How to Recover deleted text messages from Lenovo phone?

Thanks to the latest data recovery technology, we are now able to retrieve all kinds of deleted, formatted or lost data and files not only from our computers such as PC or Mac, but also from our mobile phones, like iPhone, Android, Samsung, Lenovo, HTC and many others. Whether your files are deleted by yourself in error, or other unknown reasons like virus affection, you still have the chance to get back the lost data, you can even recover data after factory resetting on the phone. You can recover lost contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, call logs, and more data from your smartphones. In this guide we will discuss how you can recover messages from Lenovo phones. It should work with most Lenovo phones in despite of the Lenovo model you have, like Lenovo A820, Lenovo A880, Lenovo A850+, Lenovo A850 3G, Lenovo Vibe Z K910, Lenovo S8 S898+, Lenovo P780, and many more. If you are using other Android powered phones or want to recover other files types, you can also follow the steps outlined below. So this is not merely a SMS recovery or Lenovo data recovery, this is actually complete data recovery solution for major Android based smart phones.

lenovo messages recovery

How to recover deleted SMS text messages from Lenovo mobile phones?

Lenovo does not have this feature built-in on the smart phones the made. You have to use a third party data recovery software to retrieve data from Lenovo phones. You can download below Android data recovery program for Windows or Mac on to your computer.

The developer of this Lenovo recovery tool has developed it with the beginners in mind. Anyone with very basic computer skills can install and use it without any learning curves.

Step 1. Enable USB Debugging on Lenovo

You can skip this step if this option is already turned on. Most Android phone users however may not be familiar with it, as it is a feature mainly for Android developers. You can follow the on-screen tips to turn on this option on your Lenovo cell phone. You can also refer to this guide to find out more details about what is USB debugging, how does it work, how to turn on USB debugging on the phone, etc.

Step 2. Connect Lenovo phone to computer through USB

Use the data cord comes with your Lenovo phone, the one you use to charge the phone, to connect up your phone and computer through the USB port. The Android phones recovery software can detect your connection automatically when your Lenovo mobile hooked up.

Step 3. Enable text messages recovery within the phone recovery

By default all supported data types will be recovered, such as photos, videos, music, documents, WhatsApp chats, contacts, call history. We also showed you how to recover contacts from Lenovo phone. If you use WhatsApp for Android on the phone and lost messages or files received in WhatsApp on Lenovo, you can refer to this guide to recover lost WhatsApp messages and data from Android phones. However if you only lost text message or want only to retrieve the SMS messages from Lenovo, it is highly recommended to disable other file types recovery. To narrow down the data type to text messages while ignore other data types, you can save a lot of time in the following steps.

enable text messages recovery from lenovo mobile phone

Step 4. Analyze your Lenovo phone

The phone recovery software will analyze your phone first. It will find out your device name, model, Android OS, etc. Only if your phone can be recognized by the program, can it scan your phone for lost data and thus recover them.
analyze lenovo phone

Step 5. Scan Lenovo phone

This is a data recovery software that can perform deep scan of your phone’s storage to recover lost, deleted, formatted data from its internal storage and SD cards. You do not have to back up the data and save it anywhere. The data deleted will still stay on your phone until being overwritten by new data, only you do not have access to it without a professional developed tool. This Lenovo recovery software is such a tool that can help you regain access to the deleted files on the phone and retrieve them from the phone to computer.
scan lenovo phone for sms messages

Step 6. Recover deleted text messages from Lenovo

Now all your existing and deleted text messages are displayed in the scanning result screen. The text messages highlighted in red with a trash icon in front of them are the deleted text messages you can’t find with the messaging app on your phone.

recover text messages from lenovo mobile phone
You can now export any or both the deleted and current text messages from Lenovo to computer. Prior to recover the Lenovo SMS, you can also preview them within the data recovery for Android phone to selectively recover certain text message or only the text messages from particular contact. You can recover both SMS and MMS from Lenovo phones. That’s to say you can not only text messages, but also Multimedia Messaging Service. So if you have sent or received MMS with photos, videos or other multimedia content, you can also recover them along with other normal text messages. If you have lost photos taken on your Lenovo phone or the videos recorded using your Camera, you can also get them back. See the instructions here to recover photos and videos from Lenovo smartphones. Isn’t this phone recovery very cool? Want to give it a short by yourself now? Download this tool for free from below link.

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