Recover Lost Data to iPhone or Computer

We have launched a bunch of tutorials about iPhone data recovery before. Many iPhone users however seems to be confused by the recovery options whether to recover lost data to iPhone or recover lost data to computer, what’s the difference between the two options, why I can only recover data from iPhone to computer not put back my lost files back to iPhone? In this article, we will briefly talk about this issue, so you will have an idea of the whole thing. It is actually very easy to understand.

Recover Lost Data to iPhone or Computer?

When you deleted data or files from iPhone, these files will not be erased completely from your phone’s storage. Instead they will be flagged as deletion so any new data saving can directly overwrite them. Before the deleted files are erased or overwritten, you still have the last chance to get them back. That’s how the iPhone data recovery program comes to exist. Of cource it can help you extract any data from iTunes backup and download any data from iCloud to computer or iPhone as well. To be short, it can help you recover data from iPhone directly, or recover data from iTunes backup and iCloud backup.

Then why I can see “Recover to Computer” and “Recover to Device” options sometimes?

After you have finished scanning our iOS device using this iOS data recovery program and want to recover the lost data, you may see the “Recover to Computer” and “Recover to Device” options sometimes.
recover data to computer or ios device
This option is only available when you trying to recover lost data from iTunes backup and iCloud backup. As we have mentioned above the deleted data on iPhone can be erased by new data saving, so if we enabled data recovery from iPhone to iPhone, it means some deleted data will be overwritten during the restore or recovery process. It is contradictory to the data recovery solution as it deletes data at the same time. To be more specific, if you selected ‘Recover from iOS Device’, not ‘Recover from iTunes backup file’ or ‘Recover from iCloud backup file’ from the top of the iOS data recovery program, you will not have the option to recover to device.

What kind of data can I recover from iTunes or iCloud to iPhone directly?

This software is on instant development, you will be able to recover more and more deleted files from iTunes or iCloud backups to iPhone directly. However for now you can only recover messages, contacts and notes from iTunes or iCloud backup to iPhone using the current version of this tool.
recover lost data supported to ios device
See detailed instructions to recover deleted text messages to iPhone. And this guide to recover deleted contacts from iPhone. If you lost contacts on iPhone, check out the steps to retrieve deleted notes on iPhone.

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