How to recover deleted Reminders from iPad?

The Reminders app on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is really useful. You can use it as your personal assistant. It can help you easily create to-dos, reminders you when and where you need to do what. You can use it to keep track of anything in our life, such as projects, groceries, plans, events, and anything else you want to be reminded. So you will not miss out anything important in your life or work. We will not discuss into details as to how to use the Reminders app on iPhone iPad or iPod, you already know how to use it at the moment you start using it. It is very intuitive and straightforward by design. Instead we will show you how to get back those deleted reminders on iPhone iPad or iPod when you deleted them by mistake, lost them due to unexpected reasons. We know that the Reminders keep track of all important data and info in our life or work that we can’t afford to lose, such as special event, important meeting and jobs. Don’t get panic when you can’t find your important Reminders and data included in them on your iOS device. We have demonstrated how you can retrieve deleted Reminders on iPhone in a related post before. Today, we will explain how iPad users can recover lost Reminders from iPad when there is no backups of Reminders created or saved before. If you have backed up Reminders to computer via iTunes or to iCloud, you can easily get them back using the right tool. However we will not discuss those two Reminders recovery solutions here, as they require separate articles. If need, you can leave us a message at the comment section below so we can point you into the right direction.

How to recover deleted Reminders from iPad?

Just like how you can retrieve deleted Reminders on iPhone, to recover lost reminders from iPad, you will also need the iPhone iPad file recovery software. It offers both Windows and Mac versions for your choice. Choose to download the right copy according to your computer OS. And make sure not to download on to your iPad as this is a computer program other than an iOS app.

iPad Reminders recovery with this data retrieval program is very easy. What you need to do is to plugin your iPad to the computer USB port via the data cord; then run the iPad Reminders recovery software to scan your iPad memory or internal storage; the software can find those deleted Reminders data from iPad; finally preview the lost Reminders and selectively recover any or all selected Reminders from iPad to computer. Check out steps below.

Step 1. Enable iPad Reminders recovery

Run this iPad data recovery program on your PC or Mac. Connect your iPad to computer via USB. The iPad Reminders recovery software will then detect your USB connection, you will be prompted to select the files and types that you want to recover. Choose Calendar & Reminders from this screen as we are going to retrieve deleted Reminders from iPad.

enable ipad calendar and reminders recovery

Step 2. Scan lost Reminders from iPad

Proceed to scan iPad for those lost Reminders from its internal memory. This will take a while depending on how large storage space you have on iPad. You do not need to do anything now before the iPad Reminders recovery program finished the searching for those missing files and data from iPad.

scan ipad calendar and reminders

Step 3. Preview and retrieve deleted iPad reminders

After the scanning of iPad, the iPad file recovery software will present you all found reminders that are existing or deleted on iPad. You can preview and recover the lost reminders with data like title, list, status, date, location, priority, note, etc. Some iPad users would attach important data and information to the Notes of Reminders on iPad. Using this iPad Reminders recovery program, you can get back lost Reminders’ notes easily. Click Reminders from left navigation panel, preview all found Reminders in the middle of the iPad data recovery software, then click the Recover to Computer button at the bottom right corner, you will get a pop-up dialogue where you can choose a hard drive and folder on your PC or Mac to save the retrieved iPad Reminders. Recovered iPad Reminders will be saved to computer as HTML file. You can open and read the iPad Reminders using any web browser, such as Safari, IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

recover deleted reminders from ipad

Retrieve deleted reminders from iCloud & iTunes

The iPad reminders retrieval software is also able to help you extract data from iTunes backup and download data from iCloud backup. So if you have backed up Reminders to computer via iTunes or to iCloud, you can easily get them back using this iPad data recovery. Check out this tutorial to download Reminders from iCloud to computer.

More features of the iPad data recovery

This iPad recovery software does much more than just recovering lost Reminders on iPad. You can also use it to recover Calendar, Contacts, Messages, Call history, Bookmarks and more from iPhone iPad. See this guide to recover deleted Calendar events from iPhone iPad.