Recover deleted text messages

You may have not noticed it, but there is a setting on your mobile phone once enabled, it can automatically delete old text messages without any warning or prompt. For more details, you can check out this guide: how to delete text messages on Samsung manually or automatically? If you are using an iPhone, this tutorial shows how you can tweak the iOS settings to delete text messages on iPhone automatically.
mobile phone text messages recovery
Some smart phone users found themselves never deleted old text messages, but they were deleted automatically from their mobile phone. Recently some visitor wrote to us inquiring about the auto deletion of text messages and SMS recovery solutions:

quotationis there any way to recover text messages older than 1 month ago? i never deleted those texts, it’s just my phone doesn’t show them anymore because i wasn’t aware that my phone settings contains only for 200 texts top. were those texts deleted automaticaly? i desperately need those text back.

Sometimes we may have just turned on the SMS auto deletion or text message limit by accident without realizing this could delete very important text messages some day. For some phones, the stock setting for messages is 200, you need to disable this messaging option in order to hold more text on your mobile phone or not have the phone delete them until you do it manually. Things happen. When your phone deleted your text messages automatically or when you accidentally deleted messages, is there any way to recover text messages? Can we recover old text messages deleted long time ago?

Our mobile phones, both Android and iPhone, have the ability to clear up old text messages automatically. They however do not offer us the option to recover deleted text messages. Thus we need to use a third party data recovery software for Android or iPhone to get back text messages deleted automatically by our phones.

Recover Text Messages on iPhone

iPhone users need to download and use this iPhone data recovery software which is powerful enough to retrieve a wide variety of document types from iPhone, iCloud backup, iTunes backup. SMS texts is only one of the supported file types. Not only regular text messages, but also iMessages, media files attached to your text messages can also be recovered. Check out this step-by-step guide to recover deleted text messages on iPhone.

Recover Text Messages on Android

Android device users, such as a Samsung, Moto, LG, HTC, Nexus, Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, need to use an Android data recovery software instead. Details instructions with screenshots can be found in this tutorial to recover deleted text messages from Android phones. If you are using a Samsung mobile, you can also refer to this tutorial to recover deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy phones.

Normally people may not want to save text messages on the phone. However some text messages are very important that you can’t afford to lose. In such case, you need to back them up from your phone to somewhere else, such as a computer. Then go to stop your phone from deleting text messages automatically. If you accidentally deleted or lost them, follow above linked articles to recover deleted text messages from iPhone, Android or more phones.

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