

    • Jay

      So you have to pay 50 dollars to get the full version?

      • Matt

        yes, the free version can only scan and preview the deleted data. need to purchase the full version in order to recover those deleted data from mobile phone.

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