Recover deleted Viber chats from iPhone to Mac

Mobile phone chat apps, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, Kik, WeChat, Skype, provide us a great way to keep connected with family and friends. To some extent, these messenger apps are more effective than conventional communication tools, such as postal mail, phone calls, SMS messages. These instant messaging services allows you to send unlimited text messages, make free calls, share photos/videos, transfer documents and more. As a result the chat apps are widely used by smartphone users. Messaging is becoming more advanced nowadays. For example the WeChat in China is much more than merely a chat app. It is also a platform for e-commerce and many other services. The data exchanged through chat apps become more and more important. Some of them contain very sensitive information, some of them are for your business. Thus we also need back up the chat history and files from these chat apps to an external storage, just like how we back up other private data on our cell phones, such as the contacts, text messages, photos, videos, documents, etc.

iPhone data backup VS recovery

In earlier posts, we have covered data recovery from our instant messenger to our computers. For example, you can refer to this guide to back up Viber chat history from iPhone to Mac. And this tutorial demonstrates how you can easily export Kik chats and data from iPhone to Mac. Today, we will introduce the data recovery solution which can help you get back those deleted Viber chats, messages, photos and videos received through Viber on iPhone.

This method requires the professional iPhone data recovery software which is able to scan your iPhone internal storage to fetch those lost Viber data. You can get this must-have iPhone data retrieval program below. In this demo, we will use the iPhone file recovery Mac version to demonstrate how you can retrieve lost Viber chats from iPhone to Mac computer.

How to recover deleted Viber chats from iPhone to Mac?

Install this Viber data retrieval tool on Mac or PC and launch it. You will then be prompted to connect your iPhone via USB to computer.

iphone data recovery for mac

Connect up iPhone to Mac via USB data cord. A file types selection screen will be given on your Mac screen. Now find and check the Viber & Attachments and disable all other file types, such as contacts, messages, call logs. Click the Start button to allow the Viber chats recovery software to scan your iPhone.

enable iphone viber chats recovery

The scan of iPhone will take a while especially when your iPhone has very large memory storage. Once the Viber messages and files recovery tool finished scanning your iPhone, you will see the scan result screen like below.

recover deleted viber chats from iphone to mac

To restore deleted Viber chats, messages and files are very intuitive and straightforward now.

Steps to recover deleted Viber messages from iPhone

Click Viber from the left category, then a list of all Viber conversations displays in the middle, click to select the Viber chat from the Chats column and show the details in the right Viber chat history preview column. You can find a checkbox in front of each Viber chat, message, file. Select any Viber messages, Viber photos, videos, music or other files, then click the Export to Mac button to restore lost Viber chat or data from iPhone to computer.

Steps to recover deleted Viber photos, videos and files from iPhone

Taking photos on the mobile phone makes us happier, while posting or sharing photos using Viber or other chat app helps us enjoy them more. Viber users love to take the shots using their phone and share with their family and friends. A lot of media files are exchanged between people using Viber and other instant messenger. These data can be very important to you. If you lost photos, videos, music and other files attached to Viber chats, the above Viber data recovery solution can also help you out. To do that, click Viber Attachments from the scanning result screen, you will then preview the Viber files, like photos, and videos. More other file types however can’t be previewed before you export them from iPhone to Mac, such as the Word docs, Excel docs, songs, audio files, sound recordings, and so on. However you can mouse on these files to show their original file names. This can help you select and export only those files you like to restore from Viber chats. Again, hit the Export to Mac button to extract the Viber files from iPhone to your computer.

recover deleted viber data and files from iphone to mac

Steps to recover deleted Viber group chats, public chats from iPhone

Sometimes you may want to get back messages or files attached to a group Viber chat or public chat in Viber. This iPhone Viber data recovery tool can also help you with that. It is the same as you recover regular Viber messages or chats. Just head to the Viber category, select the group chat or public chat from the Chats list, then preview, select and retrieve chat history and files from Viber on iPhone to your Mac.