Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android

Sometimes we may delete important data on our phones by mistake, such as contacts, SMS, photos. When you have accidentally deleted text messages from Android phones, how to recover the deleted SMS without any backup? Android phones are very popular these days, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Lenovo, Huawei, and many more. If you own an Android cellphone and you lost text messages, check out below steps to restore them.

android data recovery made easy

We are going to use a professional Android data recovery software to help you get back lost SMS messages from your smartphone directly. It does not require any prior backup of your Android device. Before we use it to recover your deleted text messages from Android, let me explain how it works, how is it possible to retrieve deleted data or files, data loss due to rooting failure, data loss because of ROM flashing failure, even restore lost data after phone reset. What should you pay special attention to if you plan to apply this tool to rescue your data is the data overwritting. When you deleted some text messages or other data from your Android phone, these data and files will actually stay on your phone for some time. It will not be removed immediately. Instead the portion of the memory occupied will be flagged rewritable. So any time you shoot a new picture, receive new text messages, download new apps, all these activities can erase your deleted text messages, replace them with the new data saved. So act quickly when you noticed the SMS loss or unexpected deletion. This Android recovery program can’t prevent the deleted text message from being overwritten, it can simply help you extract the invisible text messages that have been deleted and still exist somewhere in your phone memory. You can use this recovery application to export the deleted text messages from Android to computer before they are eliminated by new data storage and thus disappear completely.

Some Android users complain that the data recovery tool does not work well, they found some lost text messages or other files can be recovered, but not others. If you have this trouble, most likely your deleted or lost files have been rewritten partially. Simply the sooner you wait the higher the likelihood of getting back your lost text messages.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android?

There are various data recovery for Android. Depending on which software you choose, you may expect different steps or procedure to recover your Android SMS. In this demo, we will be using Dr. Fone for Android. The World’s first one Android data recovery, and still the best one so far. In a related guide, we demostrated how this recovery tool can help you recover deleted SMS messages from Samsung phones. It is very user friendly and straightforward to use. Basically you connect up your Android phone to PC via USB, then run the data recovery tool to scan your phone for the lost files, finally restore deleted files from Android mobile to computer. It can recover data from internal memory of the phone and its external storage if any, like a MicroSD card, memory card. So do not pop out its SD card before or during the recovery process. Are you ready to get started now? See detailed instructions below.

Step 1. Download Android data recovery software.

Dr. Fone for Android is a desktop software tool. You can download and install it on your Windows computer. It is compatible with all major Windows OS, such as Windows 8, 7, vista, XP and so on.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on Android phone

This is to allow the SMS recovery tool to access your phone from computer. The Android data recovery software will automatically check this option on your cellphone when it is connected to computer. If it is not enabled yet, you can follow on-screen tips to turn on USB debugging on the phone.

connect android phone to computer for recovery

If you are a Samsung Galaxy user, you can check out this page for more specific instructions: Enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy phones.

Step 3. Use phone recovery to scan your smartphone

It works with most Android phones and all rooted Android phones. Right before you scan your mobile phone, you will have a chance to select the file types you like to recover. Except SMS messages you can also recover many other different file types, like photos & videos, music, contacts, documents, whatsApp chats, etc. In this example, check Messaging only as we need to retrieve lost text messages, another benefit to select specific file type only is that it can save you a lot of time in the following scanning process.

select text messages to scan and recover on android phone

Step 4. Recover deleted text messages from Android to computer

Once the scan process finishes, you should see all the found text messages including existing text messages and deleted text messages on your Android phone from the Messaging category. The deleted SMS will be highlighted in red. The “Only display deleted items” toggle on the top comes in handy when you only want to see the lost Android SMS messages. Click on the messages or conversations, you will open the conversation on the right column, here you can preview the delete text messages and make sure they are the right ones you want to get back. Then click the Recover button on the right bottom corner, you will be able to find a folder on your computer to save the text messages from Android phone.

recover deleted sms text messages on android

Now you know how to recover deleted text messages on Android phones. It is easy as long as you get the right tool for this job. And most likely you can get back your lost data if you can perform the recovery in time. If you have trouble with data recovery on Android phones or tablets, check out more tips and tricks from Android data recovery guide here. If you want to prevent data loss in the future, we suggest you to make backups from time to time, here is the guide you can refer to if you like to export text messages from Android phones to computer.

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    1. the trial version can scan the phone to find and preview those lost data so you can make sure it can find the lost data you want to retrieve. but to recover messages and other data from phone to computer, you need to use the paid version.

  1. Hi there
    I am trying to use Dr Fone trial version to recover some deleted text messages however it seems to be taking hours and the message display on the left still shows as “0”. Should it normally take this long. I followed all the steps shown above and its on the correct scanning screen but seems to be stuck at 47% and still shows another 1hr 50 mins its been running since 6am this morning and its now 9am. Please advise. Thanks.

    1. hi,
      it should normally take much less time to scan and recover text messages from android phones. You can try below tips see if any help:
      1. prior to scan the phone, you have a screen to select data types. make sure to choose ‘Messaging’ only, disable any other file types like contacts, photos, video. this can make the scanning much faster.
      2. restart the Android phone recovery software on computer;
      3. disconnect and reconnect your mobile phone to comptuer;
      4. close unnecessary software and apps on computer and mobile phone.

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