Recover iPhone Call History

iphone phone call iconNormally when your iPhone call history or log has been deleted or cleared, you can’t restore it back. However with the advanced data recovery software, you will still be able to get back your deleted iPhone call history. Today, we will introduce you an iPhone call history recovery software and explain how it can help you retrieve those removed call history. Instructions in this guide can be applied to various iPhone models, iOS versions, like iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS; iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, etc.

We will show you three different ways to get back lost iPhone call history and logs. You can directly scan iPhone storage to fetch delete chat history and data from there. Alternatively you can grab data from previous backups saved in either iTunes or iCloud.

Recover iPhone Call History from iPhone Directly

You can actually use this data recovery tool to scan your iPhone and most likely it might recover iPhone call history from your iPhone directly. Following are the instructions.

Step 1. Free download iPhone data recovery program on to your PC or Mac. Install and run the data recovery tool on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to computer via USB.

Step 3. Use the data recovery software to scan your iPhone.

ios data recovery tool to scan iphone

Click the Scan button in green, the iPhone data recovery software will analyze your iPhone and scan iPhone internal storage. The scan result will look like this:

recover iphone call history from device

From the screenshot above, you will find out this is actually a comprehensive iPhone data recovery software with great support to all kinds of iPhone data. You can use it to retrieve a lot of files and data, like contacts, messages, whatsApp chats, voicemail, notes, calendars, bookmarks, photos, video, etc. For example, you can refer to this page to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone and this guide to recover WhatsApp chat history on iPhone. Click the Call History from the left side menu, then all your iPhone call logs will be displayed in the right column. You can select any or all call history to recover. By default all your iPhone call logs will be selected, to restore all call history, you can simply click the Recover button on the bottom right corner. If you like to selectively recover some call history, you can right click on the call entry to display more recovery options, such as recover checked, recover highlighted, etc.

recover iphone call history from device options

When you select to recover all, checked or highlighted, you will have the option to select a folder on your hard disk to save your iPhone call history.

export call history from iphone to computer

When you export iPhone call history from computer, it will be saved as a HTML file which you can use any web browser to open and view. For example you can view iPhone call history on computer using Safari, IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

view iphone call history on computer

In case you can’t find your call history on iPhone and the iOS data recovery tool failed to find it either, you can use this tool to scan your iTunes backup files on computer. It can recover iPhone data from iTunes backup as well.

Recover iPhone Call History from iTunes backup

Most iOS users would use iTunes to back up their device. Here we will use the above iPhone recovery tool to show you how to scan iTunes backup file for deleted call history.

recover iphone data from itunes backup

Click ‘Recover from iTunes Backup File‘ tab from the home screen of the data recovery tool for iOS. It will automatically search for any iTunes backup files on your computer. You will have the option to select which iTunes backup file to scan. Select the iPhone backup files, and click Start Scan button on the right bottom corner. Once it is complete, you can find all files and data contained in selected iTunes backup on computer. Thus this is also a great tool to view iPhone data in iTunes backup files on computer. The scan result will look like this.

recover iphone call history from itunes backup

Click on the Call History from the left side menu, then you will find all call logs on the right. You can select any call history or all to retrieve. The recovery options and steps are the same as iPhone call history recovery from iOS device. You can go back to see how we retrieve call logs from iPhone directly above.

Now you know the tool and tricks to get back removed or deleted iPhone call history. You can download and test out this iOS data recovery below.

Recover iPhone call logs from iCloud

If you have backed up iPhone call history to iCloud account. You can also use this iPhone data recovery to scan backup files in iCloud account, enable Call logs recovery, then download and view iPhone call logs from iCloud backup. You can check out this guide to download iPhone call history from iCloud to computer. This is just another way you can get back lost call logs on iPhone, or deleted iPhone call history.

Should you have any problems about iPhone data recovery, or share with us your experience, leave us a message in the comment area below.

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