Sometimes you may have accidentally deleted the WhatsApp chat history, messages, photos, videos or other received attachments on iPhone. If you lost very important information included in your WhatsApp chats or messages, if you deleted very important photos and videos in WhatsApp, you may want to get them back, here are some methods to help you rescue the data. If you are an Android users, check out this tutorial: how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android phones? In this article, you will find different solutions to recover Whatsapp messages. They have their own merits and drawbacks. Choose the one that can help you the best. You can follow below instructions and tips to retrieve WhatsApp Chats on various iPhone models and iOS versions, such as iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iOS 7, iOS 8, etc.

#1. How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone from recent backups?

recover whatsapp data from backupThe WhatsApp chat app makes backups for you automatically. However WhatsApp does not save or store any of your conversation or chat history on their server, thus you can’t expect to get a copy of your chats and messages from WhatsApp. The WhatsApp auto backup would be made every day at 4 AM (your local time). The automatic backup files of WhatsApp chat history and messages are only valid for 7 days after last saved. You can’t find or restore WhatsApp messages that are more than 7 days old. To recover deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone from recent backups, you can simply delete WhatsApp from iPhone, then reinstall it, during this reinstall process you will be prompted either to restore whatsapp messages from the backup or not.

#2. How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone from iCloud

recover whatsapp data from icloud backupSince version 2.10, WhatsApp has the built-in iCloud backup feature to back up your chat history so you can restore the chats in the future in case you accidently deleted your WhatsApp conversations and other documents.

How to restore WhatsApp messages from iCloud?

  1. Tap to run WhatsApp on iPhone.
  2. Go to Settings >> Chat Settings >> Chat Backup to ensure you have activated iCloud backup for your WhatsApp chat history. Your last WhatsApp backup on iCloud date and time can also be found there.
  3. Go to delete WhatsApp from your iPhone.
  4. Reinstall WhatsApp from Apple App Store.

You can restore Whatsapp chat history when you reinstall WhatsApp. Your media, except for your videos, will be backed up and restored as well. You can also follow this guide to download iPhone iCloud backups to computer. Your photos videos in Cameral Roll, messages, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp messages, notes, calendar, reminders, and more data can be downloaded from iCloud to computer.

#3. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages without Backups

Dr.Fone for iOS
Above methods to recover Whatsapp messages all require an earlier backup was made, either manually automatically. If you have no backups of Whatsapp data, for example you have not synced iPhone to iTunes for long time, you did not enable iCloud on iPhone, can we still recover deleted whatsapp messages, conversation logs, photos, videos and other attachments? Yes, you can. You need professional iPhone recovery software. If you realized your WhatsApp chats were removed by mistake. Make sure not to use your iPhone for new data storage, such as downloading new apps, surfing the web, checking emails, etc. Because these activities will overwrite your deleted data in iPhone’s internal memory, thus cause the permanent lose of WhatsApp Messages. Instead you should use an iPhone data recovery on PC or Mac to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from iPhone to computer.

Here we recommend Dr.Fone for iOS, a professional mobile data recovery software. It is the world’s first mobile data recovery tool for consumers’ use in their daily life. And it is still the best-in-class up to date. You can use this tool to restore deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone from its internal memory.

Not only it can help scan your iPhone and recover delete WhatsApp messages, photos, videos and attachments, it can also extract and restore WhatsApp messages from iTunes backup, extract and restore WhatsApp chat history and documents from iCloud server. Download this mobile phone file recovery for iOS below:

Step 1. Run iPhone data recovery software.

This is a desktop software for Windows or Mac OS X. So make sure to download iPhone recovery on to your computer other than iPhone.

Step 2. Connect up your iPhone to computer via USB.

Run iPhone recovery software on computer and allow it to scan your iPhone. It is able to scan internal storage of iPhone and recover deleted WhatsApp messages and many other files. See how to recover deleted messages on iPhone here. And this tutorial shows you how to recover iPhone contacts.
scan iphone internal memory for deleted whatsapp messages

Step 3. Preview and get back deleted WhatsApp Messages.

After scanning, all found files will be grouped into different categories and displayed as shown in below screenshot. From now, you should already know how to how to recover deleted whatsapp messages on iPhone without backup. Simply select WhatsApp conversations, then hit the Recover button to recover WhatsApp messages.
recover deleted whatsapp messages on iphone

Note that if you can’t retrieve delete WhatsApp messages and attachments from the iPhone internal memory directly using this mobile data recovery software, try to switch to “Recover from iTunes Backup File” or “Recover from iCloud Backup File” modes, it can also help you extract and recover WhatsApp messages from iTunes backup on your computer or from your iCloud account.

WhatsApp chats recovery for iPhone – Youtube video

#4. How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone from iTunes backups?

recover whatsapp data from itunes backupIf you have previously backed up the iPhone using iTunes either manually or automatically, your WhatsApp Messages should have been stored in the iTunes backup file as well. In order to get back your WhatsApp chats through iTunes, you need to connect your iPhone to computer and restore iPhone using iTunes. Before you are going to retrieve WhatsApp Messages from iTunes backup, make sure to sync iPhone to your PC or Mac in advance, as you may have many new data saved on the iPhone since the last sync. Like the restore from WhatsApp auto backup, this method may lose the newest WhatsApp messages and what’s worse, you will lose many other latest data on iPhone, since it simply rolled back your iPhone to an earlier revision. A better and safer way to recover WhatsApp messages is to use iPhone data recovery software mentioned above. It can help you select and export WhatsApp messages and other files from iTunes, check out this guide to export data from iTunes backup.

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58 thoughts on “How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone?

  1. Melody

    Hi sir,

    My WhatsApp crashed about 3 weeks ago (27/3) and I tried restoring it but it came up as error. However, I did back up my chats the last time being (14/3). The chats from 14/3 onwards appeared when I opened the app again. However, since the restore failed, whatsapp said to delete the app and install it again. I delayed this till recently only to find that the restored chats were from 14/3 onwards. I was wondering if there is any way of accessing iCloud to check whether my messages have been saved and maybe I could email them?

  2. max


    can recover all theimages from my watsapp from the very begning of the app which are deleted permanently and not there in back up

  3. Kayleen

    While using dr. Fone or phone recovery programs, what does it mean when nothing comes up under what’s app, but in app data what’s app comes up what is that trying to show us?

    • Matt

      can you please take some screenshots to illustrate the issue and send to us via email?

  4. shah

    hi matt,

    how to recover permanent lose of whatsapp messages??

    • Matt

      If these old Whatsapp chat history is very important to you, you should download and try the above WhatsApp data recovery solution see if any luck. However if the deleted WhatsApp messages have been overwritten by new files and documents saved on your phone, you will not be able to get them back following instructions above.
      generally speaking, you will have higher success rate when recovering recently deleted data on the phone. the more times the deleted data has been erased, the less chance they can be retrieved.

  5. shah

    hi matt,

    i have uninstalled and reinstall back my whatsapp. i didn’t do any backup chat. possible to recover my old messages?

    • shah

      after uses several applications to recover, i manage to recover messages after the re-installation of whatsapp. i really need the messages from my old whatsapp before i unistalled it.

    • Matt

      you can download the iPhone data recovery software trial edition on to your computer from above post. then connect iPhone to computer and run this recovery to scan your iPhone for those deleted WhatsApp messages see if any luck.

  6. jane

    Hi, I can find back my lost messages, but can’t find the lost photos and videos, would you kindly advise?

    • Matt

      do you mean photos and videos sent or received through WhatsApp or those taken using your phone camera and saved in Camera Roll?

  7. jayjaymartin

    Hey I had some problem with phone (Micromax A310) so i gave it for repair and i also took a backup of the conversation and its in my phone also but when i install How To Hack Whatsapp Account
    it asks for restore and i do also and it gives a message that backup has been restored but there is nothing in the chat as i can only see the groups no hat with the peoples , so how can i get back the chats

    • Matt

      WhatsApp will not keep a full backup of users chats on their server. Generally speaking the auto backup of WhatsApp chats contains only the chat history of the last 7 days.
      Do you have any other backup files saved on your phone or elsewhere? If so you can refer to this guide to restore WhatsApp chats from backups on Android. At the bottom of previous linked article, you can also find a solution to scan your Android phone internal storage and recover deleted WhatsApp chats and files from there.

  8. Tom

    Hey Matt, I really need your help!

    I was locked out of my iphone so I had to restore it. Once I did everything came back to me except my whats app messages. I back up my iphone to itunes on a weekly basis so I was shocked that no one of my messages appeared.

    I have all my Whatsapp messages backed up on Itunes but not on icloud.

    I used a third party software which has found that in my itunes I have 52,899 messages available for recovery,

    I am desperate to get them back on my iphone, all my messages are done on whats app and I don’t know want to lose them.

    I would like to get them all back on my iphone displaying how they once were. I have managed to extract all messages in a weird HTML format to my desktop, but I just want my whats app messages back on my iphone.

    Please could you advise me how to do this?



    • Matt

      Hi Tom,
      which software do you use to retrieve the lost whatsApp data?
      the above Dr fone iPhone recovery can help user extract WhatsApp data from iTunes backup as well, but it does not support the restore of WhatsApp data from iTunes backup to iPhone either. It can only extract WhatsApp chats from itunes backup to your computer.

  9. Jitendra Joshi

    dear sir,
    Please need help from you because my one number whatup. Chat delete so I need backup

    • Matt

      Do you have any recent backup of iPhone? If not backup created, you can refer to Method 3 from above post to download the iPhone data recovery software on to your computer, and use it to scan your iPhone for the deleted WhatsApp chats see if any luck. When you notice the data loss, you should stop using your phone and follow above instructions to retrieve the lost data as soon as possible. If the deleted chats have been overwritten by new data, you can’t get them back using above iPhone data recovery software.

  10. Saggi

    Hi, I deleted whatsapp chat history of one contact from list before 2 days. After When I clear whole chat history he sent just 1 message on whatsapp. Can I recover the whole previous whatsapp chat history of that contact??
    I have tried icloud backup and syncois as well by connecting my iphone 6s to laptop and then scanning but all no vein.
    Can I recover chat by any other means??

    • Matt

      You can try to download the above iphone data recovery to scan your iPhone internal storage or use it to scan iTunes backup if any.

  11. Jia

    Hi i purchased whatsapp from my friends apple id but year back i created my own bit watsapp is being used on that old id and whenever i go to update it ask for old id password which i dont have. So i want that my watsapp start working on new apple id tht u created year back., so is there any solution without deleting whatsapp as i dont want to loose chats and media.. And also let me know its backup is on so is my data nd media visible to my friend ?

    • Matt

      you can switch to different Apple ID or account on the same iPhone without deleting any existing apps. Also your WhatsApp account is linked to your mobile phone number not the Apple ID, so your friend can’t access your WhatsApp data or media files.

  12. Vitoria

    Hi! I hope you still check the comments on this post… I had to delete the whatsapp app from my iPhone and then reinstall it. Before deleting it, I did an iCloud backup, but forgot to select the option to include videos on it. So when I reinstalled the app, all the videos were gone (there are just square frames with question marks inside in the place they should be). Unfortunately I don’t have any iTunes backup either. My iPhone has almost zero mb left in internal storage and I have so many photos and vids I would never be able to find the ones I received through whatsapp if restored to camera roll (and with such little memory space left all media that was once saved to camera roll probably has been overwritten already). So is there any way to recover my whatsapp videos? I just REALLY REALLY need them!! Thanks!

    • Matt

      you can scroll up to the recover WhatsApp without backups section, download the iPhone data recovery software free trial version on to your PC or Mac computer, then connect up your iPhone to computer via USB, run the data recovery software on computer and use it to scan your iphone internal storage see if any deleted Whatsapp chat and received videos can still be found. Videos found in the scanning process can be recovered from iPhone to your computer with the full version of this iPhone recovery software. It will not install any apps on to your iPhone, data will be fetched from phone to computer, so you do not need to worry about data overwriting in the recovery process. To avoid further data overwriting, we recommend you to minimize the use of the phone, and scan the phone for those deleted files as soon as possible.

  13. Lally

    I deleate my what’saap account by mistake pls tell me I recover it’s chat history

    • Matt

      You can download the iPhone data recovery software on to your PC or Mac, then connect up the iPhone to computer and use the recovery software to scan your phone and recover whatsApp chat history. See details from above guide. This solution does not require you have WhatsApp installed on the phone or you have a valid WhatsApp account. As long as your deleted WhatsApp chats and data are not overwritten by new data saved on the phone, you can get them back. Before that however you need to minimize the usage of your phone as many activities such browsing web, checking emails, installing apps, and so on, will save data on to the internal storage of your phone and thus may cause data overwriting.

  14. Janine

    Hi good day! Can you please help me to recover my whatsapp history for 30days period? I tried downloading the iPhone data recovery system but it doesn’t show all the last 30 days chat history. Thank you and I appreciate your assistance.

    • Matt

      This recovery software can only find and recover those deleted data that has not been overwritten by new data. Generally speaking the chance to recover newly deleted data would be higher than recovering those old data.

  15. LC

    Is it possible to view the details of the message sender just by downloading the attachments?

    • Matt

      normally the Whatsapp attachments, such as photos, videos, do not include the details of the message sender in the EXIF or properties, unless the documents themselves have the info.

  16. LC

    Hi. I installed the trial version of the software. Some attachments were recovered but there was no recovery of chats. I used the icloud recovery method. Will I be able to recover the chats if i buy the full version? I tried to purchase the whatsapp recovery (as I dont need other data) for $19.95 but when i clicked on the secure checkout button, i got an error for a response.

    • Matt

      Don’t buy the full version if you can’t find the lost chats using the free version. The free version will allow you to scan the phone or backup files and thus preview the lost Whatsapp chats, it however does not allow you to recover the data. If you can’t find the deleted data using the trial version, you can’t find them using the full version neither.
      Can you please send us some screenshots of the error response you received and how to replicate the error?

  17. Mary

    i did an advance search and my phone got wiped. how do i restore it

    • Matt

      what kind of data types do you want to restore? If you want to restore WhatsApp chat history, you can retrieve lost whatsApp messages from whatsapp backup, itunes backup, icloud backups or your iPhone. You can find more details from above article.

  18. NOORR

    help!i cant recover whatsapp coz i dont have the serial do i suppose to do?tq

    • Matt

      can you find the lost WhatsApp data when scanning iPhone using above iPhone recovery software?
      If so, you can buy the full version of this program to extract all found data from iPhone to computer.

  19. sharon

    Hi Matt, First of all i must praise you for being so helpful and patient with everyone its really amazing to see how many people you helped so May God bless you. I have been looking for a way to help my sister find all her whatsapp chats and photos because her son accidently deleted everything. I have seen so many methods expensive tools and softwares and mixed reviews but i am no expert on these things so please help me out by suggesting what to do and i shall be very grateful. The messages that were deleted are from last 6 to 9 months and there is nothing left she never really backs up her iphone6 much and she never turned on icloud backups either so what is my best option and would she be able to recover 6 months old messages? Because what i understood so far that you can recover with in 7 days. So please advice me what to do. Thanks very much

    • Matt

      Hi Sharon,
      WhatsApp will create automatic backups every day, but it will only save the chat history for the past 7 days. You can simply delete WhatsApp from iPhone, then reinstall it to restore chats from WhatsApp auto-backup which contains the chat history from last 7 days. To recover old chat history, you can download the above iPhone data recovery software on to your PC or Mac computer, use it to scan the iPhone see if any WhatsApp chats and files can still be found. Since your sister’s chats and photos in WhatsApp were deleted more than half a year ago, the chance of recovering lost data from iPhone’s internal storage might be slim especially when she has been using the iPad a lot afterwards. The bottom line is when deleted data on the phone has been overwritten by new data saved on the phone, you can’t use the above solution to get them backup. As a result you should try to get back the lost data as soon as possible, and before that you should minimize the use of the phone. Anyway when there is a small possibility to get the valuable data, it still worth a try. Other than that, you should also not miss other two important features of this iPhone data recovery. you can also try to scan iTunes backups and/or iCloud backups. The process would be almost all automatic.

  20. Godfrey

    I recently backed up my iphone6 a week ago because i had to change iphone (technical issue), i had 5gb chat back up then. After I restored my iphone, only chats were recovered, all my media were gone. Before i had the chance to reinstall whatsapp to get the data, my whatsapp did a daily backup and overwrote my last backup. It is possible to retrieve the overwritten backup?

    • Matt

      You can download the iPhone data recovery on to your computer, then switch to the iCloud recovery mode, sign in your iCloud account, you may find various copies of iCloud backups created on different dates, try to download WhatsApp data and media from them see if any help. Please refer to this guide to download iCloud backup to computer. Note that this free trial version allows you to download and preview WhatsApp data and media files from iCloud to the iPhone data recovery program, but if you like to export them from iCloud to your computer, you need to buy the full version.

  21. Preet

    I tried doing so but my pc doesn’t recognize my iPhone…I tried a hundred times

    • Matt

      You can try:
      1. install the latest iTunes on your PC;
      2. press Trust this computer button on the phone if you are prompted to do so;
      3. try another computer if possible;
      4. you can find more troubleshooting tips from this link,

  22. jack

    hi there i did try the method 3 to restore my whatsapp msg but unable to find the deleted msgs i did try by deleting the msg instantly before the scan but unable to locate the msg

    • Matt

      Do you mean you can find only some deleted Whatsapp messages but not all after the scanning?

  23. Gerd

    Hi, I accidentally deleted my Whatapps app without selecting any backups mode. All my contacts and messages now gone. Can this work as well?

    • Matt

      We have listed different methods to recover whatsapp chats above. you can try the 3rd method above, download the iPhone data recovery software on to your computer, connect up your iphone to computer via USB, then use the data recovery software to scan your iphone see if you can recover the deleted whatsapp data.

  24. Faez

    I tried to restore chat history iCloud. My total storage whatsApp is 1.7Gb. But after downloading at 177kb its static. I’ve tried many times, uninstall and install back, but the same problem happen.

    • Matt

      thanks for the feedback. we have been working on this issue and we will fix it in a new version very soon, maybe in the next one or two days. sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    • Matt

      we have just released a new version which should have fixed the issue you mentioned above.
      You can delete your current installation, download the new version from above article and install again.
      Also here is the step-by-step guide you can follow to download iPhone backups from iCloud to computer.

  25. lu


    if i have no iTunes back up and no iCloud back up and I have just uninstalled and reinstalled the whatsapp to my device….

    does drfone software have the ability to restore messages with the above info?

    • Matt

      Yes. It has the ability to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages without backups. You can download the free trial version to your computer, connect up your iPhone and use the recovery software to scan your iPhone see if any help. Normally if your deleted data is not overwritten, you can get them back using this iPhone recovery program.

  26. Praneeth

    I have deleted few chats by mistake, and this was a long time ago (like 1 year). Can i recover those messages using this?

    • Matt

      The chance might be slim, but since the deleted conversations or chats are important to you, you should give it a shot. Simply download the iPhone data recovery software on to your PC or Mac, then connect up your iPhone and use the recovery program to scan the phone. You can then see whether the deleted messages can be recovered or not. Any data found in the scanning process can be retrieved.
      Good luck.

  27. Maryana

    As method 3 do I need to download dr fone on both iPhone and PC. I tried on free download on iPhone they gave me that safari can’t download this file.

    Please need ur help.

    • Matt

      You only need to download the software to your PC, other than iPhone, as this iPhone recovery software is for desktop computers, either Windows or Mac.
      After that connect your phone to your PC and use the recovery software to scan your iPhone and recover WhatsApp messages or other data from your iPhone to computer.

  28. Maryana

    As method 3 do I need to download dr fone on both iPhone and PC. I tried on free download on iPhone they gave me that safari can’t download this file.

    Please need you help in the above

  29. neha

    If i use my friends apple id to download whatsap , will my whatsap messages get stored on my friends icloud ? Also i had never activated my chat back up on whatsap . what are the chances ? please let me know. urgent. thanks.

    • Matthew

      It does not matter which Apple ID you used to download the WhatsApp for iOS app. What matters is the phone number you used to activate WhatsApp service or account.
      If no backup made or enabled before, you can download the above iPhone recovery software on to your computer, connect your iPhone to computer through USB, then use the recovery software to scan your phone see if the WhatsApp messages you want to retrieve can be found or not.

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