Recover deleted Viber messages from iPhone to computer

Last week, the Viber messages recovery feature, along with the Viber chats backup feature, has been added to the iPhone data recovery for Windows version. Now it can help users back up and recover Viber chat history from iPhone. We will talk about its backup feature in a separate article. Today, we will show you how this iPhone data retrieval utility lets users get back their lost Viber messages, photos, video and other files received via Viber on iPhone. Mac OS users can also refer to this tutorial to retrieve lost Viber chats from iPhone to Mac.

How to recover Viber messages from iPhone to computer?

The iPhone data recovery application eases process for Viber data recovery. All users need to do is download the iPhone file recovery software on to their PC or Mac computer. Then, they can connect their iPhone to computer and run the data recovery program to scan their iPhone and recover deleted Viber chats, whether they want to retrieve deleted Viber messages or other files, such as those media files received via Viber conversations.

You can download the free version of the Viber data recovery tool below. Do not download it on your iPhone, as this is a desktop software.

Run the Viber messages retrieval program and connect up your iPhone to computer via USB data cord, you will be presented with a file types selection screen from which you can click to select and enable Viber & Attachment recovery.

enable viber data recovery from iphone

Hit the Scan button to allow this Viber data retrieval utility to scan your phone’s internal memory for those deleted Viber files and documents. If the Viber data has not been overwritten by new data saved on iPhone, this Viber chats recovery software should be able to find them and you can preview all found Viber chat history including messages and other files.

recover deleted viber messages, attachments from iphone to computer

To recover Viber messages, photos, videos and other files is very intuitive. Click Viber from the left category to select and preview any Viber chats, then click Recover to Computer button at the bottom right corner to extract deleted Viber messages from iPhone to your PC or Mac. If you like to get back only photos, videos or other attachments received via Viber, click Viber Attachments from the left category, then preview, select and recover Viber files and documents from iPhone to computer. You will also have the chance to select a path or folder on your computer to save the recover Viber chats and files.

iPhone Viber messages and data recovery tips

  • Recover Viber call history
  • Except your viber messages and files received via Viber, such as photos, videos, you can also follow above instructions to recover deleted Viber call history.

  • Recovered Viber messages and files saved on computer
  • Recovered Viber messages will be saved as HTML file on your computer, you can then open and view the Viber chat history using any web browser on your computer, such as IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. Viber attachments will be recovered and saved as their original format. For example, pictures and videos files will be saved as jpg, png, jpeg, mp4, mov file format, just to name a few.

  • Print out Viber chat history
  • You can print out retrieved Viber chats from the saved HTML file. You can also directly print out Viber chat history from the Viber data preview panel before the recovery or export. After scanning Viber chats, click to view the Viber messages, and you can find a printer icon which you can click to preview and print Viber chat history directly.

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